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Matthias Goodwin

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Matthias Goodwin
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Character Bio:
Name: Matthias Goodwin
Alias: “Jonesy”
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Journalist at The Canterlot Times
Personality/Traits: Ruthless, impolite, cynical, addictive, troubled
Cutie Mark: Tape Recorder
Special Talent: The manipulation en masse of relevant characters to gain insider information for public disclosure, while maintaining constant disregard for social manners and abusing customary laws. He is not above using blackmail to get what he needs, and will not hesitate to use you and then throw you away.

Personal Bio:
   Matthias Goodwin, a.k.a. “Jonesy,” was born to a single mare after complications arose with his father’s reputation in the secretive Stone Circle. Once inducted into the group, his father was forced to take a solemn vow under the society head, appropriately dubbed Igneous, to never have children. When news broke out that he had earlier eloped with a local stewardess, a team of affiliates sent by Igneous set out to find this mare and confirm her pregnancy. But it was to no avail — the mare’s location was never discovered. Matthias, a healthy baby unicorn was born. It is still unknown what became of the father.
   A quote from Igneous, leader of the Stone Circle: “Information is timeless. The right knowledge can change a life forever. However, as the old idiomatic expression goes, nothing — not even information — is ‘cast in stone.’ Everything is subject to change, deviation, or worse, not being capitalized upon. Here in the Circle we strive to crush this horrid saying — to create a database of information accessible to a trustworthy and select few, so together we may chronicle our lengthy formation as a unified world. A proper and resolute world. One where information isn’t free to all, but it most certainly may be unearthed at a moments notice… for the right price.”

Jonesy’s Journal:
   Having grown up under the care of his mother while remaining ignorant on his birth-father’s existence, Matthias experienced an almost exceptionally lackluster childhood. He would pick on fillies at the local schoolhouse, talk back to his stressed-out mother, and “play tricks” on the vile neighborhood no-goods (his way of describing any selfish evildoers out there). His favorite trick by far was to keep as close an eye possible on any outstanding narcissistic no-good until they did something of particular interest. Something foul, socially unacceptable, and entirely worthy of recording in the special journal he’d once found in an unmarked box in the basement of his home. Not long after he would tell anyone who simply glanced in his direction the juicy secrets he’d uncovered.
   His endeavors caused quite the stir in his community, ruined many a "selfish life", and gave Jonesy a strange sort of thrill. It is this thrill which will fuel his success as a journalist at The New Canterlot Times, a renowned nonprofit paper founded on citizens’ right to accurate knowledge of most everything going on in Canterlot. From people and places come career-ending secrets… and Jonesy’s aiming to dissect them all into a crisp size 12 Times New Canterlot font.
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