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Metal Burst

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Metal Burst
« on: October 02, 2015, 02:32:34 am »
Name: Metal Burst
Gender: Male
Race: Shifter (Unicorn)
Age: Young Adult
Coat: Grey
Mane Colour: Black with electric lime highlights
Eye Colour: Bondi blue
Magic Colour: Harlequin green
Cutie Mark: A headset
Magical Ability: Telekinesis, low range teleportation, shape shifting
Current Place of Residence: The outskirts of the Canterlot residential district.
Occupation: Baker for the Sweet & Savory (SnS) Bakery (At least until people figure out what he is. Then, more running)
Personality: Kind, but quick to criticise ponies if something goes wrong. Always trying to fit in as much as possible. Easily sociable but tends to disappear often, only to re-appear a few days later, acting like nothing has happened. Tends to be extremely paranoid, always dodging questions about his past (particularly about his childhood) and his family.

Background Info:
Metal is one of the shifter forms of Ocean Spray. Ocean usually uses this form to visit Ponyville and check up on his family, because it is the only form that Ocean has obtained since being run out of Ponyville for a series of crimes he didn't commit. This means that Metal is the least likely form to be recognised. Metal still wears tinted glasses, and rarely uses magic, just in case someone recognised his eye or magic colour.

What are Shifters?:
Shifters are ponies born with the ability to shape shift, much like Changelings. However, unlike Changelings, Shifters are limited in their transformations, only being able to change into a few forms, and being unable to mimic other ponies.

Shifters are notorious for being shady characters, often using their abilities to do crimes. This has led to an unfortunate prejudice among the Equestrian populace.

Shifters, upon coming under a large amount of stress, will revert to their original form. The amount of stress a shifter can deal with differs between shifters. Furthermore, shifters can only hold a form other than their original for a limited time. This time period can be increased with training, or via magical items. These magical items are extremely rare, often being sold on the black market, and cannot last forever. Once depleted, the items must be recharged by using a special spell, which is know only to a select few. An example of the magical items is the bracelet Ocean wears on his left forehoof. It allows Ocean a maximum of 24 hours in one form.

Shifters are most talented at taking forms that are of the same race as the original form. for instance, a unicorn born shifter would find it easier to take unicorn forms, and use magic, but would struggle with flight.

It is extremely difficult to spot out a Shifter, but some giveaways include eye and magic colours, voice, and personality, as those are some things that stay uniform through all of a Shifter’s forms.
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