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Airy Movement

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Airy Movement
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Name: Airy Movement

Gender: male

Species: Pegasus pony

Age (in human years): 20

Spoiler: Picture of Airy Movement (hover to show)
Airy Movement is a rather slim moss-green pegasus pony with a dark blue mane and tail. He has viridian eyes and short pointy ears. The most eye-catching thing about his appearance though is the wooden construction holding the rear part of his body.

Cutie Mark:
Spoiler: Picture of Airy's cutie mark (hover to show)
Airy Movement's cutie mark is composed by a black circle surrounded by eleven smaller ones. Each of the twelve circles contains a musical note.
"The notes symbolise music, of course. The circles - eleven small ones, one big one, twelve in total - stand for each tone of the chromatic scale. Their arrangement as a clear structure rather than a random mess show that I don't just like music but also form it as a composer. At least that's what I think it means." - Airy Movement about his cutie mark

Character and background:
Airy Movement is a light-hearted and open pegasus pony who likes hanging out with friends, playing games and making music. The latter probably is the most important thing in his life since it helped him work through his accident and the resulting disability. He plays several instruments, sings and even composes new music.
Usually Airy can be seen with a smile on his face. Making him angry or sad is anything but an easy thing to do, except if you try to do it on purpose. He is always willing to help ponies in need, especially in cases when his wheelchair comes in handy.
Since the accident that took his ability to fly has been a few years ago already, he hardly has trouble dealing with the results any more. Sometimes he can get a little bit melancholic when seeing pegasi fly, but in general he resigned himself to his disability.
Airy loves to talk and hang out with ponies, which sometimes causes him to not notice that he is getting on ponies' nerves once in a while, especially when he starts talking about music. He is a little bit naive and tends to trust strangers rather quickly. Since he only has two legs to move and wheels for hind legs, he can't really run fast or manoeuvre quickly.

In his young years Airy Movement was a very talented flier and loved to compete against other pegasi. He usually was one of the fastest fliers of his age, if not the fastest. He always tried to improve his physical abilities and was quite sure that his cutie mark would have to do with flying when he was big.
On the other hand he also had a lot of talent with music, and when he wasn't busy flying, he spent hours playing his instruments or listen to great composers' works.
When he grew older, Airy Movement was the last pony in his class to get a cutie mark, and he had no idea why. Today he is very grateful that his cutie mark didn't appear that early - it would have made things a lot more difficult if he had earned a cutie mark for flying now that he was unable to fly.
A few years ago during Summer Flight Camp, Airy competed in a private race against a friend, but he was caught by a strong gust of wind and crashed into a mountain. He was seriously injured in the crash, and even though he somehow survived, he was unable to move his wings and hind legs from that day on, causing severe depressions for a long time afterwards. In that time Airy spent even more time than usual with his instruments and even started to learn about composition techniques and harmonics.

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