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Samiel Sirocco

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Samiel Sirocco
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:45:01 pm »
Name: Samiel Sirocco
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Stallion
Age: 35
Physical Description: Deep red coat,  brown and beige clean cut mane and tail. Noticably bigger and taller in size and stature, the black framed glasses and Ankh contrast potential intimidation caused by his size. Cutie mark is a scripture of Saddle Arabian texts.

Special Talent: Philosophy
Likes: Philosohy, Meditation, Training, Debate, Business, Juice Boxes
Dislikes: Boats, Anything to do with water,  Losing
Major: Charisma, Bladespony, Strategy
Minor: Chess, Wealth, Politics, Charisma
Weaknesses: Ranged Combat, Magic, Flying Long Distances, Easily Angered
Fears: Floods, Scorpions, Mannequins

Bio: Born to a wealthy Saddle Arabian family in the city of Hoofuf , Samiel was raised with the best luxuries a pony can have. However he chose to receive an education in Prance and excelled in his classes all throughout his years. During this time he practiced his family heritage of the mastery of the scimitar. At the age of 24 he received a Doctorate in Philosophy and Culture Studies. He returns to Saddle Arabia whilst it's in a state of political turmoil and delves his time to diplomatically resolve the issues between the lower classes and tribes and the upper aristocratic classes. This didn't work out as expected, as Samiel began to realize how sheltered his lavish life was and the amount of suffering his own people was enduring. Due to his family's political position Samiel was not able to openly protest against the upper classes values and objectives. Instead, he frames his family for treason and has them imprisoned; this allows him to seize the family's wealth and business connections. Shortly afterward, an organization known as the Hidden Daggers approaches him and makes him an offer. From there he invested in supporting a rogue general in starting a civil war in Saddle Arabia. The first few years were successful, the general's forces actually capturing the capital city for 3 months. However, due to allied support, the Saddle Arabian government manages to push back and sabotage the resistance in the last few years. Expecting defeat soon, Samiel plans with the general to have him picked up in the town of Calais; from there he would lay low to regroup and plan a counter attack. When Sirocco's group arrives at the riverbed town, he finds it completely flooded with no survivors in sight. The dam was blown wide open, and with nothing to salvage, the pegasus returns home, wondering how much of an impact it would have on his investments; as well as the personal cost of fellow friends and brothers in arms.

After a month of financial damage control, Samiel manages to find the identity of who the Saddle Arabian government named "The Reaper of Calais." The actions of this pony spread through the country like wildfire, instilling fear to the revolutionists, enough to officially end the 9 years of civil war in Saddle Arabia, 9 years of profit, gain, and a sincere sense of freedom for the lower class to Samiel. The fire of revenge does flicker for the pegasus as he slowly but surely discovers the pony's occupation, the group he works with, and the soldiers he fights along. After another month of planning, Samiel finally manages to seek his revenge without raising a weapon. Using his contacts, and a page from his own enemy, he hires a lure which leads the pony and his allies to an ambush. A few days after the order is sent, Samiel receives a letter telling him that the trap was costly, but successful. With vengeance now achieved the pony had nothing else to strive for. Lost in his purpose, Samiel delved deep in his prayers and meditations. It's here when he realizes a new objective in life, one that will unite the world in one fate that it is destined to be. At the age of 35 Samiel travels the world, meeting with each nation's leader for a project he believes will change the world.

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