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Bolt: The Fastest Thing Alive!
« on: August 11, 2015, 03:42:43 am »

"A Fast crafty menace to society, bent of the destruction of anyone who disagrees with him." - Celestia

Biographical information
Name: Bolt
Race: Dragon
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Writer

Bolt is A pony sized dragon with blue scales and silver spikes and horns. He is full grown yet only as big as a male stallion. He has been seen walking on all fours as well as two feet.He is a laid-back and cool-headed character. Like his name would imply, Bolt can move at the speed of sound (and even exceed this), and has lightning fast reflexes to match (hence his name)In addition to this being a dragon also grants him the additional abilities to fly breath fire and has immense dragon level strength But his speed is his greatest feat.

I created Bolt as a tribute to my love of classic gaming. His powers and personality and are attributed to Sonic The Hedgehog as he's a super speedy show off. His design is taken from another classic game hero Spyro The dragon. I chose Spyro because I've always had a love for the primal power and evil nature of dragons. Bolt is loaded with special abilities and powers just like any retro video game character, this is fun as I can use them creatively for story purposes. In the end if Bolt is powerful,fun,flashy and over the top just like classic video games.

Bolt is impulsive and passionate he loves the spotlight and fighting more than anything else in the world. Bolt finds fun in fighting monsters and proving his superiority. Bolt is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of creatures,this is because as a dragon he believes all other lifeforms are below him in power and ability.Bolt is somewhat a show off and often makes a performance out of every fight.Bolt is seemingly unmovable in the face of danger meeting it head on with excitement and skill. The blue dragon maintains a laid-back demeanor during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. Bolt is very in-tune with his draconic instincts as he's prideful,selfish and very quick to anger. These instincts lead to to his very Alpha Male behavior. For example Bolt can become very defensive around other males as he doesn't respect very many of them. He's often cited as merciless, appearing to have no sympathy for the other heroes. He claimed to enjoy killing others for the fun of it, even laughing at others after injuring or even killing them.
Bolt also used degrading nicknames for those he didn't respect. This however balances out as Bolt has a soft spot and respect for women. This tends to be because he doesn't feel his inflated ego is threatened by them. Overall, he was very aggressive and quick to snap back at others who attempted to provoke him.

While not shown preforming stunts or fighting Bolt is a very relaxed person with vast amounts of friendliness for his fellow Equestrains. While Bolt is one of the most friendly and charming guys you could meet that doesn't exactly make him a good person. The blue dragon while friendly is exceedingly and overwhelming selfish,egoistical and incredibility uncompassionate. If somebody asked Bolt to fight a large monster or move a heavy item he'd gladly grant the request,because it allows him to show off, as opposed if a pony was on fire and came to Bolt asking for help he'd either ignore them or if he was feeling rather sadistic he'd just laugh at them. While the makings of a good friend lay on the surface one should never come to rely on or trust Bolt. The only thing Bolt admires is action as he believes they speak louder than words. This was the case with Princess Celestia whom used her magic to trick the dragon. So now Bolt greets her respectfully by kissing her hoof, while he will never bow thats the closest he gets to paying respect.   

Given his flare for dramatics Bolt often chronicles his adventures and releases them as both written and graphic novel adaptions. Despite the rather forceful extent of Bolt's abilities he is also quite the talented writer and wondering philosopher, believing strongly in freedom and ones free will. Bolt enjoys flirting and the back and forth romance and courting brings as well.

How Bolt likes to picture himself.

Like all dragons Bolt started life as an egg. Unfortunately circumstances lead to his egg being badly **** causing the baby inside to become stillborn. Death before he could even experience life was a terrible fate for one who had never seen the world. On that night the heavens turned black and rumbled with thunder. The little lone egg weathered the storm acting as a coffin for an unborn infant. The darkness of the heavens was pierced by a veil of light in the form of a single flash of lightning. The heavenly light **** and struck the lone egg. The crack in the egg allowed the lightning bolt to reach the baby's body and the stillborn was stuck by a bolt of lightning. As soon as the electricity struck energy begun to course through the dragons body. Soon it's dead heart begun beating pumping blood and electrical energy through it's veins. It wasn't long before life was brought to the baby blue dragon and it exploded from it's eggshell with mighty a roar. Since the lightning literally jumped started his life force it is intertwined with the very core of his being. It was the events that gave him life that also gifted him with his super speed. 

Faster than you.

Powers and abilities
Bolt has the ability to move and react at incredible speeds, many orders of magnitude greater than those of ordinary ponies. He could run at velocities approaching that of light itself. Simply put, he truly is the "fastest Thing Alive". Bolt's super speed far outmatches the mere mach 1 some other creatures can achieve.

Bolt has shown to have vast superhuman strength, as seen when punching through steel with brute force, He can also carry people and objects that are several times his weight. It is debatable whether his attack's main power comes from his supersonic speed or his superhuman strength, or a combination of both. Most moves that Bolt performs while fighting involve his feet and legs more than his hands, because of years of running at sonic sounds he has a killer kick.  He can also being a fire dragon breath and manipulate fire as well as being completely immune to his native element.

In line with his super speed, Bolt has displayed amazing feats of movement and has the reaction time to match. He possesses great acrobatic skills and agility, alongside astonishing reflexes. Bolt relies on his animal instincts to avoid hitting things when running at super speed. Should Bolt ever be running at fast uncontrollable speeds, he can use the Drift by opening his wings to create anti velocity drag to properly control his momentum, he also uses his wings to break as well as turn. everal times, Bolt has been shown to have great resilience to physical damage. He can survive getting caught in of Spells from high level unicorns due to the protective proprieties of his scales.

Despite not having received any known training in martial arts, the many years of battles Bolt has been through has made him a skilled fighter and a profound user of hand-to-hand combat, being able to go up against others who have spent most of their lives training for battles.In many of the stories where Bolt has been featured, it is shown Bolt mainly tend to use his legs and fast footwork to attack his opponents as his greatest strengths lies in his legs, though his is also shown to use his arms in battle as well. When fighting opponents hand-to-hand, Bolt makes use of his greater speed to deliver fast strikes to his opponents, which either allows him to deliver several strikes in a split second. Also also sometimes lights his fists or feet in fire to add an extra burn to his bite.
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What He Sounds Like
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2015, 11:08:29 pm »
Dragon Tongue

Bolt's native tongue consists of hisses grunts and great roars. Most ponies cannot understand or even pronounce these ancient words, but you can with the Thuum translator. If you are ever puzzled about what Bolt is saying use this handy translator 

Speaking of voices I've always pictured Bolt's voice pretty much like Spike from Cowboy bebop

For a look at Bolt's personality in action skip to 43 seconds Bolt acts and sounds just like Ace.He's rude up himself and c,ocky.