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Al-Sal him

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Al-Sal him
« on: December 17, 2015, 05:13:34 pm »
Name: Al-Sal him

Alias/nicknames: Al, angel of death

Gender: Male

Age: young adult(19)

Species: Unicorn

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Occupation: Freelancer, mercenary, Assassin, Thief, adventurer, guard in training(formerly)

Affiliations: The Lunar guard(formerly), The order, Thief's guild, The triad

The order: This is a group of highly skilled assassin's with hidden connects to just about everywhere. The members aren't known as well as the group being a myth. This group goes after high profile targets who spend corruption.

Rank: Master assassin

The Triad: The group is a underground crime organization that aims to control all of Manhattan's underground and get rid of other criminal groups that get in there way.

Appearance: link(just imagine a horn on him)

Personality: Al is mostly silent unless spoken too. He is very serious and is always on straight to business mode when working. He doesn't like to tell much about himself unless it's a fake story and is mostly seen as a mystery.


Al is shown to be very skilled in magic, but mainly uses non magical skills.

Peak physical condition
peak physical strength
Peak reflexes
peak agility
peak speed
peak durability/endurance
Hand to hand combat
Skill in weapons
Free running

Known information:

Just about nothing is known about Al-Sal him other then who he works with and what he does. Al is a infamous assassin and a skilled thief who used to be a guard in training. He showed a lot of promise, but left for unknown reasons. In the leading years, he became a highly skilled freelancer and thief.
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