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Midnight Hex

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Midnight Hex
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:26:25 am »
Name: Midnight Hex
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Age: Young Adult
Coat: Navy Blue
Mane: Dark Gray and Light Gray highlights.
Eye: Black
Cute Mark: Open Spellbook with runes on the pages.
Hobbies: Learning magic, exploring the world
Abilities/Skills: Very adept in all kinds of arcanic magic
Current Residence: No permanent residence,
Occupation: Magi, Freelance Operator (For now at least)
Personality: Formal, straightforward, very focused on the job at hand, admittedly a bit cold and stubborn towards others.
Background Information: No records of Midnight are found before she was enrolled into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, where she graded as the highest ranking student in her year. Many students in her year compare her to Twilight Sparkle, from their similar looks to their proficiency in magic, although this is not the case as she has never met Twilight Sparkle in her life, nor was she in the same class as her, she is a few years older. After graduating, records show that she went around the world to study more ancient magic, whether it were magical artifacts that she studied or bought, or even eye witness accounts of her coming to them to learn more. Recently, records have shown her taking up various jobs suitable for a mercenary, whether it be to gather information, track someone down, or even take them down, she'll do most jobs, for the right price.
Equipment Loadout: She wears a large, dark gray robe with a hood, which is used to conceal her identity when taking up jobs. Her robe/hood is magically enchanted so that it can withstand many physical and magical attacks before showing signs of damage to the robe, or to herself.

She also carries around a large enchanted book, filled with runes and spells that many don't know about. Within the pages of the book, is magic, laced in the words, dialects, runes and spells of thousands of magical languages, from hundreds of magical cultures and lands. Midnight only needs to silently chant the words, and she is able to perform any spell, spells that are much more complicated and than even the most advanced spells taught to unicorns.

A downside to the book however, is how taxing it can be to wield it for extended periods of time, despite Midnight's magical ability. From her own words, the book, known as 'Arcane's Archive', is "A very powerful, magical artifact. It channel's my magic into performing any spell, from any culture or land. As such, many of the spells are very complicated, powerful spells, that despite my magical ability, I can only use it so many times until I can't even perform even the simplest of levitation spells. Oh yeah, the book is really heavy, so I also have to constantly be holding it with levitation, as well as using spells from it. In short, it uses a lot of my magic."

Regardless, Midnight's greatest weapon, is her magic. Even without her book, she can perform many advanced spells with ease, to turn any confrontation she encounters to her favour.

((More may be added in the future))
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