Author Topic: In the skies above the crystal empire...  (Read 425 times)

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Re: In the skies above the crystal empire...
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:43:52 am »
As the train approaches the station in Canterlot, Ebony Coldsteel looks out the window. Surely the empire is a sight to behold, and getting orders from Luna to come here certainly is an enjoyable one. As the locomotive comes to a stop, he gets up from his seat and picks up his suitcase. Once he gets out he's greeted by a fellow guard of the Crystal Empire, "Good to see you sergeant. This all I have with me. Before I go to the castle I'm going to look around for a bit." The fellow guard nods and offers his hoof; Ebony passes him the suitcase and gives a crisp salute. As the guard leaves with his luggage the captain begins wandering around town, noting the approaching overcast in the sky. It's when the clouds pass over him when somepony catches his attention, a Pegasus in the air asking about a joint flight adventure. Shrugging, the captain spreads his bat like wings and takes to the sky, reaching the pony in a matter of moments. "I'll join you. Haven't stretched my wings since I got on the train. Captain Ebony Coldsteel, Lunar Guard; pleasure to meet you."