Author Topic: [In Combat] Crystal fields arena - Broadshield vs Solar Flare  (Read 135 times)

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Re: [Open - Anyone] Crystal fields arena - vs Solar Flare
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:18:39 am »
(Alright, I changed my mind. Also, I suspect we can do as little or as much interacting whenever we want.)

I, Solar Flare, accept the challenge put forth by Broadshield. As the challenger to this arena, you may have the first combat move, I'll just set the scene.

Solar flare squinted at his opponent on the other side of the arena. They were on opposite sides, on two of the larger fragments of crystal. Solar readied his crossbow, making sure it was loaded and ready to fire. His opponent wore gleaming armour that reflected the sun beautifully, and was holding a long metal blade, the likes of with which Solar was not familiar. He felt the ground shift slightly beneath his hooves, and he looked around to make sure he wasn't falling out of the sky just yet. Up in the sky, there were a series of three lights. It was currently on red. When it blinked to green, the fight would begin.

"Ready?" It blinked red.
"Set?" It blinked yellow.
"GO!" And it went green.
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