Author Topic: [In Combat] Crystal fields arena - Broadshield vs Solar Flare  (Read 164 times)

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As Broadshield looked down, he saw that Solar had pointed his hoof at him, noticing he had a crossbow on him. He then saw that he launched what he assumed was an arrow towards him. 'I have two choices, go down or go forward. Going forward ensures that it will be harder for him to shoot me, but going down will make him miss.' He said as the projectile soared through the air towards him. 'I don't think he can hit me, but better safe than sorry' Making up his mind, he decided to do what he could do instinctively and go down. The ground was 10,000 ft away, giving him enough of a chance to pull up and simply glide and plan out his next move. 'Here goes nothing.' Aiming himself downwards, he shot down at an amazing speed, easily dodging the projectile. Once he was under the floating stadium, he spread out his wings and glided onto a smaller platform to plan out his next move, and waiting to see how his opponent would respond.
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