Author Topic: [In Combat] Crystal fields arena - Broadshield vs Solar Flare  (Read 135 times)

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(OORP: in fairness, he is pretty high up, the higher something like an arrow travels, the slower it gets due to gravity, so he has time to quickly think. If you want, I'll stop contemplating my actions in the middle of action)

After taking a quick breather, Broadshield flew up to the top of the walls to try and find where his opponent was. He saw that he threw his crossbow aside. 'Ok, thats good, at least he can't shoot me' he said to himself. Noticing that he had somehow resurfaced behind his opponent, he decided it woul be good to go on the offensive. Preparing his throwing knives and aiming them at his back and hind legs, he let the knives fly.
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