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Princess Celestia:
Dueling Rules

Welcome to the Dueling Board, where OCs and canon characters alike can fight for fun and enjoyment! Here are the rules concerning dueling. If you have a complaint or suggestion concerning the rules, please contact an admin and we can see what we can do. Note: This board is not canon. Any injuries sustained by your character will not affect them in any other boards. This also means you may have a character in the dueling board at the same time as the location threads. However, your character may only be in one dueling thread at a time.

To Issue A Challenge:

Anyone may issue a challenge. The challenge may be directed at a specific user, or can be a general challenge open to anyone. To issue one, start a thread in this board. For it to be valid challenge, it must have three things. Firstly, specify who the challenge is directed at. Secondly, set the scene. Your characters can fight anywhere, from a dark alley in Manehattan to a grand gladiator arena in the Crystal Empire. Use some detail in describing it. And thirdly, you must include a detailed description of your character’s combat abilities. This includes every possible attack they can use, as well as any weapons, armor, or unusual abilities they may have. Make sure to also include their level of physical strength and stamina, and their flight abilities if they are a pegasus, magical abilities if they are a unicorn, other abilities if they are a another creature, etc. If your character has magical abilities, you must list every spell they are able to do. If it’s not listed in the description, it cannot be used in the fight! Some abilities, such as being able to duck or run away, are (for most creatures) inherent and do not need to be listed.

To Accept A Challenge:

Post in the thread of the challenge you want to accept. You must include the same description of your character as described above. Multiple people can accept a challenge, but then it is up to the challenger to decide who they want to fight, and to post with who they choose. They can keep the thread open as long as they’d like, but it is encouraged to not wait too long to pick someone, as people may eventually lose interest. The challenger reserves the right to refuse to fight anyone. If you want people to accept you as an opponent, make your description realistic and reasonable. No pony or other creature is good at everything… absolutely everyone must have weaknesses of some type. Whether they’re a pegasus with a broken wing, a dragon whose large but slow, or a unicorn who has never use a weapon in their life, make your character interesting but beatable. Alternatively, if your character has strengths, feel free to brag about them, just do not make your character all strengths and no weaknesses, or no one will want to fight you. Finally, do not be afraid to make your character’s personality a bit OOC for a dueling thread. After all, many ponies normally wouldn’t get in a fight. You can make a normally gentle character bloodthirsty and fierce, since this is not canon to the rest of the forum.

The Fight:

You have issued a challenge and picked a challenger, or vice versa. Now it’s time to fight! One of the most important things to remember is that you may never forcefully land any hit. If your character wishes to attack another, it must be roleplayed in a similar way to this:

Princess Celestia reared up and sent a roaring ball of fire straight towards Princess Cadance.

Notice I did not automatically assume that the fireball hit Cadance. That is up for Cadance’s RPer to decide. He has several options at this point, from dodging, getting hit and killed, getting hit but merely injured, blocking it with a shield spell, etc.

You must keep this reasonable. It isn’t fun for either player if everyone constantly dodges every hit. Letting your character occasionally get injured lends a sense of competitive fun and fairness to the fight. The fight will continue until one character is either killed, withdraws, or becomes too injured to keep fighting. It is up the users as to who wins the fight. Eventually, someone will have to make the sacrifice and have their character lose. This can be tough, but it is of utmost importance to remember: this is supposed to be fun! Don’t be a sore loser or an arrogant winner. Don’t hold grudges and try to lash out in other parts of the forum in retaliation for a loss. The fight cannot last forever. If it goes on and on with neither opponent willing to lose, an admin will eventually step in. If you cannot decide between yourselves who should win, you have the option to ask an admin to judge the fight and announce the winner. This should be a last resort, we hope all the users involved can be reasonable and decide among themselves who should win.

Here is an example of a good challenge. It does not have to be in this precise format, but along the lines would be good. Note this is an example, you cannot accept this challenge.

This challenge is open to everyone!

Setting: It’s noon on a bright, sunny day in the Crystal Empire. In the center of the city, an enormous arena has been set up, a large open space surrounded by low walls, and beyond that, bleachers of cheering ponies. The ground is mostly dirt, an occasional rock sticking up. The crowd is roaring, waiting for the fight to begin.

Challenger: Princess Celestia is an alicorn with immense magical power. She knows several powerful spells, all of which she is willing to use against her opponent. These consist of:

Levitation: Gives her the ability to make objects float.
Fireball spell: Sends a large fireball towards her opponent.
Wind spell: Blasts her opponent with a large gust of wind.
Earthquake spell: Summons a violent earthquake that lasts for a few seconds.
Water spell: Allows her to summon a large amount of water that she can control with her magic.
Laser spell: Sends a bolt of pure energy towards her opponent.
Shield spell: Summons an invisible shield that can block one attack at a time.

(Notice that although she has several spells at her disposal, they all have weaknesses. For example, they can all be blocked by a shield spell (if her opponent has that ability), most of them can be dodged, the shield spell can only block one spell at a time, the earthquake spell only lasts for a few seconds, etc.)

Celestia wears thick armor that protects her torso and legs, however her head is exposed and this armor slows Celestia down. Her weapons consist of a long spear and a sword.

(Try to think of what weapons would be available in the show, for example, more modern weapons like tasers and guns are not allowed.)

Celestia is physically strong, but does not move very fast due to her armor. She had impressive physical stamina and can fight for a long time, however she will run out of magical stamina after about half a dozen spells and will not be able to do anything beyond levitation for the rest of the fight. Though she can fly, she prefers to stay on the ground as her heavy armor makes flying difficult and tiring.

Once the fight has started, your description cannot be modified. Finally, the most important thing to remember is:

Have fun! This is meant to entertain people, not leave them angry or upset.

And last but not least, special thanks to Octavia Melody for suggesting the idea!


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