Author Topic: Fields Outside the Crystal Empire - Princess Cadance v. Sadowi  (Read 455 times)

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Sadowi popped off his head and held it in his right hoof. Bowing deeply, he brought his hoof to his chest where his heart was, using his head in place of a hat. "Of course, Princess," he drawled. "'Ndeed you have, so many times I'm starting to think 'Prince' Shining Armour might be jealous. But if I remember, trespassing is a crime punishable by death...trial by combat."

He began to unravel the fishing line coiled around his right foreleg and rewrapping it loosely around his sinkhook, deliberately staring at the blade and strands as he worked. When he completed the small chore, he tossed his secondary weapon aside and unsheathed his dao and spun it once over his left forehoof before taking his standard dueling opening stance, the legs he stood on slightly apart and his torso facing away to have his right arm and shoulder forward towards Cadance.

"Come at me, little dove. I'll give you an honourable bout, with your initiative, but will you me? Is your knight in shining armour coming to save you?"
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