Author Topic: Fields Outside the Crystal Empire - Princess Cadance v. Sadowi  (Read 455 times)

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He walked around for a bit before he found his other weapon. Sitting down, he coiled the wire back around his right foreleg where it belonged. "Leave? Yes, princess. But stay away? Heh, I can't resist or stay away from you any more than Prince Shining Armour can, what with his hooves running all over you when y'all think no one is watching. Hey, privileged royalty such as yourself, but with no foals after all this time? I...heck, I feel sorry for the two of you. 'Twon't be long until word gets out that you're barren because for some idiotic reason the male cannot be blamed, but you know how ponies love to talk."

He tossed up the sinkhook, both blade and line catching the sun and reflecting light. "I can take you away from all this, you know."
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