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Hearth's Warming Eve/ Day


Princess Cadance:
This is a day about family and friendship. So decorate the town! Let's all unite and spend their special holiday together.

Ocean Spray:
Ocean walks through Ponyville looking for his parents. It's been a few years since he last saw them face to face, and he wanted to let them know that he was still alive, as some sort of Christmas Eve gift. Most ponies paid him no heed, which honestly surprised him after his history in the town. He reached his old family home to find the windows are boarded up and the garden in complete disarray. What happened... where's my family? Ocean thought franticly. Ocean then starts to ask ponies where the old couple from this house have gone, to which most replied, "They moved far away."

Ocean reluctantly returns to Canterlot on the train, with a look of defeat. I can't believe it. They're gone. Ocean walks across town to his bakery, not bothering to shift forms as he saw no point to it.

Princess Cadance:
Princess Cadance was outside helping the people on the streets set up decorations when she saw Ocean Spray look a little down walking into a bakery.
"I'll be right back." She sets her decorations down and hurries into the bakery.

Ocean Spray:
Ocean turned around to face the door when he heard the bell. Seeing Cadance walk in, he quickly ducked under the counter. Just what I needed. One of the princesses finding me out. I could shift, but she'll be suspicious, or I could go as I am and risk being found out. Ocean thought frantically. You know what, screw it. It's Hearth's Warming Eve. She should be a little forgiving. Let's just be happy it's not the Royal sisters or Twilight. Ocean popped up from behind the counter with a forced smile. "Uhh...h-hey Princess. What brings you to Sweet and Savoury Bakery?"


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