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Re: How to make this forum more lively
« on: August 08, 2015, 11:47:13 am »
Hello everyone! It's good to be here and to see a lot of potential in this site. Now of course we need more OCs and people to attend so recruitment is a priority. In the meantime we should work with what we have in terms of members by creating and continuing threads that introduces everyone so that there's some familiarity with each other. When enough relationships are established, we could start a basic mini arc with who is available. This will continue traffic to the site and also show new members that there's stuff going on. I myself am gonna finish my OCs bio then get an intro thread going. If anyone has arc ideas please say so, never too early to plan it out.

I agree with you, mostly. But I think you're over-estimating the number of players we have, I don't think we have enough people to get much of anything going yet. Let's put it this way. I'll call you active, since you seem to be. That means that we have nine active members. Two are admins, so let's take those out. That leaves seven. Seven's a reasonable amount, if it weren't for the fact that 3 of those are me, and there's no way I can use all three in one arc and keep up. That's means we can manage five, at best. That's assuming everyone who can play will play. I just don't think that's enough. I think we need to prioritize getting new members, then worry about playing among ourselves.

I don't know anyone else besides Choc that a bronies, perhaps put a call on EQD? Make art an other stuff for the website and hope it gets put on EQD. I can't ask anyone personally as I have no friends that are bronies besides Choc. Other than EQD, I don't know many other places where we can get attention. Maybe if we got a famous brony on the site though...

The funny thing is, this place WAS on EQD. That's why I'm here. I'm one of three...? Members who join because of that. For whatever reason, it didn't help, like, at all. We can try again, but I'm just not sure. I can probably make up an ad/banner for this place to send it along with info, but I'd need an admin's approval first. As far as famous bronies go, I used to have some connections, but it's been so long that they're probably a dead end.
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