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Case File - Equestria's Military Force (Headcanon)
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:49:11 pm »
Foreword: With the arise of international and eldritch threats endangering Equestria and its citizens, there are those who have called for a militarized force that is capable of defending Equestria from these terrors. This case file was created to help inform Equestrian citizens of the forces that keep this nation safe. There are two types of militarized forces. Guard units and Specialist units. Guard units are used in guarding VIP's, or places of interest from our enemies. Specialist Units are skilled in multiple areas of military service.

Over time, this file will be altered and expanded upon as more information comes to light. This is all the information I could gather at this point in time, as there are ponies after me for getting this information. All I hope is that this case file will not fall into the possession of our enemies, and that it can be used to provide Equestria and its citizens the necessary information, but also it can provide them a sense of security of who's really out there defending us. I must go, they are nearly here. May this information serve the reader well.
-The People's Benefactor

Guard Units

The Royal Guard
The Royal Guard are the most commonly seen military force. The Royal Guard are mainly stationed in Canterlot to defend the Princess' that are in Canterlot. The Royal Guard consists of earth ponies, pegasi and unicorn soldiers. Although they guard all the Princess's, they are mainly seen with Princess Celestia, leading to many believing that they are exclusively Princess Celestia's guard, although this is not the case. In the past, ponies believed that the Royal Guard aren't capable of defending Equestria, much less Canterlot after the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot. The Captain of the Royal Guard is Shining Armor, brother of the ex-Element of Magic, now Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle

The Lunar Guard
The Lunar Guard are Princess Luna's guard. When the night comes, the Lunar Guard take over the Royal Guard in guarding the Princess'. The Lunar Guard consists mainly of bat ponies, or Noctrals as described by some. The Captain of the Lunar Guard is Ebony Coldsteel.

The Crystal Legion
The Crystal Legion are Princess Cadence's guard. They guard Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, their upcoming foal, and the rest of the Crystal Empire. The Crystal Legion consist of crystal ponies, whether they are pegasi, unicorns or earth ponies. It was formed after Sombra's attempt to retake the Crystal Empire. Because of this, they have grown an immense hatred towards Sombra and any affiliates, and are wary of outsiders. The Crystal guard have also maintained security during the Equestria Games. Due to limited knowledge of the Crystal Empire since they only came to be recently, there is no known leader of the Crystal Legion.

The Twilight Vanguard (Proposed Idea)
The idea of a guard for Princess Twilight, the newest Princess was put forward after her, as well as the other ex-element bearers first encountered the equality extremist, Starlight Glimmer. Although she has proven to have impressive magical capability, Starlight Glimmer was able to detain her and the others. After she returned, the proposal was put forward so that there would be a guard unit accompanying her for her safety. If the proposal is accepted,  the Twilight Vanguard would be stationed in Ponyville, as well as Princess Twilight's castle. The Twilight Vanguard would consist of members of the Royal Guard, as well as anyone willing Ponyville locals.

Specialist Units

The Wonderbolts
The Wonderbolts serve as not only an aerial defense unit, but they also serve as a morale unit. In the past, the Wonderbolts would have been deployed to fight other aerial units such as Griffons or Changelings. Recently they were involved in defending Equestria against Tirek, although they were quickly subdued. When not on active military serivce, they provide aerial displays to not only boost morale, but to also hopefully inspire young fillies and colts to join the military. It isn't uncommon for members of the Wonderbolts to participate in the Equestria Games. The current leader of the Wondercolts is Spitfire.

Special Forces Unit Equinox
Not much is known about Equinox. Equinox is a Special Forces Unit that was formed after Tirek's attack, but the idea for a special forces unit was put forward after the Changeling Invasion. The goal of Equinox is to defend Equestria and its citizens from any international and eldritch threats. They are also first responders to any conflicts outside of Equestria should any outside countries need the support of Equestria, or they are first to respond when Equestria is experiencing conflict. There are rumors circulating that many black market syndicates were taken down during raids led by Equinox soldiers, though many believe this is propaganda to scare ponies. Equinox recruit anypony, indiscriminant of age, gender, appearance, race, birthplace or ideology. They recruit soldiers either through volunteers, or through taking enemy combatants, although this method of recruitment has not been confirmed in official reports and is just a theory. It is uncommon, but Equinox also involve common ponies in there missions, if they are willing. Equinox work with other units in operations. Currently, the leader of Equinox is Commander Broadshield.

(A/N: This is based off show canon and site canon. This will be updated when changes arise. Enjoy)
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