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Title: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Foxtrot on December 16, 2015, 09:21:01 pm
The streets of Manehatten are filled with the hustle and bustle of the residents as they go about their daily lives of shopping, business, tourism, and other manners of spending the sunny day. A few scattered clouds are pushed along the blue canvas above by a warm, light breeze to the west, scattering various smells of exotic and local cuisines across the blocks of town. By the harbor, a large skyscrap'er stands tall, piercing the sky like a dagger. Several other tall buildings surround it, but this was the only one with bayside access, certainly meeting the taste of the upscale Directors of The 26. ( / It's the middle one with the TV in the middle of it. Of course in this scenario there is no such thing, but you get the idea of the overall setup of the area.)

Foxtrot trots forward to the back of the facility, approaching the tall glass doors found at the entrance of the complex. His heart was beating faster than normal as he looks straight up to the top, not being able to see the top floor of course. Looking back down he notices the elaborate entrance ahead, as well as the four bronze pillars supporting the whole building; each one having a stone lion sitting in front of it, implying an awe inspiring presence that separates it from the skyscrap'ers around it. This was it, the end to years of searching, running, fighting, surviving; the whole journey over the past few years all come down to this, the next few hours and the outcome of either success or failure. The unicorn looks over to his companions, a pang of comfort hitting him to find that he isn't alone in this endeavor. "Alright everyone, this is it. Before we get going..." He reaches into his jacket and pulls out the hoofcuffs, passing them out to everyone who will be joining him on the top floor.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on December 17, 2015, 05:44:22 pm
Tinder stares at the building ahead of them, hoping that this plan will turn out fine. She secures her bag once more, grabbing a couple pills from it and downing them while she has the chance. She lightly pats Fox on the back as a sign that she's with him for this, as her horn lights up and she starts making some throwing knives out of ice. The knives levitate in circles around her as she stares at the door, waiting for the command to enter, ready to take down some bad guys.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Agents Pastel and Monochrome on December 17, 2015, 06:01:49 pm
After grabbing her pair of hoof cuffs, Pastel slowly walked next to Broadshield. "Commander, before we go in, I would like to mention that I acquired the explosive crystal from the armoury that Monochrome and I developed. As a last resort, of course. And I'll only use it if you give me the codeword." Pastel then drew her sword, preparing herself for the battle ahead.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Ocean Spray on December 17, 2015, 06:12:40 pm
Ocean, having followed the group from the Equinox base, snuck around behind the group with a smirk on his face. Okay, these guys mean business. I wonder what there up too. Ocean scanned the group, until he spotted Pastel. Woah. Strange sense of deja vu there. That colourful mare seems familiar... Ocean thought to himself.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on December 18, 2015, 01:55:31 am
Walking through the streets of Manehatten, he follows Foxtrot to the target building, anticipation building inside of him. Upon arriving at the building, he looks over his gear to make sure he's ready for the operation. After taking the enchanted handcuffs off Foxtrot, he turns to Pastel. "Alright, I'll be sure to tell you if we need it." he says. Grabbing a headset from around his neck, he puts it on and activates it. Putting the the microphone onto his mouth, he begins speaking. "Alright soldiers, Operation Takedown has commenced. Sweep the building and set up a perimeter. Phantom Protocol is in place. Move out soldiers!" he says before turning off the microphone. "Alright, Equinox has mobilized, lets get moving." he says.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Foxtrot on December 18, 2015, 04:41:52 pm
Foxtrot nods as everyone is prepared for the final assault; his gaze becoming one of intense focus, determination, and revenge. Leading the group through the glass pane doors, they find no one is currently at the front desk. "Ok, we can take the elevators to the 95th floor, than take the stairs up to avoid detection. When we get to the top floor, look out for two large wooden double doors; more than likely they will have The 26 on it so it will be hard to miss. Watch out for any security along the way, if they spot us, we are to take them down immediately to prevent them from alerting the Directors." Looking around, the unicorn finds two elevators on the far side of the room, "Over there, let's go!" He rushes over and presses buttons for both of them, awaiting their arrival for the group to head up.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on December 18, 2015, 04:51:33 pm
Tinder nods as she listens closely to Foxtrot's plan, continuing to make a few more ice throwing daggers to keep on hand for later. She follows close behind him, her eyes darting around for any signs of trouble, her ears flicking back and forth as she listens for any sounds that are out of the ordinary.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: The 26 on December 18, 2015, 07:12:23 pm
Far above on the top floor, the Directors of The 26 begin their quarterly meeting. They all sit at a large round table made of onyx and quartz, elaborately designed to show the globe etched into its surface. Several bottles of wine and spirits are found next to glasses half full with ice and alcohol. Various charts, maps and papers rest in front of each individual as they go over the necessary paperwork for their organization. Zulu, Romeo, Juliet, Bravo, and Yankee let off a light laugh as they joke about some facts of their business. Yankee levitates a full glass of scotch with his magic as the forest green unicorn takes a seat, his reflection in the glass clear to reveal the various small scars found under his amber eyes. "I'm just saying, if we manage to improve our numbers by 4% withing the next few months, we'll be sitting easy for the rest of the year. So now that that's settled, let's move on to more pressing matters. Zulu, your thoughts?"

The Minotaur leans forward, his black armor lightly reflecting off of his charcoal coat, "To be honest Yankee, I feel we need to pull the plug on this. Now I know Agent 04 has shown tremendous progress under the Phantom Initiative, but we need to face facts: he's eluded capture ever since he intercepted the intelligence about the program, and more than likely he'll be here shorty to confront us about it. I know how much time and effort you put into his recovery and implementation of magic, but he's becoming less of an asset and more of a threat." Romeo and Juliet nod in agreement, the two griffons sifting their beverages about before taking a sip. "Lima says she's lost contact with him entirely, Bravo and Oscar's assumptions that she may have had a hoof in his retrieval of the files are now on point. Unfortunately even she has dropped off the map. The one thing we have going for us is that this is just an isolate incident, no other agents in the field have knowledge of what's going on."

"Of course they don't." Juliet interjects, letting out a light yawn and a stretch of her navy blue feathers. "We've had them spread out so much they don't even have any word unless it comes from our handlers. If Agent 04 manages to escalate the situation, we'll flag him and send a few of our own to take him down."

Romeo looks over to his mate, "You sure that's a good idea? I mean we sent a freelance agent after him just a few days ago and we haven't heard from him since. Knowing him he's been found out and now 04 is coming to get us. I don't even know why we're even having this meeting if all he has to do is just barge through that door."

Bravo's sudden chuckle draws Romeo's hazel eyes over to him, "Even if he does, we can handle him. We always come prepared Romeo, you know that, unless you forgot to bring your primary means of offense?"

The cracking of Romeo's knuckles are heard right after as he reveals his serrated, steel covered talons to the beige pegasus sitting across from him, "I always have that ready Bravo. Better than that lance you always lug around; but then again, that's not nearly as cumbersome as Zulu's mallet."

"Hey don't bring my Sasha into this." Zulu adds as he looks at the war-hammer resting next to him. The handle itself is certainly long enough for two handed use, the head itself is as large as his forearm. "She hasn't had any action recently and to be honest I'm sure she's ready for some. When 04 shows up I'll be sure to introduce them personally."

"Alright, that's enough." Yankee calls out, calming the others at the table. "Look, Foxtrot is going to be here, soon. Hell he knows that we're here and will more than likely try now to confront us; but we're not going to escalate the situation with violence." He leans back on his chair, his longsword spotted in the corner of his eye, "We're all adults here. We've all managed negotiations with hostile parties in the past, we treat this scenario no different than that. Fox is a bright kid, certainly not stupid enough to pull a stunt like that. Do I expect him to be pissed? Of course, with what he learned from that file why wouldn't he? But we explain the situation, calm him down, and open his eyes to the bigger picture here. If everything turns out as expected he'll be back with us enjoying the progress we've made and will look forward to furthering our cause."

"And if he doesn't?" Bravo asks as he leans forward onto the table.

Yankee pauses as he takes another sip of scotch, placing the cup down and pointing his hoof to the bottle across the table. His hoof lights up with his magic, encompassing the bottle as well and levitates it over to him. With the bottle in hoof he pours himself a refill. "Then we handle him the same way we handled his folks, plain and simple. Now, assuming he may show up today, I'm sure you've all brought your equipment?" The Directors nod in confirmation, "Good, now let's finish with our business here and get the hell out. If anything he may not even arrive in time for our departure."
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on December 18, 2015, 08:15:56 pm
Following Foxtrot to the elevators, he continues to listen to the flurry of activity and radio chatter through his head set, occasionally switching channels to hear different ponies. Anyone close enough to the headset would be able to hear the chatter.

"This is Combat Fireteam Theta, commencing sweep of floors 30 - 35, over." one pony is heard
"This is Combat Fireteam Epsilon, we read you loud and clear Theta, we'll be moving up to floors 36 - 40. Can I have members of Delta Team-"
another pony is heard before the feed turns to static as another channel opens up.

"This is Support Unit Head to Commander Broadshield, we are beginning to evacuate civilians from the area, establishing 100 meter perimeter around the building, over." a pony is heard saying before Broadshield brings up his microphone. "I read you Support HQ, continue your operations, make sure to keep it quiet, over" he says before switching the channel again.

"This is Recon Team Aquarius Lead to Commander Broadshield, doing a flyby of the floors, hold on..." Nothing but wind can be heard for a few seconds before a voice can be heard again. "I see 5 individuals, Two... pegasi I think, a unicorn, a... uh... minotaur I believe, but I cannot confirm the identity of the last individual. I don't believe they're suspicious of me, how do I proceed?"
"Pull off the recon Aquarius, make your way back to the rest of the team and continue to keep and eye out on the area." he says before another voice pipes up.
"This is Recon Team Scorpio to all units. I have eyes on a few individuals in the area. Cannot confirm identities or exact number, I'd guess maybe 5 or so. Exercise caution around them, but do not engage unless they happen to attack. Commander, how do we proceed?"
"Keep an eye out on them, but keep your distance. They may be with the Directors. Exercise extreme caution. Over" he says before putting his microphone away. "I wonder..." he mutters to himself before catching up with Foxtrot at the elevators.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on December 19, 2015, 10:57:54 am
"We got a full cargo truck flying above the building keeping all of us off the radar..." Connor spoke into his mic.

"That team can't keep it up for long, so me and Lauren will jump down to the roof and entered breach the room. Morgan, and Connor will be repelling through the windows at the same time  we enter. The two flight carriers will get out of this area and hold any reinforcements we might need. The unicorn team will give us air support from their carrier."

Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Morgan “Bear” Lockett on December 19, 2015, 10:59:14 am
Morgan is listening to music and trying to calm her mind when her mic came alive. She pulled her earbuds out and nodded.
"Loud and clear chief. What about that third party that's coming in?" To be honest the four of them were incredibly out numbered but it's nothing they haven't seen before.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Connor Cook on December 19, 2015, 11:06:02 am
"We bag directors and kill the rest. I don't know who they are or why they are off our records but they are not of our interest right now." Connor looked at his watch. "Get ready everypony!" He put one last bullet in his repeater and continued to wait in the darkness of the carrier. He looked at Morgan who seemed a bit worried all the sudden. "We won't kill ALL of them.. .Just any that get in the way... Don't worry about Tinder Morgy."
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Foxtrot on December 20, 2015, 12:10:02 pm
There's a momentary silence as the group waits for the elevator to arrive, Foxtrot himself is taking rather deep breaths as his anticipation builds. With a chime the doors open, the unicorn stepping in and holding the door open for the others to enter while pressing the button for the intended floor.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on December 20, 2015, 01:20:25 pm
Tinder walks into the elevator behind Foxtrot, moving to the corner to give everyone room to get in. The ice daggers start levitating a bit higher so she doesn't accidentally hit anyone with them while in the elevator. Once in the elevator she makes the air a bit colder to try to calm her nerves and to keep herself from overheating.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on December 20, 2015, 07:18:59 pm
Following Foxtrot into the elevator, Broadshield moves to where Tinder is, while closely listening to his headset for any important updates. Noticing the air around him slightly dipping in temperature, Broad turns off his headset, removes it, and turns to Tinder. "Hey, you alright?" he asks, wanting to make sure she's ok. There's already 3 ponies already unable to help on the mission, and they need every pony they could get. Who knows what would happen at the top?
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on December 21, 2015, 09:17:20 pm
Tinder takes a deep breath and nods as she looks over at Broadshield, "I'm...fine. Just a bit stressed and a little too warm. Sorry, I promise I won't mess up when we get up there." She smiles at him a bit.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Foxtrot on December 22, 2015, 08:37:52 pm
"We're going to be alright Tinder. As long as we stay together as a group, we'll be safe and sound." Foxtrot says as the doors close on the elevator. The unicorn presses the button for the 95th floor, the group would feel the initial force of the lift going up the first few levels of the building. All the time, relaxing elevator music plays in the background, creating a soothing, yet slightly awkward setting for the mission at hoof. "So uh... anyone know of any good places for dining around here? Not gonna lie; after this is done I'm in the mood for a really kick flank milkshake."
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Agents Pastel and Monochrome on December 22, 2015, 09:22:35 pm
Pastel shakes his head. "Unfortunately not. I don't go out enough to know. However, I'm sure Monochrome would love to show you his favourite club. I would ask him, but he can be such a pain sometimes." Pastel says before returning to staring blankly at the door.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: The 26 on December 23, 2015, 09:07:50 am
As the Directors continue their conversation, one of their security personnel knocks on the door. "Come in." Yankee shouts over.

The door opens as the guard enters and nods to the others, "Sir, we've got a note of the elevator being used and is on its way here. I've checked with my teams and confirmed its not any of us. It's stopping on the 95th floor."

Juliet picks up a small orderve and bites into it, "He's here sooner than expected. Should we just kill him when the door opens?"

"That won't be necessary." Yankee replies. He looks over to the guard, "Override the elevator and bring them to this floor. From there escort him and anyone with him to the office. As I said before we can resolve this with words." The guard nods and exits the room.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on December 23, 2015, 02:52:02 pm
Tinder adjusts her bag as she speaks, "I know a couple good spots that I used to eat at as a kid, I think they are still open. There is a small diner about a 10 minute walk away from here that had some of the best food, I'd be happy to show you all there after we're done here." She lowers one of the daggers down to face level and slowly sharpens the ice with her magic, wanting to make sure they are perfect.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Foxtrot on December 28, 2015, 10:40:37 pm
"Oh a diner!" Foxtrot says with some excitement, his tail lightly swishing as well. "Haven't been to one in months. Ah I'd tell you all a story but we're almost at our floor. Everyone get ready." The lift slows down slightly as it nears the 95th floor; but instead of stopping, it slowly resumes past it. "Ah crap! What's going on!? Sh!t they know we're here. Weapons ready!" The unicorn pulls out his machete as the elevator slows to a stop on the 99th floor.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on December 29, 2015, 05:00:22 am
Broadshield chooses not to contribute to the conversation, instead, he continues to listen to the radio chatter of Equinox operations, which has gone from confidence to confusion.

"This is Combat Team Alpha. Finished sweep of levels 1 to 5, no signs of hostile a or civilians. Were there supposed to be civilians here?" One voice is heard.
"This is Combat Team Kappa. Finished sweep of levels 70 to 75, same as Alpha Team, no life at all. How do we proceed?" Another voice is heard.
"This is Combat Team Omega. Finishing sweep of levels 90 to 94, we have no visual on any pony. Something doesn't feel right..." Another voice is heard. One by one, voices are heard reporting their sweep, all of them saying that the building is devoid of any life. "You're right Omega, something definitely seems off. All units, standby for further orders." He says before turning his attention to Foxtrot, and how the plan is already gone wrong, but it wasn't his fault. Turning on his microphone he speaks to all units. "They know we're here! All combat units in the building, evacuate immediately. I repeat, evacuate! Support Team, push back the perimeter to 200 meters, Recon units, help out support!" He calls out. "This is Recon Team Pisces, have eyes on 4 individuals above building. Cannot identify. How do we proceed?"
"Do not engage Pisces, they may be with the 26. Keep an eye on them but do not engage unless they engage." He says. Turning off his microphone, he then pulls out his sword, readying himself for whatever is on the other side of the elevator doors.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Agents Pastel and Monochrome on December 29, 2015, 07:32:46 am
"I think Monochrome will be more suited for this if we're heading straight in." Pastel said before shifting.

Monochrome leaned over to Broadshield with a smile, whispering into his ear, "Don't worry. I know about the crystal." He then straightens his body, preparing for what lies next.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on December 29, 2015, 02:16:08 pm
Tinder looks a bit panicked as Fox says this, quickly trying to get all her ice daggers ready for throwing. She takes a few deep breaths and focuses on the elevator doors, getting ready to spring into action when they get there. Though they are almost there she takes this little opportunity to grab her pills and take a couple, not wanting the pain to strike while they are fighting.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: The 26 on December 29, 2015, 08:37:53 pm
As the elevator comes to a complete stop, there is a tense grip of suspension around the group as nothing happens for a short time. Suddenly, a chime goes off, signaling the groups arrival to their destination. The doors slide open to reveal no on the other side, rather an empty hallway only decorated with lavish paintings, crimson red carpeting, vases and various small sculptures. Foxtrot pokes his head out and looks around, not finding a single soul around to attack them. Glancing over his shoulder, he nods to the group to continue; before taking a step though, a voice is heard. "Agent 04, the Directors have been expecting you." Nearly jumping back, Foxtrot finds two security personnel standing directly ahead of him on the other side of the hallway. Their expression neutral as their thickly tinted sunglasses hide the looks in their eyes. "We will escort you and your party to them; follow us." Without really waiting for a response, they begin a slow trot down the hall to a turn further down. Foxtrot calms himself down and looks back to the others, holstering his weapon as he begins to follow them.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Agents Pastel and Monochrome on December 31, 2015, 01:34:31 am
Monochrome lowers his weapon and starts to speak as the group is greeted by the security. "Okay, so I have to admit this is a pretty swanky pad. Lots of cool stuff. I wonder if there is a chance I could get myself one of those paintings after this is all over. Pastel keeps removing all the art I put in from our apartment." Monochrome follows the group as they continue down the corridor, rambling as he walked.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on January 01, 2016, 09:53:01 pm
Tinder watches Fox sheath his weapon and then looks at the ice daggers that float around her, she tries to think of a way to sheath them but the only thing she can think of is to melt them. Deciding that there is no other choice she melts all the daggers that float around her, opening the clip on her bag so she can quickly grab the actual daggers if she needs to. She follows closely behind the rest, very worried about what's to come.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on January 02, 2016, 11:00:48 pm
Ordering his soldiers to put their weapons away, Broadshield puts away his own, but making sure to keep a
flashbang grenade on hand, not telling anyone. Making sure he's ready, he follows the group while leading his own, constantly on guard should anything else happen
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: The 26 on January 03, 2016, 09:20:33 pm
The security personnel arrive at a set of large, wooden double doors, each brandishing elaborate detail in craftsmanship and elaborate design. The guard on the left knocks on the door, the sound of a latch opening is heard on the other side as he pushes it open for the new arrivals. They then step aside for the group to enter, keeping an expressionless facade. Foxtrot pauses for a moment before entering, a sense of hesitation present as he enters the chamber. His torn ear flicks as he looks around the room as the Directors scan him and his group, a sense of tension gripping the air. Yankee appears the most relaxed of them all, pouring himself a round of cognac into a small glass. Lifting it up by hoof, he sips his drink and leans back on his leather seat. "Foxtrot! Haha, it's good to see you. I see you've brought friends; so brings you all here today?" The security detail exit the room, closing the door behind them.
Foxtrot pays them no mind, instead keeps his full attention to the other unicorn in the room. "You know damn well why we're here Yankee." He looks over the other Directors with a glare of conviction, "Under the authority of the Royal Crown, you're all under arrest f-"

"Ah yes, all of that." Yankee cuts in. Foxtrot clenches his jaw as he tries to keep his patience in check. "Look Foxtrot, this whole thing is a huge misunderstanding. Now, you've known us for a while, heck even your folks worked with us for some time. I know you're cross with us, but I'll gladly explain the situation to all of you to show our reasons. Like I told everyone sitting around this table, were all adults here; let's talk it out." Yankee levitates the bottle over to the center of the table, "Did you want a drink? This is some good stuff actually, imp-" This time Foxtrot cuts in, lifting his hoof as it glows bright. With a loud pop a blast of magic flies across the room, impacting the bottle and exploding it to pieces. Glass and alcohol flies everywhere, the other Directors getting up from their seats before stopping when Yankee lifts up his hoof to stay them "I get it. You're a bit tense, no drinks then. So... I know you and your buddies are here to arrest us, but I know even more you have questions. So since we're all here, why not ask away?" Yankee looks over to the other members of the group, "If any of you would like a drink? Anyone?"
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Agents Pastel and Monochrome on January 04, 2016, 07:29:54 am
Inside Monochrome's head, a battle was waging. On one side, Pastel was trying everything in her power to stop Monochrome from taking a drink, knowing that once Monochrome starts drinking, she'll lose any control over the body for a while. On the other hand Monochrome was fighting to reach out and grab the drink, because he has a little bit of an alcohol problem. Instead of doing anything though, he just stood there shaking, sweat dripping ferverously from his mane. Eventually giving in, Monochrome takes a step forward and smiles. "I-I'll have a drink thanks." he says shakily as he reaches out his hoof, while Pastel gives up and goes to a corner in their mind to meditate. 
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on January 04, 2016, 04:48:37 pm
Tinder watches all this happen, backing up a couple steps as Fox explodes the bottle. As they are offered drinks she just shakes her head a bit, knowing that it's best for her to stay away from alcohol at the moment, needing to have a clear head in case something happens. She stands in the back of their group and takes a second to chill the air a bit, being fairly nervous about the situation they are in and not wanting to over heat right now. She watches all of them from the background, thinking out a plan of action in case this all goes wrong fast. Plotting the fastest way out of here, and then plotting the safest way out of here and then weighing the pros and cons of each.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on January 07, 2016, 10:49:05 pm
Broadshield continues to stare at the Directors throughout the confrontation between Foxtrot and the Directors. As soon as all is quiet, he starts talking. "You are correct when you say that we have a lot to discuss Yankee, if it were up to me, we would be having this talk in a Saddle Arabian jail, with you all behind bars. Besides, there is more than enough evidence to prove that you are all guilty. You said we wanted to talk? Let's talk then. Maybe you can tell us why? Why go through the trouble of messing with them psychologically and training them. Wouldn't it just be easier to hire mercenaries to do your dirty work, and hire them under a different instead of using your own agents that could be tracked back to you." He says

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Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: The 26 on January 10, 2016, 09:33:26 pm
A splash of scotch touches Yankee’s lips as he takes a sip from his glass, a small smile appearing on his smile when he hears Monochrome ask for a drink. “That’s the spirit. Bravo, pass the stallion a glass.” The pegasus reaches over, the steel coloring in his eyes matching the glisten of his arrows as they lightly shine under his wings. Picking up a bottle of bourbon and a small glass, he fills it halfway and tosses a couple of ice cubes in there as well. Placing the bottle back on the table he leans back and returns to his own beverage, leaving the glass to sit there. A moment later the glass glows green and levitates over to the Equinox guard, courtesy of Yankee’s magic. "On the house. Now let's see... hiring mercenaries? We actually did once; I'm sure you all met him a short time ago. If we had sent one our agents, none of you would be here speaking with us. The 26 is much more than your average sell-swords; they get hired to kill or capture someone who owes a debt or retrieve a small parcel. We lead armies, overthrow entire regimes; the Initiative was a way to improve survivability in the field, and it has. This isn't a hasty decision that was made on a whim." The Director takes another sip of his beverage, twirling on his chair to face the large wall sized windows lining opposite of the group. “Foxtrot is a prime example of this; reconditioning a consciousness from trauma, we even brought back his magical ability. How many years has it been Fox, 2 or 3 that you haven't had it?"

"Why the war then?" Foxtrot asks. "A civil conflict just to enhance the training? Isn't that a bit overkill!?"

"The country was falling apart, with or without our involvement it would have the same fate." Yankee answers as he looks over his shoulder. "We controlled the collateral damage it had on the nation. Leaning forward, his eyes narrow as a grin trickles over his face. "Irony though, the one thing to end the conflict was something we lost control of, Agent 04. Your little stunt in Calais drove everyone to peace. Tell me, you think Samiel will stop going after you when this is done?"

"There's one way to find out." Foxtrot replies, taking a step forward. "Like I said before, you're all under arrest."

Yankee gets up and stretches, "I'm sorry you feel that way Fox. Of course you know that we can't make that happen. What's unfortunate is that you're all outnumbered." His right hoof rests on the hilt of his sword as his hind hooves begin to glow.
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Broadshield on January 13, 2016, 11:09:30 pm
Broadshield watches as the drink is handed over to Monochrome 'Please be sober, please be sober, please be sober.' he thinks to himself. His attention turns back to the conversation between Yankee and Foxtrot. "Equestrian Forces were already trying to maintain the situation, there wasn't much need for any foreign intervention Yankee." he says, taking a short pause before continuing. "This may not be a hasty decision, but it was a pretty dumb one, what you've done goes against all laws and ethics. I hope  you've enjoyed your freedom you 5, because you're not walking away from this unscathed." he says. He then notices Yankee's hooves glowing. Knowing exactly what he was doing, he got into a defensive position. "If you use your magic in here Yankee, you'll bring this entire building down." thats when everything clicked into place. "That's why there wasn't anypony in the building. You played all of us for fools. Its a trap!" he says. At that moment, the Equinox guards dashed to guard their commander, swords drawn, preparing for an imminent fight.

((I would assume that reaction posts would be needed, the 26 would then start the fight, then combat begins. When the SEALs will post I don't know.))
Title: Re: Highrise Showdown
Post by: Tinder on January 18, 2016, 02:12:13 pm
Tinder gasps as she hears Broad say that it's a trap, she hadn't been paying all that much attention to what was happening so it's a surprise to her. A second later some hastily made ice daggers start forming around her, their blades pointed towards Yankee and the others. The blades are far from the perfect ones she had made in the elevator, these are just simple weapons, but they'll do the trick for the job at hand.
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Post by: Morgan “Bear” Lockett on January 18, 2016, 05:59:36 pm
Still cloaked, Morgan opened the back of the carrier. Two ropes dropped down onto the roof as the four dropped down. Morgan and Connor made their way to the edge and connected their repelling gear to the side before nodded while Walter and Lauren began to make their way down using the stairwell.

Morgan and Connor waited a moment before beginning to move to the side. They began to repel aiming right for the window.
Thump. Thump. Thump. Crash!

Morgan and Connor rolled through the broken window.
"Everypony down on the floor! Equestrian military officials!" Connor barked as he cocked his repeater once aiming directly at Yankee. Morgan scanned the room as well and found tinder but her pointer was on Broadshield and Fox.
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Post by: Lauren Beckham on January 18, 2016, 06:00:50 pm
The wall bursted open as well as Walter and Lauren jumped through immediately and took up a position.
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Post by: The 26 on January 19, 2016, 09:10:48 pm
Glass litters the polished marble floor as the air of tension grips the room; everyone inside tense, all except one. Yankee’s drink levitates up to his lips, the unicorn taking a sip as he eyes the repeater carried by the unexpected militants. The other Directors stand off their seats, each of their weapons drawn and aimed at their nearest target. “Interesting…” Yankee says with some intrigue, “A repeater rifle? I’ve only seen one in my life; and I know the only ones who use these…” His eyes look dead center to Walter, a rather amused look on his face. “Sea, Air and Land. Who knew the myth was actually real?” The unicorn’s enjoyment of the subject actually drawing a small chuckle from him.

“Yankee!” Bravo shouts as he peeks over his shoulder, his bow and arrow aimed towards the orange unicorn and her glacial magic. “What the hell are you talking about? Do you mean these guys are legit!?” His wings slowly tilt, preparing to vault himself to the right location. ‘I swear this guy is crazy. Still, we did have a fallback plan, just ran into some snags.’

Now renewed with excitement, Yankee begins to tame his laughter, “Quite so, Bravo. I see it, so I believe it. I just… Hey Juliet, what was that joke you made a while back about these guys?” As if the new assailants weren’t there, he lifts up another bottle and refills his drink by hoof. “What was it? Something about them and a donkey.”

Eyes matching the hue of the few lime slices on the table stay on Lauren, the pony’s brightly colored coat making for an easy mark. “Now may not be the time Yankee.” Juliet’s wings slightly ruffle, the glisten of metal shining among the feathers. She stay nears her mate, his silver coat making him easy to keep track of as well. The serrated steel on his talons arch out and puncture the stone beneath them as he points his body at Connor, wings tucked in to make himself a smaller target.

“Damn it unicorn!” Zulu bellows, his crimson eyes matching his vision. His warhammer is clenched within his fists, nearly tapping the ceiling ahead. The Minotaur directs his growing anger at the pegasus and earth pony, their similar armor easy to point out among those around him. “Are we just going to stand here and gab, or are we getting out of here!?”

“Alright, alright!” Yankee shouts, gulping down his drink in one shot. The unicorn slams the glass down onto the table; a bright light fills the room as a loud pop resonates in everyone’s ears. As the light subsides, only Foxtrot, Yankee, and Walter remain. The forest green unicorn stands on the opposite side of the table; Walter’s rifle aimed at a magically relocated Foxtrot. “I swear, some can’t enjoy a good conversation. You two though, I have some questions for you. “Honestly Fox, you even got the SEALs involved too? Holy crap, I know you’re pissed, but I wasn’t expecting that much.” Yankee says as he pulls his longsword up onto the large table, the steel brushing away some stained reports. His amber eyes look over to Walter, “Seriously, how’d he get you on his side?”

The three groups teleport throughout the many floors of the building, each finding their surroundings completely altered. The Directors emerge into their new environment with their marked targets, readying their weapons to strike.

Several levels below the skyscraper, the chilled air is met with the incandescent lighting to reveal a large storage area. A maze of boxes and crates filled with a wide variety of items from household items to imported weapons break the large room apart. A loud pop is heard before the stomp of Zulu’s hooves; the Minotaur looking around for the two Equinox guards. A flash of light emerges a short distance away from him, marking off the location of his enemy. His smile couldn’t be any wider as he marches forward, carrying his hammer with some excitement. “Come on Sasha, let’s go hunting.”

Towards the 40th floor of the building, rows upon rows of books and scrolls rest silently in the complex’s vast archive. The ceiling height itself rises to two stories, utilizing rows of ceiling fans equipped with large lights to illuminate the texts, tables, and chairs strewn about in a disorganized manner. Bravo lands his hooves onto the ceramic tiling, first looking up at the lights above. Spreading his wings, he takes off and aims his first arrow; flying up to the end of each row, he fires the projectile across the room. The lights are shattered to pieces, instantly casting a third of the archive in shadow. On the far end of the chamber, Tinder emerges in a flash of light, landing on a table half covered in literature. Her posture and position doesn’t change; a  second later Morgan appears facing her, the barrel of the rifle mere inches away from Tinder’s nose as the unicorn’s ice daggers point dangerously close to several parts of her body.

In the 86th floor of the structure, the typical office scene is present; rows upon rows of tables lined up and equipped with typewriters, stacks of paper, and smaller supplies. Wall high windows evenly illuminate the room, providing perfect sunlight to the various ficuses dotting the halls. Larger ceiling fans provide a light breeze throughout, an immersive addition to the view of the Manehattan skyline outside. A loud pop goes off as Juliet and Romeo teleport into the spacious office; they find themselves on opposite sides of the room, a planned strategy now unfolding. The two griffons turn around and drive their talons against the window behind them, shattering the glass and letting in a furious high altitude wind. Pencils and rulers fling off onto the ground as papers near the windows fly up into the air, the deafening whistling and howling of the gale adding the to the chaos. In the center of the office, Lauren and Connor appear facing each other, the directors placed directly in their line of sight. Romeo tucks his body in and moves to a steady low crawl, blending into the light grey marble tiling of the floor. Juliet on the other hand pulls back her wings, revealing several columns of straight edge throwing knives; each tip colored red with an unknown powder. She takes aim and lines up her shot, right into Connor’s back.
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Foxtrot’s spine tingles as he finds everyone gone except Yankee, himself, and an unknown stallion pointing some kind of weapon he’s never seen before right in his face. The unicorn’s hooves glow as he turns to the Director, his questions and surprised demeanor only made him more concerned on who these new arrivals are. “He’s not on my side Yankee, and I’m assuming he’s not with you…” He raises his front left hoof to Walter and his right to his former employer, each glowing with magic and humming with energy. Fox’s eyes switch between the two in case either makes a move, “What the hell are you guys doing here!?”
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on January 24, 2016, 08:15:00 pm
Walter's repeater was still drawn as he looked at both carefully. "I'm not here to discuss anything, other than that you hand these 'yourself and these directors over to our custody. Speaking of which where is the rest of my damn team."
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Foxtrot clenches his jaw as his eyebrows furrow, this newcomer making demands of the two spurring the unicorn's hoof to glow even brighter. Before he can get a word in, Yankee answers Walter's question. "They've been redirected along with my and Foxtrot's associates. What they do is their own business; you should be more worried abut your own current position. Two on one is quite a di-"
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Post by: Foxtrot on January 25, 2016, 10:38:19 pm
"Up yours Yankee I never said I was helping you!" Foxtrot cuts in, his hooves glowing even brighter as he turns to Walter. "And up yours too! Equestrian military you said? I have authorization from the crown you a$$!" As Foxtrot continued to shout. Yankee's own hooves glow as he places them under the table. Without warning his longsword levitates off the table with his magic as the unicorn flips the one ton table up with his front hooves. As soon as the table's surface faces Foxtrot and Walter, it flies towards them both at alarming speeds, the only thing behind them are the windows. Fox immediately turns his focus to the marble furniture and blasts the end of it with his magic. This makes things worse as it begins to spin like a stone coin, sending papers and bottles hurtling all over the room. "Damn!" The agent yells as he dives away to the left, keeping his one hoof pointed at Yankee and firing a few shots before rolling behind a small desk.
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on January 28, 2016, 08:05:05 pm
"We don't always take orders from the princesses." Walter dove out of the way and found his own cover behind a medium sized desks. He fired two shots at Yankee didsregarding Fox for now. "Hey I need some help on the top floor. Bring in the emergency support!" Walt called out over the sound of chaos.
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Post by: The 26 on January 30, 2016, 09:30:58 pm
Yankee's sword falls into his right hoof as he rolls back, dodging the magical blasts and the rounds speeding in his direction. His horn begins to glow along with his equipped hoof; the blade emitting a green hue as he pulls back for a strike. However, the unicorn disappears with a pop and a flash of light. Foxtrot gets up, noticing the Director has vanished causes him great concern. Stepping out into the room, he looks over his shoulder just to find Walter still behind the desk. A sudden pop in front of him draws his attention forward just in time to see Yankee swing his sword down onto him; stepping back, the tip of the sword slices into Foxtrot's front right leg. The agent lets out a grunt of pain as he brings his machete up to parry another strike. His left forehoof glows with magic as he throws a cross to Yankees jaw, only to miss when he teleports out of sight. With another flash of light the green unicorn appears behind his opponent, hind leg co'cked back to deliver a powerful kick right into the agent. Foxtrot flies forward for just a few inches before disappearing himself. The unicorn pops up flying right behind Walter, crashing right into him as his weapon skids along the floor. "I'm disappointed in you Fox." Yankee calls out as a thin aura of magic coats his entire being with a protective energy. "You have no idea of the gift you've been given. No matter, it looks like I'll be the only one around to utilize it to the fullest extent."
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Post by: Foxtrot on February 06, 2016, 12:43:02 pm
Foxtrot shoves himself off of Walter and looks up over the desk. Aiming his hoof he fires several blasts of magic in his direction. With each shot Yankee teleports away, appearing closer and closer to the two. Within a matter of feet the Director raises his hoof and charges it before vanishing in a flash of light. The room is silent except for the sound of wind gusting outside of the broken window. Foxtrot steps over to the center of the room, keeping his back to the windows as he looks around. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, remembering the training his mind suppressed under the Phantom Initiative. Suddenly, he spins around and fires, sending the blast of magic speeding across the room before slamming into Yankee as he pops into view. The forest green unicorn deflects the blast with his sword but is knocked off balance as well.
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on February 08, 2016, 10:09:53 pm
Walter was severely outmatched. This dumb weapon in his hand would be useful if the bullets could actually reach his target before they teleport away. However, he kept firing at Yankee and kept the pressure up. Eventually, a smile crept onto his face as suddenly one the unit carriers similar to the one he was riding on earlier leveled with his floor. It was still cloaked as suddenly a cannon shot fired from it aimed at Yankee.
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Post by: The 26 on February 09, 2016, 09:20:28 pm
The rounds from Walter's rifle buzz past Yankee, a stray bullet ricochets against his longsword, knocking it out of his hoofs as a second one punctures through his foreleg to generate a slur of curses from him. A glow of green magic encompasses the unicorn as his hooves and horn glow brighter; he lifts his hoof towards him before a loud boom is heard. In a blur the Director is sent flying back right into and through the wall. A large hole is seen, several bricks and drywall falling to the floor as the dust settles in the room.
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Post by: Foxtrot on February 09, 2016, 09:56:58 pm
Foxtrot steps back several paces before looking up with shock, his eyes widening when he discovers the sudden hole in the wall. "What the F@#$!? What was that!?" The unicorn looks over to Walter, then out to the window, "What just happened!?" Taking a few steps towards the destruction in the office, he nearly loses the grip on his weapon before snapping back to reality. "I needed him alive you bastard! Was that a cannon!? Where did a-" Foxtrot's rage is suddenly smothered when he sees a glow on the other side of the wall. "Oh sh!t..." Before he can say another word, a blast of green energy impacts the unicorn and sends him flying across the room, landing just feet away from the wall high windows. Hoofsteps can be heard from the darkness as Yankee emerges, still covered in his green aura; in his hoof is a glowing cannon ball. Lifting it up, he engulfs the projectile in magic before firing it in the direction it originally came from. His appearance is tattered, small burns and scrapes only appear after the vicious assault.
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on February 10, 2016, 08:01:24 pm
The cannon fired again after seeing Yankee step out. However, the one that Yankee launched had a direct hit. The unit carrier appeared as the two pegasi pulling it attempted to keep it in the air. The team in the back was engulfed in flames as the carrier began to fall and smash into the floor below Walter making a loud bang and crash.

The SEAL looked in disbelief before emptying the rest of the rounds in his repeater at Yankee before ducking down and reloading.
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Post by: The 26 on February 15, 2016, 08:08:29 pm
The second cannon ball crashes through the right wall, revealing a hole into another room filled with equipment and weapons. The Director looks over to Walter as rounds either fly past him or ricochet from the magical aura he radiates. He begins to show some exhaustion though, prompting him to take more direct measures. After the last round passes him, Yankee drops his shielding and sprints towards the SEAL. As soon as he approaches the cover he's hiding behind, the unicorn spins around and kicks it towards him, his back hooves glowing with magic.
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Post by: Foxtrot on February 15, 2016, 08:23:47 pm
As Yankee begins his attack on the other soldier in the room, the agent gets back up and looks around; an undamaged bottle of chardonnay catching his attention. Lifting his hoof towards it he levitates over, grasping it out of the air before aiming it at the Director. Leading his target, the unicorn fires the bottle towards him; it bashes into his shoulder and sends him reeling back towards the wall.
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on February 21, 2016, 07:13:18 pm
Walter counters the kick and at least dodges it to move out of the way when suddenly seeing the director fly towards the wall. Walt resumes reloading his repeater before slinging it back on his back and pulling out the crossbow. For now it seemed like Foxtrot wasn't targeting him so no need to make this a 2 against him especially with these magic hooves they seem to have.
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Post by: The 26 on February 23, 2016, 11:06:08 pm
As the bottle bounces back into the air it's suddenly halted by a green aura; it lowers down to the unicorn who aims the chardonnay at Walter, sending it flying towards him. The Director then charges towards the agent; Foxtrot's fatigue from the fight and magic usage beginning to show. Instead of using blasts and shields, the two engage in hoof to hoof combat; parrys, jabs and kicks fly between them as they counter each other's moves. Yankee blocks one of Foxtrot's swipes; instead of attacking, he pushes his hoofs against his opponent. Foxtrot recovers after a few steps back; but before he can retaliate, he's assaulted by a flurry of magical beams from point blank range. His armor and fur start to burn from smaller impacts and grazing; once Yankee stuns him, his two front hooves glow brightly, the Director firing a larger blast right into Fox's torso and sending him flying into the wall next to the inventory room.
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Post by: Foxtrot on February 24, 2016, 03:41:15 pm
Foxtrot's vision begins to blur, his head aching with pain as blood trickles down his forehead. The soreness in his legs echo across his body as he tries to get up, profusely coughing from the impacts to his rib cage. He looks over his shoulder to find the inventory room, on the wall he spots rows of what appears to be parachutes. Below them are tables of armaments and armor as well as various equipment. Not being able to locate his own weapon, he crawls on his stomach towards the room. "Hey! Can you hold his attention! I gotta grab something!"
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on March 06, 2016, 09:18:16 pm
Walter didn't need to take that from Fox to take very careful aim and fire the crossbow at Yankee before switching back to his repeater to eep up the pressure.
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Post by: The 26 on March 07, 2016, 09:56:34 pm
Yankee finds Foxtrot scrambling towards the supply room, the stray bolt from Walter drawing the Director towards the nuisance. The unicorn's eyes glow as he slowly walks towards him; with each shot that Walter fires, Yankee teleports even closer to him. Within mere moments the two stare down, Yankee keeping his glowing hoof pointed right at Walter. "You, heh. You and your team I would have loved to converse with. Such promise, but..." A flash of light fills Walter's vision as he pops out of the chamber and emerges far out of the building into the middle of the Manehattan skyline, nothing to stop him from falling to the streets a hundred stories below.
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Post by: Foxtrot on March 07, 2016, 10:26:51 pm
Foxtrot sprints along the shining wooden floors of the supply room, grabbing whatever he can get his hooves on. The resounding gunfire beckons him to the hole he jumped through to get there, peering out just in time to find Yankee teleport Walter right out into the sky. "OH SH!T!" Scooping up a backpack, he sprints towards Yankee and tackles him off the building, letting him go and diving to Walter. The surge of air blasts through his mane as his tail flutters among the gusts on wind swirling between the towering spires of the metropolis. Tucking his body in, he speeds into the soldier, catching him with his hooves and immediately pulling the chord on his pack. In an instant a set of canvas wings springs out, yanking the two straight up along the skyscraper as Yankee plummets down before teleporting out of sight. As the two climb in altitude, another Director comes into view. "Hey! Over there! I'll get up close and you knock em out of the sky!" Foxtrot clips a lanyard onto the earth pony's harness to keep him attached. Now secure, he pulls on two separate chords found by his shoulders, maneuvering them through the blue yonder until they line up behind Juliet. "Target in sight!"
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on March 13, 2016, 09:00:08 pm
Walter didn't even have time to realize that he was outside before Fox came into save him.
He nodded at Fox's order as he aimed his Repeater carefully before firing two rounds.
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Post by: The 26 on March 14, 2016, 03:22:29 pm
Juliet never saw it coming as the two rounds puncture her right wing and hind quarters. The griffon let's out a cry of pain as she swerved out of the sky, crashing back into the building several floors beneath Lauren and Connor. The Director lays unconscious in the offices, strewn onto a bloody desk.
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Post by: Foxtrot on March 16, 2016, 06:15:37 pm
Foxtrot tilts his makeshift wings upward, using the wind to lift the two up along the building. It wasn't long before they soar high above the ceiling; Yankee is seen standing there with sword in hoof waiting for them. Raising his hoof he leads his target and fires; several shots whiz by but a few make contact, impacting the canvas wings and tearing them apart. The two spiral out of control towards the building, Foxtrot stabilizing in just enough to unlatch Walter for a safe landing. The unicorn's own descent didn't get better though, Foxtrot himself crashing onto the roof a short distance away from the Director. Yankee nears the agent as he tries to take off the pack, the Director firing a few magical shots into the unicorn and knocking him on his back. "I'm disappointed Fox. You could've killed me if you just let him go. Oh well, I'll make sure you don't make the same mistake twice."
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on March 17, 2016, 07:43:25 pm
Walter got up quickly before seeing Fox get shot. He gritted his teeth and picked her crossbow up and loaded a shot before heading to stand in front of Fox. He took quick aim and fired before throwing the crossbow and picking his repeater back up and emptying the clip.
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Post by: The 26 on March 19, 2016, 12:52:53 pm
Yankee jumps back as Walter attacks, the unicorn covering himself in a protective aura of magic. The bolt bounces off his shoulder, garnering a laugh from the Director, "Haha! You're quite the slow learner there. In case you haven't noticed..." He raises his hoof as Walter fires his rounds, each one stopping in a greenish glow right in front of Yankee. "That toy of yours isn't going to help you." His smile becomes more fiendish as the bullets turn around and face Foxtrot and Walter. "But it certainly helps me." The rounds then speed forward towards them with an encasing of magic; the volley too widespread to dodge.
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Post by: Walter “Walt” Dorsett on March 19, 2016, 11:35:06 pm
"I am very aware of my toy's abilities." Walt shot back before a smirk appeared.
"Well... I bought all the time that I could." Walt just stood exactly where he was but let her rifle fall as the projectiles were flew towards him hitting him and throwing him back. He laid on the ground motionless.
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Post by: Connor Cook on March 19, 2016, 11:37:53 pm
Connor burst onto the roof top and was blown back by what he just saw. He shut his eyes tightly before chewing on his cigarette tightly. "Walt is down we need a medevac here on the rooftop pronto. Walt galloped towards Yankee. He was bulkier than the rest of the SEALs as he took his dagger out in his mouth and leaped trying to do anything to Yankee at this point.
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Post by: The 26 on March 20, 2016, 08:20:07 pm
Yankee turns away from the two to the new soldier arriving to the scene. His front hoof glows, the saber he's holding also eminating a green aura as well. Once Connor nears him, the unicorn stomps his hoof in his direction; the concrete roof splits apart and rises up with increasing force. "More of you? I told them the alternative would get them out faster. Oh well..." He leans forward and aims sights towards the attacker, his horn glowing brightly along with his eyes.
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Post by: Foxtrot on March 20, 2016, 08:57:58 pm
Foxtrot's ears ring as his vision blurs in and out of darkness; the dark figure next to him draws his attention. His pupils dilate when he sees Walter motionless on the ground, his heart stops, the pain numbing throughout his body. Clenching his jaw, he struggles to get up, nearly falling in the meantime until he finally gets to his hooves. Stepping over to Walter, the unicorn reaches into his pockets and pulls out wrapped bandages with a navy bluish coating. Tearing off smaller pieces he applies them to the bullet holes found all over Walters body. Once the bandage is applied, the wound itself is cleaned, numbed, and swelled to slow bleeding. 'That should work, Niv's plants always work like a charm.' The agent's eyes shift over to the carbine, his hooves scooping it up as he examines the spot Yankee and Connor are at. With a glow of his hoof he teleports off the roof for a moment before popping back into existence a short distance behind the Director. Armed with his combat machete and carbine slung over his shoulder, he dives in and swings towards the unicorn, stopping his attack and taking his focus away from Connor. The blade glows with a magical aura as the two swipe and parry each other's attacks. Kicks and sporadic blasts of magic fire in random directions as the agents teleport throughout the area. Foxtrot manages to kick Yankee back a sizable distance, the sheer force of the howling wind adding to the momentum of the unicorn's strike. Reaching into his holster, he draws out his crossbow pistol, the lines and details radiate with magic as the bolt is encased in energy. Taking aim, he fires the projectile and takes the Director by surprise, the bolt actually piercing the aura protecting him and puncturing through his shoulder. He's knocked back and pauses, setting up a shield around him to recover. Both show signs of fatigue and weariness, parts of their attire stained with blood.
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Post by: Connor Cook on March 22, 2016, 05:31:36 pm
Connor flies sand hits the ground hard before looking up and seeing Foxtrot fight. He had to help one of them for now. The rifle was running low on bullets she he pulled the crossbow out. The SEAL didn't expect to hit Yankee but he wanted to at least distract him.
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Post by: The 26 on March 25, 2016, 03:13:54 pm
Connor certainly gets Yankee' s attention, the Director dropping his shield as he clenched his teeth. "Damn you guys are like bucking roaches!" He points his glowing hoof at the stallion, the soldier finding a green aura surrounding him. Suddenly, Connor flies straight up into the air, the Director's magic being the only thing keeping afloat. The green unicorn then notices Walter, lifting his other front hoof and charging it for a lethal blast right towards the immobile SEAL.
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Post by: Foxtrot on March 25, 2016, 10:38:26 pm
Foxtrot tackles Yankee with the empty carbine, interrupting the Director's focus and releasing Conner instantly. The agent draws the firearm back and tilts it to bash his former employer in the face; after a couple of strikes a loud pop is heard as Yankee's nose breaks, blood flowing down his nuzzle. The Director kicks towards Foxtrot's center, knocking him off as well as relinquishing the carbine. Now within grasp he plucks the weapon up and twirls it towards the rogue agent. Landing on his back, he leans up before he comes face to face with the barrel. A feint click is sounded amongst the howling wind, followed by the sound of an impact of magic, Yankee finding himself flying back several meters by his opponents counter. The Director stumbles a landing, discovering his saber nearby, making haste he runs over as Foxtrot gets up, finding Yankee armed once again.
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Post by: Connor Cook on March 26, 2016, 06:50:58 pm
Connor lands hard but managed to roll back up. He sees the unit carrier and the pegasus team harnessed  to it appeared over the edge and runs over to the injured Dorsett to begin moving him towards the team. "He's pretty badly hurt but I think one of them put some sort of wrap on it. Either way he needs some attention now." Connor mumbled trying to pick his teammate up and lift him into the hooves of the rest of his team. "Are we just going to forget Yankee and get out?"
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Post by: The 26 on March 27, 2016, 01:11:06 pm
Yankee watches his former agent bring up his combat machete to bear. He glances over to Connor and Walter, noting their current position. Staring back to the unicorn he steps towards him. "We could kill them you know. Then you and I can return t-" The look Foxtrot gives him destroys any possibility of compromise as the unicorn charges him. Without another word spoken the two trade swipes and slashes, the sound of clashing metal resonating amongst the howling wind that pulls on their tails and manes. Foxtrot spots the carrier, the thought of the other Directors being on board presenting itself in his mind. The distraction is costly, Yankee using the moment to disarm him and send him skidding across the roof with a blast of energy. The agent finally comes to a stop near the edge of the building.
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Post by: Foxtrot on March 30, 2016, 07:55:10 pm
As Foxtrot stumbles up to his hooves, his vision blurs as he reaches around for his weapon. In seconds he picks up his machete and steps forward to keep his balance; the fight itself has pushed his physical abilities to their limit. Fortunately his magical reserves are recovering due to its recent limited use. The carrier's presence directs him back to Yankee, who is already several meters away; using the extra seconds to reload his crossbow pistol, he stows it away and brings up his blade to parry a forward strike from the Director. A myriad of thoughts swim through his mind, such as the whereabouts of his companions and their safety. To his dismay, Foxtrot's only option was to deal with the problem at hoof. As Yankee lands a swipe to the unicorn's shoulder, he follows through with a spinning kick; the Director reels back from the impact and raises his hoof, showing no signs of fatigue from his usage of magic. He fires several blasts at the agent; Foxtrot rolls to the right, avoiding three. One manages to graze him on his side whilst the last one narrowly misses the unicorn's nose. With a plan created, Foxtrot charges forward once more; however, instead of engaging the Director in combat, he skids to a stop a short distance away, unholstering his sidearm. With the bolt glowing bright with magic, he fires at point blank range; the projectile speeds towards Yankee, leaving a visual trail of light behind it. The forest green unicorn draws his weapon forward, deflecting it towards the cement ceiling as cloudy overcast forms in the sky. Expecting a follow up, the Director brings his sword upwards, a flash of steel reflecting off of the impact of the machete as it swings down towards his leg.
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Post by: Princess Cadance on April 03, 2016, 08:27:47 pm
(From this moment on we are using the new time period stuff. If your character is using old technology he/she can use modern day equipment now that I discussed in this thread: )

(SEALs have a chopper now and their weapons have changed)
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Post by: Morgan “Bear” Lockett on April 03, 2016, 10:06:37 pm
The blackhawk chopper shifted in the wind as the directors sat on board
"**** it! Get on board and I can try to take a clean shot at Yankee from the air. We have two we don't need him." She shouted over the rotors.

They helped Walt and Connor on board before the chopper made a pass by on top of the roof. Morgan adjusted her rifle and turned on the laser. She took a deep breath before cocking it back and releasing the bolt. "Try and keep it steady this is real close to Fox!"

The SEAL held her breath waited until the red dot appeared near his abdomen and pulled the trigger.
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Post by: Broadshield on April 04, 2016, 08:33:47 am
Eventually, Broadshield made it to the rooftop of the building, wind howling in his ears blowing his mane around. Upon arriving, he was greeted by Foxtrot and Yankee fighting it out, with the SEALs in a Blackhawk helicopter overhead. "Crap! They have a helicopter!?" He yells to himself. He soon realizes that Foxtrot is in trouble, and pulls out a throwing knofe, getting his sword and other weapons ready, not noticing someone aiming a weapon at Yankee. Broadshield throws the knife, but the wind causes the knife to go off target, eventually cutting the bullet aimed for the Director to be knocked out of the air. "Well ****, didn't expect that to happen" he says. "Let's move Tinder!" He says before charging the Director with his katana.

((Because of equipment change, Broadshield is carrying an M1911 pistol instead of a revolver, along with a full-auto TEC-9 pistol. He keeps the katana and throwing knives but no wakizashi.))
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Post by: Tinder on April 04, 2016, 09:01:25 am
Tinder freezes for a second as she sees everything that is going in up here, getting quite worried about Foxtrot once she sees the state of him. Not wanting to just run into the fight, figuring that would only cause more problems. She moves ahead a bit before becoming still and focusing in freezing the director, to slow his movements and maybe even stop him if she can.
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Post by: The 26 on April 04, 2016, 09:49:15 pm
The clang of the knife deflecting the bullet draws the Director from his prior engagement, in the corner of his vision he sees a familiar pegasus charging towards them. An increasing chill surrounding him alerts the green unicorn of Tinder's presence, the work of the only other unicorn apart from Foxtrot on the roof. Now aware of his targets, he surrounds himself once more with a magical aura, slowing the effects of the arctic cooling on him. With his free hoof he lands a hook on his opponent’s nose, following through with a kick that sends the rogue agent dropping his machete and flying into Broadshield, knocking them both down onto the concrete. Looking to the orange mare, he fires a single magical blast towards her before focusing on the helicopter. Eyes glowing bright, he siphons the last of his magical energy to his hooves, knowing he only has a single shot. By the Director's definition of a single shot, it's rather several in an organized volley. The entire roof begins to shake as the metal girders underneath twist and turn, large cracks bursting around the group. A churning echo roars above the howl of the winds as five massive steel girders erupt from the roof; a third of the ceiling collapsing into the room where they all met. All pointed towards the Blackhawk, Yankee sends them hurtling towards the airborne squad. One takes out the tail rotor, as another punctures one of the engines; two of them miss, crossing the blades and splintering them apart as the last one manages to be the only miss. The aircraft begins to lose control, spinning eratically as it drops towards the edge of the ceiling.
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Post by: Foxtrot on April 04, 2016, 09:50:48 pm
Ears ringing, Foxtrot gets up and off of Broadshield, seeing the helicopter careening towards impact with the remains of the roof. He starts to sprint towards it, his hooves glowing brightly as he comes to a sudden stop. Standing up, he points his front hoofs towards the aircraft, surrounding it with a magical aura as his back hoofs cement themselves onto the floor. The helicopter's speed and spin drastically slow down as it nears the unicorn. With less than a meter to spare it comes to a complete stop, the agent close enough to see Bravo and Juliet still inside. "Ah sh!t they g-" A sharp pain paralysis the unicorn, letting his grip go on the aircraft, leaving to fall a short distance only. He looks down to find his own blade piercing through his torso, his vision blurring as his head begins to feel feint. The feeling shatters as its pulled out, the hooked end tearing at his flesh as he drops to the floor, adrenaline and pain filling his mind. His brown eyes look up to meet Yankee's as the Director flicks off the blood from the steel. Reaching down, the agent draws his crossbow pistol, the weapon only being kicked off towards the general direction of the orange unicorn.
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Post by: Morgan “Bear” Lockett on April 04, 2016, 11:44:10 pm
Morgan popped her eye out of the scope with complete disbelief. Her bullet bounced off a random knife that... Those ponies from before. She still recognized them.
"Forget it! Lets get out of he-" by the time she could finish she saw projectiled headed her way.
"Heads up!" She shouted but there was no use. The chopper jolted and the arrrow in her back sctually went in deeper as sher back met the floor of the chopper.
"Hold on!" She shouted before suddenly the spinning stopped. She made eye contact with Fox before the chopper crash landed softly on the roof hanging off into the hole in the roof causing morgan and the rest of her team to slide toward the pilot seat due to the tilt. Groans could still be heard from chopper as the SEAL team all tried to get up
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Post by: Broadshield on April 05, 2016, 02:27:14 am
Before Broadshield can do anything, he gets knocked to the ground by Fox, courtesy of everyone's favorite director, Yankee. Looking around, he sees a laser being fired at Tinder. Grabbing his katana, he throws it at the beam, hoping to deflect it or stop it entirely, but it's all jus up to Lady Luck. He soon feels the ground, rumble beneath him. Suddenly the floor collapses beneath him, Broadshield barely rolling away from the hole in the ground. "What the **** is with this guy?!?" He yells out in shock. Getting up, he sees the Blackhawk coming down. Reaching into his earpiece, he opens up every channel. "All units, Blackhawk down! I repeat, Blackhawk down! Get everyone out of here!" He yells. Soon after is absolute chaos on all channels as Equinox does everything to evacuate. Looking up again, he sees the Blackhawk come to a stop, only to get stabbed by Yankee. "No!" He yells as he pulls out his TEC-9 full-auto pistol and charges Yankee from behind, firing towards his backside. He didn't care whether he lived or died, he had to pay.
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Post by: Tinder on April 05, 2016, 12:21:56 pm
Tinder doesn't notice the laser coming at her until it's too late for her to do anything about it. She stares at it as the katana thrown by Broadshield manages to hit it and move it a tiny bit to the left, so instead of a direct hit it goes through her bag. It destroys the contents of her bag, and runs down her whole side. Seriously hurting her and destroying the things she spent so much on. She falls back a bit as it hits her, reaching back and touching her side, looking at her hoof and seeing the blood on it. With all the adrenaline and pain medication in her, she can barely feel it, she's more angry about the fact that he just ruined her belongings. She sees the crossbow that was kicked at her and grabs it in her magic,  lining up the perfect shot and firing when he seems distracted.
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Post by: Foxtrot on April 05, 2016, 08:18:37 pm
The rattle of automatic fire rings around Yankee, a stray round grazing him in the leg and turning him to Broadshield. A second later, Tinder's bolt punctureshis shoulder, sending the Director reeling back. Instead of resisting, he uses the momentum to roll backwards, out of the Equinox's line of fire and exposing his ally instead. Foxtrot looks up to spot the green unicorn rolling into one of the roof's holes before his mind is struck with pain as two rounds from Broadshield's weapon strike his flank and side; his new armor stops the second round from puncturing his body, keeping him alive. "F@#&!" The agent roars over the winds around them, actually sitting up momentarily before falling back from dizziness. Whether Yankee was fighting or not, Foxtrot tries to patch himself up; he reaches into his pockets and pulls out a blue roll of medicated wrap, a custom product of Nivalia. Opening his heavily stained jacket, he sees the gash still pouring out blood. Rolling some out, he manages to apply it to his front injury, the wrap then  cleaning, swelling, and numbing the area. His vision begins to fade again, the unicorn dropping the wrap just to stay awake.
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Post by: The 26 on April 05, 2016, 08:20:40 pm
As Yankee drops onto the floor, he grunts in pain as he looks over the bolt in his shoulder. Reaching over, the unicorn yanks it out, gritting his teeth in the meantime. Looking around, his expression turns to joy as he finds himself in the supply room, many of the weapons and gear still present besides one of their glider packs. Regardless, he walks over and plucks a flashbang grenade from the counter as well as his own crossbow. After loading and slinging it over his shoulder,  he makes his way back to the conference room to find the crashed helicopter. Heading over, he sees his fellow Directors as well as the SEALS all bunched together by the front. With a devious grin he runs over and arms the flashbang grenade, "F@#$ you, a$$holes!" Tossing it at the squad, he looks away and covers his ears as it goes off, blinding and deafening all those inside. Not even bothering to check, Yankee reaches in and pulls out Bravo and Juliet,  swiping a carbine for later. Dragging them to the conference room's entrance, he drops them to the floor and makes his way back to the roof with his new weapon in hoof, "Once again I'm stuck killing everyone while you two slack off..."
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Post by: Lauren Beckham on April 05, 2016, 11:04:16 pm
"Flash get down!" Lauren shouted as they shut their eyes but it was bit late causing the team that was already disoriented from the crash to get even worse. Lauren and Connor both recovered though and quickly went to work.
"We lost both target's right now. I got 4 badly wounded, two pilots, Bear, and Walt. Connor and I are gonna stabilize by the crash site to help out the injured but we need an evac. Bring a Pavelow. I fear we need more than a hawk in case Yankee comes after us again."
There was a response from the radio and Lauren nodded to Connor as both carefully pulled Morgan and Walt out to put them in a bit of a better position before returning into the chopper to find both pilots bloody but unconscious. Both SEALs sighed in relief but the challenge was now to pull them out of their seats as both side doors were jammed shut. Connor picked up his M249 SAW.
"I'll be outside in case Yankee decides to return. You work on getting those two out of there." Connor said stepping out of the crashed bird and kept his eyes peeled around.
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Post by: Broadshield on April 07, 2016, 03:31:30 am
Broadshield's expression goes from satisfaction to horror, from landing several hits on Yankee, to him rolling back, exposing Foxtrot, who is hit twice. He releases the trigger, the remaining bullets whizzing past Foxtrot. "F***! Fox!" He cries out in shot, rushing to his side, before carrying him to the staircase he went up to get to the rooftop. After making his way there, he sees that Fox has been severely injured, but not fatally, thank Celestia. "This is Command actual to Manehatten air fleet, I need a helicopter medvac!
We got an injured soldier, and he needs medical attention, how copy?" He says into his headset before a voice responds. "This is Home Base to Command actual. The closest aircraft we have is the Little Bird, ETA 10 minutes."
"Roger that, bring it over, and hurry up!" He says, before turning his headset off. "Tinder! I need you to guard Fox, I'll take care of Yankee! He calls out to her over the howling wind. Reloading his weapons, he takes aim at the hole in the ground, waiting for Yankee to pop his head back up so he can open fire.
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Post by: Tinder on April 07, 2016, 03:21:23 pm
Tinder stares at Fox as she watches all of this happening, she seems to hesitate for a second before nodding and following Broadshields orders. She grits her teeth as she stands and grabs the wrap Fox had with her magic, quickly making her way over to him and applying it on his more prominent wounds. She sticks close to him as her weapons form around her, "Stay with me Fox." Tinder is doing fairly well at ignoring her own wound, since the outside layer of the bag is still intact it's covering it from anyone seeing it. The only way someone would notice is if they saw the blood starting to drip from her side.
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Post by: The 26 on April 08, 2016, 10:20:15 pm
"Ugh, damn it. Now I gotta climb all these steps." Yankee mumbles to himself; since his magic's depletion, the Director has had to rely on physical and mental prowess and conditioning. Holding the carbine in hoof, he's slightly surprised at the results of the Initiative; being a subject to the program itself has yielded generous benefits. Now relying on gut instinct and speed of movement, Yankee presses forward to extinguish the resistance towards his goals. His thoughts flash over to the others, Bravo and Juliet still in the conference room, 'I can get them out, but not with them around. F*ck that, the years we've put into this, the sheer scope of the possibilities.' The Director reaches the exit to the roof, slowing his speed to a crawl as he brings the carbine to bear; peeking down the sights, he first finds Broadshield. Instead of firing, he moves closer to the exit, not making a sound as he scans the rest of the roof. His amber eyes sighting Tinder and Foxtrot much closer, as well as his machete; a moment of silence passes as he visualizes his strategy. 'I won't let them stop our only chance. Regardless of the outcome, the project will continue.' Taking a deep breath, the unicorn sprints into action; once he reaches the roof, he beelines straight to Foxtrot and Tinder as his firearm is centered on the pegasi. He fires a round towards Broadshield's shoulder in an attempt to free his grip from his firearm; as the sound of gunfire reaches their ears, he drops the carbine and slings over his crossbow. The bolt is sent speeding towards the Equinox soldier's left hindleg, should the bullet some how miss, there was a backup. As soon as both projectiles are fired, Yankee skids to a stop right in front of the the two unicorns. He swings the butt of his crossbow right into Tinder's center, barely missing her injury by several inches/centimeters; wasting no time, his focus is simply to waste the rogue agent.
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Before Fox can react to what he saw, his vision blurs as Yankee's hoof collides with his face, blood pouring out of his nose as the agent lifts his own hooves to protect himself. With one hoof holding off the Director's strikes, the other reaches into his pocket, pulling out one of his three remaining hoofcuffs. Lowering his defenses, Foxtrot takes a kick to his chest; the surge of pain rattles his mind as his wounds slightly open again. Using the moment to his advantage, Foxtrot suppresses the pain in his head and swings his hoof up; one of Yankee's hind hoofs light up a greenish glow. Surprised, Yankee steps away and picks up the machete nearby; the Director looks over to his shoulder to spot his former colleague trying to get up. Rushing back, Yankee pulls back his front hoof and lands a punch on the unicorn, sending him back to the floor. Going for the kill, a grin appears on the forest green unicorn's face through the reflection of the machete's steel as it plummets down towards the agent. Foxtrot raises both of his hoofs to block the attack, but his weakened physical state simply slows the piercing metal as it inches closer to it's target. Breathing heavy, Foxtrot looks down to find the other cuff sitting next to Yankee's other hoof, "Tind- Tinder! Hoof! H-" He gasps as the machete lightly presses against his armor. Clenching his teeth, Foxtrot pushes back, stalling for as much time as he can."
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Tinder looks up as she hears the shot ring out, not having time to react before she's his with the crossbow. Though it was right next to her injury, she seemed fairly unfazed by the hit, sure it'll hurt later but right now she can't feel much of anything. She grabs her weapons up, but turns back to see Fox and Yankee fighting. She quickly realizes what Fox is telling her to do and grabs the cuffs from the floor with her magic, running at Yankee to push him off of Fox. Her plan is to try to hold him down and put the cuffs on him, but her main concern is just getting him off of Foxtrot. Plus, she's still a bit mad about the whole destroying her things, so her attack is fueled by anger as well.
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Post by: Connor Cook on April 08, 2016, 11:01:17 pm
Lauren manages to cut the pilots out and places them on the ground besides Morgan and Walt.

"What's that status on that pavelow?" Connor asks still on alert.

"We are pulling up by the big hole on the roof of the building." The radio responds as Connor looked up to see the massive helicopter overhead. The back ramp was open crew members pointed to the SEAL team.

"Do another circle around the building as we get the injured to the top!" Connor shouted before slinging his lmg and carefully picked Walt up and pulled him up towards the roof.
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Post by: Broadshield on April 10, 2016, 08:50:10 am
Out of the corner of his eye, Broadshield sees what he can only assume is Yankee dashing towards him. Broadshield manages to turn his gun towards him and fire a single shot before the gun is shot out of his hands, and a searing pain in his hind leg. Broadshield topples to the ground, the bolt passing clean through his leg, thankfully at the edge of his leg, and not getting any bone. But that didn't stop it from hurting like hell. "AHHH F***!" he cries out, before he blacks out for a second. When he opens his eyes, he sees Yankee over Foxtrot trying to kill him, Tinder doing whatever she can to stop Yankee, and that he is a few feet (metres, rocks, whatever goddamned measurement system Equestria uses) behind all of them. At that moment he remembers he still has a pistol on him. Shakily, he grabs out his pistol, takes aim at Yankee's spine and fires a few shots, some aimed at Yankee's head, others aimed at Yankee's spine, whether any of them will actually hit Yankee is all up to Lady Luck, once again.
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Post by: The 26 on April 10, 2016, 08:37:46 pm
Yankee grits his teeth as he's tackled off by Tinder, "Damn you guys are a pain in the ass!" He rolls over and pins the mare to the ground, unaware of the rounds flying towards him. Loud pops are heard as the Director is hit several times in the back. None are fatal, but the volley has definitely taken its toll. Yankee drops to the side, unable to move from the crippling numbness of his injuries. Blood spurts out of his mouth as he coughs, the unicorn taking deep breaths as he looks up into the sky. In the corner of his eye, he spots Foxtrot getting up, the pain visible on his face. A smile cracks onto Yankee's face, "I see you brought the right company. Well played agent, checkmate."
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Foxtrot steps over to Tinder, picking her up from the ground. "Thanks Tinder, you saved my ass." Not responding to the Director's words, he nods to her hoofcuffs before trudging over to Broadshield, "Cuff him, he's done." Heading over to the pegasi, the agent plucks out his blue bandages, "Don't worry, you'll make it." As he sits him up, Foxtrot begins to apply the wraps, "Thanks for not hitting me this time." the unicorn chuckles.
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Post by: Tinder on April 10, 2016, 09:00:21 pm
Tinder nods a few times, the pain from her own injury starting to show more on her face. She makes it over to Yankee and grins at him before putting the hoof cuffs on him and watching him disappear. She wipes some of the blood off that was dripping, doing her best to hide that she's injured at all.
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Post by: Connor Cook on April 10, 2016, 09:49:43 pm
Connor looked up as he saw Tinder cuff Yankee. He sighed.
"Dammit. Okay let's get out of here."

The Pavelow rounded the building and lined it's ramp on the edge of the building as a few more SEALs in flight suits and helmets rush out to help the injured Walter onto the large chopper. Connor kept his SAW out to make sure no one out of the remaining group tries anything against them. Soon came Lauren with help, lifting the two injured blackhawk pilots on board.

"Sir what about them?" The crew member pointed at Fox.
"They weren't the ones we were after. Leave them." Connor responded as he trotted onto the ramp as well.

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Post by: Lauren Beckham on April 10, 2016, 09:53:21 pm
"Alright that's everything." Lauren checked the hawk one more time. "Fire in the hole." She and another crew member from the pavelow threw a few charges inside the hawk as it erupted in flames.

Morgan was hooked around Lauren's back as she limped towards the chopper. She stopped moving all the sudden as she noticed Tinder, feeling that she hit her best friend for absolutely no reason at this point.

"C'mon let's go!" Another SEAL shouted from inside, but Morgan kept looking.
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Post by: Broadshield on April 11, 2016, 10:06:34 am
Broadshield watches Foxtrot patch him up. The wraps are working like a treat, the searing pain in his leg now at horrible-beating pain. "Yeah, good thing I didn't get you again. You'd be dead" he says, chuckling. He then looks over to where the SEALs are heading off, without the other two Directors. Getting up, he walks slowly towards them, no weapons on him and making a gesture to show he was unarmed. "Why? What the hell was the point in you interfering with us and what happened today? Was it for money? Information? This wasn't any of your business anyway? So why did you feel like you needed to take part?" He calls out to them over the wind. He had too many questions in his head. But one thing at a time. Questions, then the other Directors, then mission over.
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Post by: Foxtrot on April 11, 2016, 10:01:51 pm
As Broadshield trots over to the SEALs, the agent wastes little time heading downstairs to apprehend the remaining Directors; the unicorn pulls out the last two cuffs in his jacket, a sense of relief creeping into his mind. Returning to the conference room, Foxtrot makes a beeline to Juliet; after the sound of two clicks a bright flash of light goes off, one last Director to go. As he makes his way to the Bravo, his ear catches a feint beeping a short distance away. The mere sound spikes up his nerves, 'Oh no, please no...' Frantically running, Foxtrot finds a source, a small laptop wedged under a chair and a piece of ceiling, "Ah ****..." Reaching over, he pulls away the chair and reaches under the concrete, moments later he scrapes the laptop underneath to freedom and pries it open. His eyes widen when he sees the message.

Checkmate Protocol in Progress

Foxtrot drops the laptop and sprints over to the hole in the ceiling, inhaling as hard as he can. "EVERYONE GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Not even bothering to see if they heard, the agent sprints towards the inventory closet; sweat trickling down his neck as he scrambles to find a much needed item. Suddenly the beeping stops, replaced by the loud rumbling sparsely heard but definitely felt by anyone on or in the building. The howls of the winds silence to the bellow of the churning metal far below as the building violently lurches forward.
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Post by: Tinder on April 12, 2016, 12:10:52 am
Tinder looks up as she wipes the blood off, glad that the injury is staying hiden. She spots Morgan in the distance, sighing a bit as she stares at her. She gives a little wave and yells, "I'm sorry!" The wave causes her to wince a bit from the pain starting to appear, she had been ignoring it well till now. Though, when she hears Fox yell, she has no trouble obeying. Running to the opening and looking for the easiest way out, looking back at Broad and smirking, "You can fly us down!"
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Post by: Equinox on April 12, 2016, 08:14:41 am
The AH-6 Littlebird soars over the Manehatten skyline over to the AO. Their mission? To extract Commander Broadshield and several injured 'civilians' from the building. The pilots were in a rush to get to the AO, considering they were only informed 5 minutes ago, and every second counted. "Command Actual this is Condor 1-3. We are ETA 1 minute from the AO, prepare for extraction. Respond." one of the pilots speaks into the radio only to be met by silence. "Command Actual this is Condor 1-3. We are 1 minute from the AO, prepare for extraction. Please Respond." the pilot says once again only to be met by silence. "Nothing, you think something's wrong?" the pilot asks the co-pilot. "I wouldn't know, we're pilots, not field operatives. We won't know until we get there." he says. Not too much longer, they see the target building. "Wait, is that a Pavelow? Who the hell has a Pavelow?" the co-pilot asks. "Not us, that's for sure" he says before grabbing his radio. "Command Actual this is Condor 1-3. We are at the AO. Is the Pavelow friendly? Over." the pilot asks as the Littlebird makes a few rounds around the building before making its way to the edge of the skyscraper, allowing enough space for passengers to get on. Soon, both pilots hear the churning of metal below them, then watch in horror as the building begins to lurch forward. "OH CRAP! Commander! Get out of there NOW! We can't hold this position for long!" the pilot says into the radio.
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Post by: Lauren Beckham on April 12, 2016, 05:18:34 pm
"You don't don't know anything about us and it will stay that way." Laure responded to Broad to keep him at a distance. She then turned to Morgan looked around before feeling a bit of a rumble.

"Let's go Morgan!" Lauren pushed her more towards the pavelow. Morgan just reached out for Tinder almost with tears of regret in her eyes as she was handed off in the pavelow. It quickly rose in altitude to get far away from the building. With the ramp still down, the team looks one last time before it slowly begins to shut.
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Post by: Broadshield on April 13, 2016, 03:41:02 am
"Damn it..." is all Broadshield can say as he watches the Pavelow fly away. 'Its got to be them. The training, the weapons, its got to be the-' his train of thought is interrupted by the sight of the Littlebird coming for landing. Soon he feels the building lurch forward. "Holy f***! We have to get out of here!" he cries out. Before he can run for Foxtrot he feels the building violently lurch forward once again. "I'm sorry Fox..." he says quietly before grabbing Tinder and getting her onto Littlebird. As the helicopter begins to go up, he grabs his radio and opens up all channels. "ALL UNITS, THE TOWER IS GOING DOWN! I WANT EVERYONE, I REPEAT EVERYONE AT LEAST 300 METERS AWAY FROM THE BUILDING, THE BUILDING IS GOING DOWN!!! I REPEAT, BUILDING IS GOING DOWN!!!" he yells into his radio. What responded was dozens of voices in chaos evacuating the area. At that moment the roof begins to go down, it isn't long until the rest of the building goes down with it, along with Bravo and Foxtrot. "Pilot, keep the helicopter near the building, I'm not leaving Fox behind, and thats an order!" he says to the pilot. "But- Yessir!" the pilot responds as they continue their way around the slowly collapsing building, looking for Fox.
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Post by: Tinder on April 13, 2016, 11:45:26 am
Tinder yelps a bit as she taken onto the Little bird, the sudden movement causing her wound to start hurting more. She sits there and stares out at the building, being careful not to let her wound show as she moves a bit to try to see more. "He's going to be okay, right?" She glances over at Broadshield as she says this, a bit of fear showing in her eyes.
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Post by: Foxtrot on April 13, 2016, 12:32:55 pm
As soon as Foxtrot finds another glider pack under some debris, it slips from his hooves as the building begins to lean forward. The lights flicker and explode as the current is cut off; furniture, concrete, and metal begin sliding out of the room into the bay below. The agent sprints towards Bravo, the Director himself barely moving. Passing the pack again, the unicorn scoops it up and slings it over his shoulders; cuffs in hoof skids to a stop next to the pegasus. He only manages to get one on when the skyscraper begins to collapse; the structure falling forward halfway. The Director and agent are flung out of the conference room, hundreds of meters in the air; Foxtrot's heart beats erratically, his vision and hearing blurring as his adrenaline kick in full throttle. Finding Bravo too far to secure the other cuff, Foxtrot yanks the chord on his pack; a pair of canvas wings spring out, catching the high winds and violently cutting the unicorn's momentum, and lack of oxygen, by a drastic amount. Tucking his body in he tackles Bravo and clicks on the last cuff, securing the final Director. As he pops out of sight, Foxtrot looks over to see that the building right over him. In a roar that echoes throughout the entire city, a storm of dust swallows the immediate area, the fog of confusion worsening with the lack of visibility. Any cars in the area buzz and honk as their alarms erupt from the seismic vibration. As the dust settle and waves calm, the carcass of what's left of the building now shows. Twisted beams of metal, concrete, wires and stone all litter the area, dotted by small flames throughout. Further out into the bay, a small splash breaks from the water. Foxtrot gasps for air as his pack's inflation device activates, a blessing of The 26's no expense spared policy. Disorientated and losing consciousness, the unicorn looks over his shoulder as his breathing regulates  to find the destruction that was left behind. The sudden sound of creaking wood ahead of him draws his attention forward; out of the smog of soot in the air, a small boat coasts within sight. It's crimson sails are marked as Saddle Arabian, bringing the unicorn to grin as a familiar face shows up. Before he can do anything else though, his body gives out from exhaustion, Foxtrot blacking out as he floats in the water.