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Title: Octavia Melody
Post by: Octavia Melody on July 26, 2015, 09:44:57 pm
Name: Octavia Melody
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Birth Date: September 23
Age: 20
Coat Color: Light Gray
Mane Color: Dark Gray
Eye Color: Light Purple
Cutie Mark: A Treble Clef

Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Royal cellist, Musician for hire
Personality: Moderately short tempered, but kind and caring when treated properly. A good friend, but not a social pony, preferring her own company over random interaction with others. Has a personal bias against Unicorns, particularly those living in Canterlot, for they are frequently the most judgmental and rude when it comes to her being an Earth Pony musician. Classy, but still down to Equestria.

Other info: Grew up with an older sister and a younger sister and just their mother to take care of them all; her father abandoned the family when she was 5 and her younger sister was about to be born. Her older sister moved to Fillydelphia when Octavia was 13 to try and earn some money for the family, but so far none has come, and the family is struggling. When Octavia was 16, she won a won a music competition in Canterlot, attracting enough financial attention to get her into the Royal music university, where she studied for three years, until her younger sister fell ill. She then left college, and is working in the city to try and earn enough money to supply both her own standards of living, as well as help her family.