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Title: Broadshield
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Name: Broadshield
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Age: Young Adult
Coat: Rust Red
Mane: Charcoal Black with Grey Highlights
Cute Mark: A dark red shield with grey details surrounded by crimson wings
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, (trying to) invent weapons
Abilities/Skills: Proficient in combat, use of weapons, excellent flier
Current Residence: Either Canterlot Army Barracks, or his apartment in central Canterlot Residential District
Occupation: Ex Equestrian Military Corporal, now Commander of Special Forces Group 'Equinox'
Personality: At first he is somewhat shy meeting other ponies, but is more than willing to meet new ponies. Has a strong sense of justice, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that those who hurt him, his family or friends will receive justice, which can often lead to him performing actions many would call brash.

Background Information: Before he was involved in the army, Broadshield worked at a bookstore in Canterlot. But it all changed on the day of the Changeling attack on Canterlot. In the aftermath of the attack, he saw how many ponies were hurt because of the Changelings. Even though they were blasted off to realms unknown, he had vowed revenge against the Changeling Hive, as a result, he decided to enlist in the army. He had struggled in his training, but he was always a really good flier. His drill sergeants noticed his ability in flying, as well as his skill in inventing new weapons. As such, shortly after his training, was he promoted to Corporal. After a year of service, he was asked to lead the newly formed Special Forces Group 'Equinox'. Since then, he has led countless battles against those who wish to do Equestria and its citizens harm, from smuggling rings to rebel forces to ethereal beings.

Gear Loadout: Really depends on the situation. Usually he will take his Katana into combat. He also always packs around a dozen throwing knives for ranged or silent kills. He also packs flashbang grenades as well as smoke grenades. When on missions and operations he wears Equinox standard gear, which is improved Royal Guard armour with dragon scales inserted/fitted to give maximum protection while maintaining as much mobility as possible.

With the rise of newer warfare technology, Broadshield has embraced the use of newer firearms, from assault rifles to sniper rifles and everything in between. Often Broadshield will take whatever weapons are suitable for the mission, but Broadshield would usually have either a Kriss Vector or P90 SMG, a heavily modified M4A1 or ARX-160 assault rifle, along with an M1911 or TEC-9 sidearm

What is 'Equinox'? Special Forces Group 'Equinox' was a special forces group founded by high ranking officers in the military, as well as members or royalty and parliament. The group was formed sometime after the Changeling Invasion, but were not deployed until Tirek's attack on Equestria. The group mainly specializes in dealing with international threats to Equestria, as well as dealing with acts of terror on Equestrian soil. Whenever there was a major dispute between two countries, or even the event of war, Equinox would always be the first responders.
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Updated: Gear explained. Will potentially add more about Equinox in the future.