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Title: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Airy Movement on August 09, 2015, 06:27:24 pm
Next stop: Ponyville! Please exit on the right!

Airy slowly woke up from his slumber he had fallen into when his train had left Appleoosa, which had had to be hours earlier based on the schedule he had read there. The first building of Ponyville that caught his eye, a huge clock tower, confirmed his guess.
He yawned and stretched his fore legs before releasing the brakes holding his wheelchair in place and rolling towards the closest door. Being able to sleep during a train ride was very relaxing, especially since the last nights hadn't been all that long for him. Somehow the desert's climate hadn't been one of his favourites at all.
Just moments later the train stopped right in front of the colourful building that was Ponyville's central station.

Ponyville was a lot different from most of the other cities he had visited on his journey. It was neither gray nor glamourous, neither silent nor overly loud. Rows of colourful buildings formed a perfectly harmonic image with the trees and flowers between and around them, even though there was one tall building that indeed was a little too shiny for this little town. Still, it was a town that Airy immediately got to like. All that was missing so far was a place for him to stay.
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Post by: Octavia Melody on August 11, 2015, 03:43:45 pm
The clock-tower at Ponyville station had just begun ringing out to signify the noon hour when Octavia and her new-found friend walked into the courtyard in front of the platform, chatting happily.

"You can really grow flowers from the crystal empire? Wow, they must be so pretty. I've always wanted to go there, but I never have the time or money, it seems." Octavia said, looking over at Lunar.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Lunar Bloom on August 11, 2015, 03:49:06 pm
Lunar nodded, smiling happily.

"I'll have to show you them sometime; the Lunar Shard is one of the most beautiful flowers that's ever been discovered." She said, resettling the case of flowers she had balanced on her back with her magic. She looked up at the scheduling board to see when the next train was.

"Mmm, looks like we'll be here for a little while, next train to Canterlot is at 12:30 and it's just becoming 12:00 now. Here, let's grab a seat." She said, motioning over at some of the empty benches near the train platform.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Octavia Melody on August 11, 2015, 03:52:45 pm
Octavia looked up at the board, confirming the diagnosis before glancing at the clock-tower to verify the time. There was no reason for Lunar to lie to her, but she had simply learned to double check everything ponies said, just in case. She looked over at the benches Lunar was pointing at, and with a nod, began to walk in their direction.
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Post by: Airy Movement on August 11, 2015, 06:18:43 pm
Airy watched the ponies walking around near the station for quite a while. The friendly look of Ponyville was perfectly accompanied by the ponies' happy faces. Looked like he'd like staying here for a while.
Two ponies suddenly caught Airy's eyes, a gray earth pony and a light blue unicorn mare. Okay, actually the gray one was the one Airy recognised - how couldn't he being a musician as well?
He was just about to run over and ask for an autograph when his timid side abruptly stopped him. It wasn't an unusual problem for him, he often got nervous when talking to ponies he admired. The fact that the very pony he saw now also was a mare didn't help at all though. Only his eyes followed Octavia until she sat down next to her friend.
Oh, come on, this is my chance! She's one of the best and most popular cellists of all time! Come on, I won't have that chance again anytime soon!
He took a deep breat and started walking towards the two ponies, but the closer he came, the slower he got. Now he wasn't even sure what situation to prefer - was it better if Octavia noticed him and thus kept Airy from having to start the chat or was it better if she did not notice him and how awkward he looked?
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Octavia Melody on August 11, 2015, 07:34:25 pm
If there was one sense Octavia could say she was proud of, it was her hearing. As a musician, she had learned to pick up even the tiniest imperfections in the musical balance of something. So, when out of all the sounds of hoof-falls that were falling on her ears, she suddenly started to pick up on the sound of something rolling at a decreasing pace in her direction, she couldn't help but be interested. She turned her head towards the sound, and saw a green pegasus in a wheelchair nearly stopped, looking straight at her with an odd mixture of sadness and determination on his face. She smiled warmly, waving to the stallion.

"Hello! I'm afraid if you're looking for directions, I shan't be of much help; I'm not a local, you see. My friend-" She paused, leaning over to whisper in Lunar's ear.

"Hey, are we friends now?" To which lunar nodded.

"Great. Anyway, my friend here does live in Ponyville, she can probably help." Octavia finished as though she had never stopped talking.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Airy Movement on August 12, 2015, 05:44:33 am
Once Octavia's eyes met with Airy's he immediately stopped every movement. After she even talked to him it took several seconds for Airy to reply.

"Er... hello. Actually, I'm not... or... actually... yes, I am looking for a place to stay", he babbled slowly calming down again. "I just arrived here and don't really know anything about this town. I'd be very grateful for some help indeed."
And I want an autograph, Airy added silently. And I want to talk to you about music and show you my compositions and...
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Post by: Vinyl Scratch on August 12, 2015, 05:49:00 am
Amongst the bustle of ponies exiting the station, another mare was trotting by on the other side of the street. Ever still bopping her head to the music playing through her over-sized headphones and she even deliberately made extra steps just time herself perfectly with the beats. She still had that large sack in a firm grasp of her magic behind her as well.

It took her a while - probably longer than it should have - but she finally noticed just who was standing across the street. The white mare grinned as she waved feverishly to Octavia; she didn't recognise the other two she was with but still waved to them anyway. Vinyl Scratch then trotted across enthusiastically to meet up with them and when she did she lowered her headphones to her neck; it's music still blaring out of them, something that the particular track was fitting for a rave.
"Hey guys what's crackin'?" she greeted over the electronic music, "Octi, you didn't tell me you were visiting Ponyville! You wound me." she added in jest.

((I assume that Octavia and Vinyl are good friends already?? If not I can edit it, just let me know. :) ))
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Octavia Melody on August 12, 2015, 10:40:43 am
(You should never assume anything in RP. Also, why is some of it blue? Are quotes not enough? And no, you can't edit it, that defeats the point of RP. Gotta, 'Role' with it. Huh? Huh? I'm sorry, that was awful.)

Octavia smiled warmly, she knew what it was like to try and get help from random strangers; it certainly was awkward. She opened her mouth to speak up again, when another sound cut through her focus. This time, she knew exactly what was causing it, and as her eyes shifted over to confirm the source, she sighed slightly.

"Sorry, hold on a moment, I'm certain she's going to interrupt." Octavia said, turning to greet the newcomer with a smile. Vinyl scratch, Ponyville's resident DJ and **** raver. She wasn't what Octavia would consider a bad pony, all things considered she was actually rather nice. However, her horrendous, garish excuse for music, which could always be heard in her presence, was what really got to Octavia. If she would simply turn it down around other ponies, then her popularity with Octavia would at least triple. But, asking her so was a lost cause, one that Octavia have explored several times.

"Hey guys what's crackin'?" The white mare said, ever cheerful. "Octi, you didn't tell me you were visiting Ponyville! You wound me." She continued. Octavia had to resist the urge to roll her eyes.

"Oh, not much, we were just having a conversation. I'm here on business, I'm leaving at 12:30. There, I have now told you." Octavia said, struggling to continue smiling at the well-meaning mare.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Lunar Bloom on August 12, 2015, 11:04:46 am
(I dunno, I thought it was funny.)

Lunar watched at the well known DJ of Ponyville, Vinyl Scratch, made her way up to the three of them. Lunar didn't mind her music, and didn't really care much about her as a pony; she simply never did social things, and so the only contact she had with the mare was cases like this one. She could tell, however, that Octavia was not quite as fond of her, although she was doing a stellar job hiding it, and Lunar certainly wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for her being a shopkeeper. She saw how much the stallion looked like he wanted to talk to Octavia, so she figured she would try to draw Vinyl's attention.

"Hey, Vinyl! What's up? Whatcha listening to today? And what're you carrying? Looks heavy." She said, grinning.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Airy Movement on August 12, 2015, 11:13:25 am
Another pony joined their conversation, a white unicorn mare Airy recognised as well. His father was a huge fan of Vinyl Scratch's music, but Airy somehow never had found anything interesting about it. Well, for making a crowd dance, her music was a lot better nowadays than the "old" classical music he preferred. Well, three completely different musicians meeting in one place usually was a great thing for Airy, so maybe he could make something out of it?
Wenn, but first he still needed a place to stay. Maybe the DJ unicorn could help him?

"Er, excuse me, I don't want to interrupt, but... do you know a place where I can stay for a few days?"
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Lunar Bloom on August 12, 2015, 11:26:54 am
Lunar shrugged. If he wanted to talk to Vinyl too, then there was no harm in it, and she certainly didn't need to keep up a conversation. She glanced over at the clock-tower to make sure they didn't miss the train. They still had 15 minutes left before they needed to be heading out, and Lunar looked back at the scene before her.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Vinyl Scratch on August 12, 2015, 12:42:38 pm
"Cold Octi, that's cold." Vinyl replied with a forced chuckle, "Whatever happened to those friendship practices the princesses have been preaching about? Seriously though, next time you're in town hit me up. It'll be rad to jam some time."

The mare's grin only broadened at the other's interest in her music but even more so what was in the sack, "To one of the tracks of this wicked stallion who goes by the name Skrillex. I'm getting some pretty sick ideas for my own tunes! As for what's in this baby, I'm glad you asked!"
The unicorn carefully set the bag onto the ground in the middle of the trio before rolling what was inside. The sack was then thrown up in a dramatic fashion to reveal what was underneath and on the ground was an... interesting mess arrangement of DJ Equipment strapped onto what appeared to be a wheel-less skateboard. At the top, on either end, were Decks; then a small Mixer and Controller at its centre. Underneath were large yet surprisingly flat speakers.

In her excitement Vinyl Scratch even shifted her pink sunglasses to rest above her horn, revealing her eyes, "Introducing the Wubber Board! I invented it! It's a totally awesome mix of combining music with a skateboard that will let any pony using it hover a few feet above the ground! Pretty neat right?! Here, lemme get it started..."

Her horn lit up and much to Octavia's 'delight' Ponyville was suddenly 'welcomed' with booms and rattling beats of electronic music. It was so loud that the manes and tails of the trio surrounding it even lifted up into the air from the blasts of music mixing. Windows of nearby buildings rattled within their sills and the ground vibrated slightly to the heavy base that was included in the composition. However, the only thing that the Wubber Board accomplished was just that, no hovering was involved what-so-ever. The most it managed to do on its own was to rattled on the ground a bit.

Though it wasn't heard over the music, Vinyl let out a nervous chuckle before turning it off. The momentary silence that had followed was almost deafening.
"Heh, yeah... forgot to mention that it's still a work in progress. I've been meaning to get some pony good with tinkering to help me out on how to get these wubs to make the board hover. Maybe it needs to be louder?" she added that last part as a thought she had spoken aloud. The unicorn seemed to be unaffected by sudden, atrociously loud music that was played.

The DJ's smile seemed to be endless as she looked to Airy, "Oh I know of a few motels you could stay at - one's just down that street, down the road second to your right-" Her eyes then drifted down to his Cutie Mark, "... Oooor, a fellow musician is always welcome at my place! What do you play?"
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Post by: Airy Movement on August 12, 2015, 07:12:11 pm
The white unicorn mare did seem to like talking; if he recalled correctly, she alone had said more than any of them - Octavia, her friend and him - together. But well, he definitely was the last one to complain about that since he really liked to talk a lot too - at least sometimes.
He listened to Vinyl's explainations, even though some of the words she used were totally new for Airy. When Vinyl told them that she wanted to show what all of that meant, Airy was curious - maybe a little too curious. When the music started, his ears were way too close to the speakers, and when it stopped, all he could hear was a deafening whistle in his ears that covered up any other sound around him, including the things Vinyl said afterwards.
"Well, this does sound interesting as a concept, but maybe next time you could warn me before you start the music?", Airy shouted to get over the (non-existing) noise around him.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Octavia Melody on August 12, 2015, 07:55:11 pm
Octavia groaned as Vinyl revealed her creation, mostly because of the giant speakers. As soon as the mare said 'music with a skateboard that will let any pony using it hover" Octavia realized how it worked, and while she was mildly curious, knew it was going to be unfathomably loud. She reached up and stuffed a hoof in each ear, just as the 'music' started. With her ears plugged, it was bearable, but the look of pain on the stallion's face was enough to make Octavia cringe anyway. The device didn't, however, lift off the ground. At all. Eventually, Vinyl turned it off, and Octavia breathed a sigh of relief. She started making excuses for its dysfunction, all the while the stallion stood dazed. After a few seconds, he started yelling about the volume, and she got the impression that he couldn't hear much of anything. Which had the potential to be career ruining if it became permanent. Octavia nodded in agreement with him, reinforcing his point.

"I know it doesn't matter if you can hear since that... Stuff you listen to is all the same, but if either of us losses our hearing, it's... Oh, how would you put it. Something along the lines of, 'Game Over'? Please, do be more considerate, a warning would have sufficed. His ears aren't bleeding, so I think he'll be OK, but my point still stands." Octavia huffed, annoyed that Vinyl had once again forgotten the other ponies like hearing.
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Post by: Lunar Bloom on August 12, 2015, 08:04:21 pm
Lunar Bloom was a quiet pony. She lived a quiet life, in a quiet house, with mostly quiet plants. So when she saw Octavia reach up and cover her ears out of the corner of her eye, she knew that the next few seconds of hearing were the last ones she might ever have. It seemed like slow motion as her hooves flew up to cover her ears as Vinyl reached for the switch. Beating Vinyl involved punching herself in the head, but she was certain it was better then the searing pain she managed to avoid. When the 'wubs' finally disappeared, she took her hooves away from her ears, rubbing the sore spots on her head. With a start, she remembered the 200 bits worth of sound sensitive flowers sitting next to her, and looked over in fear. They were having a hard time, although probably not as hard as the now-deaf stallion she had been talking to. They kept opening and closing, like they couldn't figure out if there was music, or not. Lunar couldn't help but chuckle once she decided there was probably no harm done.

"I've never seen orchestral flowers confused before, so I guess congratulations on that." She said, still chuckling at the poor little flowers as she looked over at Vinyl.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Vinyl Scratch on August 12, 2015, 11:34:43 pm
Vinyl's smile faltered noticeably from hearing Octavia's words, she even lowered her glasses back to her eyes as the mare cast a look to the earth pony for a while.
'And here I thought she was cooler than this.' were the thoughts running through her head. Since the snooty pony was obviously okay the DJ's attention quickly turned to the yelling stallion.

In an instant a wave of worry washed over her when the DJ realised that her Wubber Board had caused some damage, "Oh no, no! This isn't cool at all dude, I'm so sorry! I really didn't think it would be that loud... Do you need to see a doctor? Tell ya what. I'll make it up to you by making sure you get checked out and then take you on a tour around Ponyville so that you can find the best place to stay at; I'll even show you the best places to eat or even places that are pretty inspirational to just sit in. What do ya say?" she quickly apologized, then started to second-guess if he even heard any of that. So just in case, her horn lit up and some scrolls with some notes written on them and a quill were pulled out of her sack. On the back of them she quickly scribbled down what she had just said and showed it to Airy.
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Post by: Airy Movement on August 13, 2015, 03:33:15 am
Airy had no idea what Vinyl was talking about, he only knew that she obviously was very worried about him.
"It's okay, I guess", Airy replied a lot more quiet than before now that he had noticed that he was the only one hearing the C-sharp stunning his ears. "It's getting better already."
Only then he saw that Vinyl had written down something, probably her earlier words. He read them quickly and realised that the first part basically was what he had guessed. The second part however was a very different one.
"Thanks for the offer", Airy replied, "but I don't think that a tour today would be such a good idea. I think I'll come back to you tomorrow when I can even hear you again. I'd really appreciate your help finding a room though."
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Post by: Octavia Melody on August 13, 2015, 02:15:08 pm
For the first time since she had met the mare, Vinyl actually looked annoyed. Octavia sighed, resting her head on a hoof. Octavia wasn't sure when she started judging ponies so heavily based on what they liked or disliked, and she felt bad about how she had been treating Vinyl, who really didn't deserve it.

"Look, Vinyl. I'm sorry I've been so rude today. I've had a bad day, and I'm just a bit annoyed with life, but it's not fair to take it out on you. I'm sorry your invention doesn't work yet, it sounded like a pretty cool idea. Just... Maybe when you have ponies test-drive it, perhaps a pair of earplugs?" Octavia finished with a slight giggle, trying to show she wasn't really mad at Vinyl. Yes, she should have been more considerate, but everypony makes accidents, and listening to the stallion, it didn't seem like there was permanent damage done. She knew personally how painful it was when you open yourself and your ideas up to ponies you trust, and they respond hurtfully.
Title: Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
Post by: Vinyl Scratch on August 14, 2015, 11:55:04 am
The unicorn raised a brow and glanced at the mare change her tune so suddenly and to the polar opposite to how she was behaving before. Right now she really wasn't sure what to make of her and she was wandering maybe if she was putting on an act or not while making what sounded like a list of excuses. Having said that, Vinyl Scratch wasn't one for dwelling on drama and more for having a good time; focusing on the positives that make ponies happy. So she shrugged and said in a simple and uncharacteristically indifferent tone, "Sure, thanks Octi. I just hope your day improves."

After hearing the stallion she changed her tune to a more cheerful one - if not relieved, "Ah, awesome dude and I totally get it, no worries. Why don't you come with me and I can show you some places that you might want to chill out at - oh, I forgot. Heh." she began before remembering that he might still not catch everything she said and quickly scribbled that onto the remaining scrolls. She then showed it to him, waved a hoof and started to walk towards the nearest, modest hotel.
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Post by: Airy Movement on August 15, 2015, 04:37:05 am
Since Airy had no idea what Octavia and Vinyl were talking about, he tried to read at least a little bit of it from their faces. Octavia didn't look mad any more, which really seemed to be a relief for Vinyl. The white unicorn now also started talking to Airy again, but before he could react and tell her that he still didn't hear anything, she started writing it down.
Before he followed Vinyl he turned around to Octavia and her friend (whose name he still hadn't been told).
"Er... I guess I'll be going then. Have a nice day!", he said loudly before he remembered that he was the only one t hear nothing. "Oh, sorry, I... well... yeah, have a nice day."