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Title: Music Is Magic (and other pieces by Naturematthe)
Post by: Airy Movement on August 10, 2015, 11:16:52 am
Hello everypony,

if you happen to have read my character sheet, you may have noticed that Airy Movement isn't just a musician but also a composer. I wouldn't have given him that ability if I weren't able to write something for him though. So... here's what I composed so far.

Most of my pieces are written for classical instruments, especially ones you find in an orchestra. The ones linked here are only the more recent and pony-based ones, but if you are interested in the rest, feel free to visit my YouTube channel.

Music Is Magic

My Little Pony - Music Is Magic (YouTube) (
My Little Pony: Music Is Magic (SoundCloud) (

"My Little Pony: Music Is Magic" is an orchestral medley based on every song from the first two seasons of Friendship Is Magic. (Okay, two songs are missing because I had no idea where to put them. These are "Happy Monthaversary" and "Oink Oink Oink" from S02E13.)
I became a brony in September 2011 and quicky fell in love with the songs, especially "Winter Wrap-Up" and "At The Gala". In November I wrote the beginning of "Music Is Magic" and decided to include songs from Season 2 as well. Still it would take me two more years after the end of Season 2 to finish the longest and biggest piece in my life. Just before Season 4 ended in May 2014, Music Is Magic was finished.
Can you name all of the songs in the right order?

Lyra Heartstrings

Lyra Heartstrings (YouTube) (
Lyra Heartstrings (SoundCloud) (

"Lyra Heartstrings" was the first bigger piece I composed after Music Is Magic. To match Lyra's cutie mark, the main instrument in this piece is the harp, a close relative of the lyra.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia (YouTube) (
Princess Celestia (SoundCloud) (

I wrote "Princess Celestia" not long after finishing "Lyra Heartstrings". It is based on two themes that are rather popular amongst bronies: the fanfare from "Cutie Mark Chronicles" that can be heard when young Twilight watches Celestia raise the sun and the fan song "Luna" by Eurobeat Brony.

A Winter Day in Equestria

A Winter Day in Equestria (YouTube) (
A Winter Day in Equestria (SoundCloud) (

Well, I can't tel much more than the title does... so feel free to write down what you see and feel when listening to this piece^^


Canterlot (YouTube) (
Canterlot (SoundCloud) (

Same as above... listen for yourself^^
Title: Re: Music Is Magic (and other pieces by Naturematthe)
Post by: Octavia Melody on August 11, 2015, 01:36:44 am
Dude, you're incredible! I really loved the first piece, although I couldn't name nearly as many as I thought I could. I really thought I heard 'Morning in Ponyville' But that's season 3, so I'm only a little confused. XD But seriously, amazing work.

Edit: After another run I realized it was the CMC's search for 'A perfect stallion.'