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Title: Jabira
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Name: Jabira
Race: Dragon (Dune Devil)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Jabiraís scales are golden and and her eyes are a bright, ruby-red. She has a feathery crest and sharp spines all down her neck, back, and tail, which ends in spikes. She has large leathery wings, and her wing membranes, feathers, and spines are all a pale gold. She also has pale gold markings on her face, three jagged stripes accompanied by dots under her eyes, on both sides of her head. Her teeth are extremely sharp and needle-like. She is of average size for a female Dune Devil, as the top of Princess Celestiaís head would reach Jabiraís shoulder. Lithe and graceful, she is considered quite beautiful by her breedís standards.

Personality: Though calm, wise, and respectful- even gentle- on the surface, this is only one side of Jabiraís unpredictable personality. She is easily offended and angered, and her reaction to an insult could be anywhere from masking her anger with humor to immediately attempting to kill the transgressor. Though these actions may seem frighteningly random, Jabira is actually quite intelligent and there is a complex line of reasoning behind everything she does.

When you do catch her in a good mood, she can be kind and helpful. Get on her bad side, however, and she is volatile, haughty, and selfish. Throughout all her moods, she keeps a distinct sense of detachment, viewing others' and her own actions as moves in some sort of game, as opposed to being motivated by emotion. She is also extremely possessive and fascinated with treasure.

Biography: Jabira was born across the sea from Equestria, in the Great Desert. She was a strong, healthy hatchling, and the only one of her clutch to survive the first few days in the harsh desert. She quickly grew into a fierce juvenile and was run out by her parents, charged with finding a territory of her own. Though many young dragons would be content with a smaller territory, Jabira set her sights on the prize- an enormous area at the fringes of the desert, where prey was plentiful (as plentiful it could get in the desert, anyway) and ruled over by a large, battle-hardened male.

The fight that followed Jabira's challenge lasted many hours. She finally realized that she couldn't win this battle through brute strengthÖ But she was smart. If she couldn't beat her opponent through traditional means, she knew she'd have to win it through trickery. She started fighting half-heartedly, letting the male think he was tiring her, before she pretended to collapse from exhaustion. When he approached her to finish her off, Jabira surprised him and leapt onto him with unrivaled ferocity. This daring move worked, and she successful killed the male and and claimed his territory and hoard. Hundreds of years passed, and Jabira fought off many challengers, often using her cunning instead of her strength to win, and amassed an enormous bone hoard. Her reputation grew, as did her pride, and she was happy.

One day a small trade caravan made the mistake of attempting to cross through Jabiraís territory. They were swiftly slaughtered, but in an armored wagon, she found something: a large fire ruby. She had never seen anything so beautiful, and from that day on, Jabira was obsessed. She searched every inch of her desert territory to find more jewels, but it was in vain. The only valuables she had access to were the ones carried by the more foolish ponies that entered her domain. And that wasnít enough for Jabira. However, before she had attacked that first caravan, she had heard where they had obtained the gorgeous ruby, and that name was always in the back of Jabiraís mind.

Finally, Jabiraís greed became too much; if she could not find precious jewels in her territory, sheíd have to abandon it and go somewhere that did have them. Leaving her long-time home, Jabira flew for many days and nights. Finally, she reached her destination, a land of deep forests, sprawling deserts, rolling hills, and, most importantly, mountains filled with gems: Equestria.

Jabira currently lives at the base of a mountain in the center of the San Palomino desert. She has a massive hoard of bones from her prey mixed with gems she has mined from the mountain. As far as she can tell, no other Dune Devils live in the desert, and so she feels safe leaving her hoard and territory for several days at a time. She enjoys exploring Equestria, and though she mostly feeds on wild animals, occasionally ponies go missing from small towns when Jabira visits. She only occasionally lets herself be seen and avoids the territories of other dragons she comes across, as she has a home of her own and is not one to go looking for needless fights. If she sees a dragon itself, however, Jabira will often make herself known and attempt to talk with them. She is more social than most Dune Devils, and misses her neighbors and their territorial scuffles back at her old home.

Strengths: Jabira has the raw strength of a dragon, along with the venom and poisonous saliva characteristic of Dune Devils. She is very patient and can move incredibly quickly in short bursts. She has great stamina and can fly or walk long distances without tiring, and has the heightened senses of most dragons. Her greatest asset, however, is her intelligence. She is strategic and cunning, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Weaknesses: Jabira cannot run or fly very quickly for more then a few moments, nor can she swim. One of her weaknesses is her obsession with treasure, which makes her susceptible to bribes and her wanton greed can occasionally lead her to making simple mistakes. She also does not understand emotion the way most ponies and dragons do, and as a result, can sometimes find it difficult to predict what they will do or grasp basic concepts of what motivates them.

Voice: Tinker Bell (played by Rose McIver) from the television series Once Upon A Time. (

More About Dune Devils: (Entry written by Korsy of My Little RP: Writing is Magic)

The Basics and Mindset
Ah, time to discuss one of the very rare dragon breed it seems.

So the breed, referred to as Dune Devils by locals, which I can totally understand, is a venomous breed of dragon. They live in extremely large territories and are very territorial, even more than most dragons. This breed is from the arid deserts over the eastern ocean of Equestria, meaning that expeditions there aren't a leisure. The desert is a very hostile environment and therefore it seems that not many of them survive, as we have found several skeletons around.

From what weíve been able to deduce, these are on the smaller of dragons, with Celestia consistently reaching the shoulder of the beasts. They are very pale in their appearance so they can blend into their surroundings. Due to their home these predator arenít picky about their prey. They will eat practically anything they can find. On another note, these creatures donít hoard treasure in the same way as most dragons. With the lack of gems in the desert, we have managed to locate enormous piles of bones, and then had to run as the devils returned. Anyway, this practice might work to show how good Dune Devils are at hunting and surviving. We still donít know if they do anything with the bones after having acquired them.

As stated before, these dragons are very territorial even for dragon standards. When studying other dragon breeds, we know that they donít like intruders on their territory, but some of them have been known to study the intruder before making a move. With the Dune Devils not so much, this breed will try and kill without mercy. That being said they have been observed showing respect to other dragons when not in their territory, at least until one of the other dragons did something wrong and the Dune Devil leaped at it and broke its neck, so so much for that respect I guess.

Abilities and Combat
First thing to know is that this breed, is that it is venomous at both long and short range. Get within 20 ft. (609 cm.) and you are within the danger zone. This is because the devils donít breath fire, but spit venom at their enemies, the same venom found in their bites. Through some sort of miracle we managed to acquire a small sample of said poison and let me tell you, that it is potent. It is able to enter through the skin and contains several neurotoxins. This means it blocks the ability for the brain to communicate with the body, leading to muscular failure and eventual cardiac arrest. Because of an accident within the lab, we have learned that it can kill the target within the space of three minutes.

They also possess incredible speed in short bursts. When they hunt, they burrow themselves in the sand, cover themselves, and then wait for the prey. Once the prey gets close enough, sadly we lost a local guide, they leap out and grab and drag the target back down with it. Despite this we have noted them moving and flying slower than other breeds; however, we have concluded that they are very efficient flyers. Even with our best pegasus tracker, it managed to out fly him and we lost track of it. We have also concluded that the Dune Devils don't need much water to survive. Considering their habitat, the need for large quantities of water would be a death sentence.

When it comes to combat the engagement varies depending on what breed they face. If facing one of its own, the venom is useless, as they are immune to it. Combat revolves around the two combatants slowly circling while preparing to make their move. Once the move is made, the combat consists of a series of quick jabs and snaps before they return to their slow circling. The one that is victorious is the one that can rip the other to shreds.

When combating other breeds, as rare as it is, the combat is varied. The Devil will try to poison the opposition but it is obvious that it isnít as effective. It can kill them, but it seems that it either takes much longer or that the dragons are able to purge it from their system and suffer severe sickness instead of dying. That fact is enough to make the battles very different depending on the breeds facing the Devils. As the Dune Devils possess incredible speed in combat, they are usually the first to strike.

Preferred Habitat
The Dune Devils prefer to live in the arid deserts, if their name wasnít a dead giveaway. Anyway, they tend to stay clear of water bodies, as it appears they lack the ability to swim. Something we were quite happy to discover as we crossed a deep river to escape one, only to be terrified when we remembered that it could still fly. Be advised that the devils have huge territories, even larger than most other dragons. This is likely due to the scarce food supply, but it is something to keep in mind if you want to travel in the eastern desert. Though, in that case, you should probably also visit a psychiatrist because you are clearly mad if you think that is is a good idea.

How To Deal With Them?
Okay, in this case you need to keep clear of them. If you get too close, youíre dead. You should be able to outrun them. Especially if you can fly too. If you encounter one try to use itís slow travel speed and distaste of water to your advantage. I donít know how you would use water in a desert, but it is a possibility. Otherwise I can only advise to run, and keep running. Once you are out of itís territory, it will cease its pursuit.