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Title: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on November 10, 2015, 09:35:42 pm
Foxtrot's eyes slowly open as the rays of the sun reach him, the chirping of birds and crickets offer a natural alarm as he begins to wake. "Uhhh.... what?" He lifts his head, looking around to find himself on the edge of a forest; grabbing his head as a surge of discomfort overwhelms him. His whole body ached, a severe migraine following right after; the dizziness of this all doesn't get any better though. His stomach catches his attention, the student suddenly rolling over to vomit. After that something even worse obtains his focus; dangling from his neck was the end piece of a noose. Foxtrot's eyes widen as he sees the rope connected to the large branch above him. "What the f..." Getting up, he tries to pull the rope off, but to no avail. A set of numbers on his forearm is spotted, leading him to find not only another set on his other arm, but various bruises and lipstick marks all over his body. Clothing was lacking though, Fox only sporting socks, boxers and a tattered CHS shirt that he doesn't even own. "Alright Fox, deep breaths..." He looks around to find himself alone, only a large grouping of footprints leading out. "Ok, what do you remember? Wake up, school, home, dinner, shower, Niv's college party, some drinks..." A gasp exits his mouth as he recalls one final thing, "the worm... Damn it! Oh I can't remember anything after!" Taking a deep breath, Foxtrot simply decides to follow the trail. After several minutes of walking he reaches a clearing leading to a small park, several treadmarks dot the once pristine grass surrounding a playset. "Well, let's try to get home... and some pants."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Agilene on November 21, 2015, 02:02:21 am
The slamming of fists and feet on a hanging sandbag. That was all Agilene heard and felt the past few minutes. For what seemed like hours, she had been hanging around the local park's playground, doing her usual morning workout. Running laps, high jumping, and hitting a sandbag; A routine she's kept since her early teen years.

After a series of swings from her hands and knees, Agilene holds the sandbag still, and decides to take a break. Satisfied by another tense workout, she takes a sip from her half empty water bottle, and begins packing up her things to head home. Upon leaving the grounds, however, she notices someone walking towards the playset. A guy wearing boxers, socks, a torn up shirt, and noose tied around his head? Either this was the beginning of a real life horror movie, or this is a normal occurance in the park. Agilene leaned towards the latter. Not knowing where to start, she lifts a finger that points to him, and lets out an "umm..."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on November 21, 2015, 03:07:57 pm
Foxtrot's attention is drawn to Agilene as she points to him, a slight sense of embarrassment taking hold. "Oh hi there!" he says casually. "Sorry for my uh... appearance. I got into a bit of a crazy night and I can't really remember it all." He looks around the playground for any familiar clothing. "You haven't seen any pants around, have you?"
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Agilene on November 22, 2015, 02:14:46 am
Her head turns left and right as she pretends to find a pair of pants lying somewhere on the ground. Lacking results from her supposed search, Agilene shrugs. Picking up her gym bag, she asks Foxtrot, "Will you feel better if you explain everything from the beginning?" Noticing the dirt on him, she reaches for her towel hidden deep in her bag. After finding it, she tosses it to Foxtrot, "Clean yourself up while you're at it too."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on November 22, 2015, 05:29:37 pm
Metal walked slowly through the park, trying to get over his splitting headache as he pieced together the events of the night. Okay, so I was out with Neon...we had just finished our gig...then this guy shows up, tries to fight Neon, then leaves. Metal thought to himself with a degree of difficulty die to his hangover. Not realising where he was going, Metal tripped over a sandbag. As he got up, he started to speak. "Ouch...gotta start looking where I'm walking..." Metal looked up and saw some girl he didn't know, and the guy who had tried to fight Neon. That is, without the clothes he was wearing at the time. "Oh, this is EXACTLY what I wanted this morning." Ocean said sarcastically. "Another encounter with this guy."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on November 22, 2015, 10:22:04 pm
"Thanks." Foxtrot says as he catches the towel and begins cleaning himself up. "Lets see... my sis and I went to the nearby college for a party. There were... refreshments that I helped myself to, things were going smoothly until I took a bottle of what I believe to be tequila. After I started drinking that things get a bit fuzzy." He looks over to Metal as he trips on the sandbag and gets up. "Yo dude, you alright? Wait... have we met before? You look familiar."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on November 22, 2015, 10:40:59 pm
Metal walked straight up to Foxtrot and poked him in the chest. "You tried to start a fight with my friend Neon, after our gig last night, then left after you realised he wasn't gonna fight." Metal took a step back, and started to speak again. "I was looking for a fight this morning, but tequila does some crazy things to people."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Agilene on November 23, 2015, 01:10:24 am
Agilene noticed the attitude Metal had towards Fox. Having an itch on what their fued will result in, she rolled her eyes, and stepped in between them. "I am not one to allow unnecessary blood to shed," she warned with an uncaring tone. "Either you two settle your issues in a civil manner, or you have a third person."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on November 23, 2015, 03:45:15 pm
"Even if I did start a fight here, it wouldn't be worth it. This guy probably doesn't remember me, and I have a splitting hangover." Metal took his sunglasses off and cleaned them as he spoke. "So, instead, I'm probably gonna go find Neon, and see if his head hurts as bad as mine."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on November 23, 2015, 09:57:49 pm
Foxtrot scratches the back of his head, a weak smile forming on his face. "Yea... Sorry about that dude. I wish I could recall that. If you see your friend Neon, tell him I wasn't exactly myself; no hard feelings. Speaking of hard feelings..." He reaches up and tries to pull the noose around his neck up over his head. "It looks like that's the case with someone I ran into last night. What the hell happened for this to be around my neck?" Unfortunately he's unable to pull it off; with a sigh he lets go of it and lets it droop from his neck.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on November 23, 2015, 10:22:58 pm
Tinder lays on her back on a near by bench, a paper bag covered bottle resting on her chest. She had finally been getting some sleep until some people gathered in the park and started talking like this, which isn't helping her splitting headache from her little night out last night. She groans slightly and grabs the bottle off her chest and tosses it in the garbage can next to the bench, it seems like she's done this more then once. She slowly rolls and opens one eye to look at the people talking near her, spotting the fact that one of them is lacking pants. She kind of remembers something about picking up pants last night, she looks down as she feels the soft thing under her head and realizes that she had used pants as a pillow. Taking a second before slowly moves to stand, fixing her old ratty tee-short and shorts before slowly making her way over to that group, holding her head in pain. She tosses the pants at Fox, "I think those are yours."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Agilene on November 24, 2015, 12:33:32 am
Agilene crosses her arms, feeling somewhat satisfied of the results. "That leaves two less bodies with broken bones." Suddenly, she notices a girl in tattered clothing walking up to the three. In her hand were a pair of pants. After she tosses them to Fox, Agilene grinned. "See? You even got your pants."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on November 24, 2015, 12:23:18 pm
"Awesome! Thanks!" Foxtrot shouts as he catches his jeans, putting them on as fast as possible. "Yes! One obstacle down! Ok, let's see what I still have..." He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet, opening it he finds a strange form of foreign currency. "Ah great, money I can't use. And my ID is gone... crap. Everything else seems to be in order..." Putting away his wallet he retrieves his cell phone and attempts to turn it on; unfortunately the battery is dead, the screen still blank. "Ugh, gotta charge it." After taking a deep breath he puts away his phone, "No worries, just gotta find a charger."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on November 25, 2015, 03:55:43 am
Metal pulled a charger out of his laptop bag, and offered it to Foxtrot. "This should work, but you still need a plug."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on November 25, 2015, 04:17:18 pm
Tinder listens to their conversation, rubbing her head to try to ease the headache. When she hears he needs somewhere to plug his phone in she speaks again, "There's a motel near by that lets me charge my phone in their lobby, I'm sure they wouldn't mind you charging your phone there."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Agilene on November 26, 2015, 02:00:21 am
"If you need someone to call, I can lend you my phone." Agilene points a thumb back, "There is also a pay phone back there too."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on November 27, 2015, 09:28:32 am
"Thanks guys, all of you." Foxtrot says as he takes the charger. "I really appreciate it. If anything I'm gonna head to the motel and get this charged up. Nothing urgent is happening so I'll hold off on calling anyone right now." Placing the phone in his pocket he takes a deep breath and scratches his head. "Alright, off to the motel!" An awkward moment of silence passes before he looks over to Tinder, "Uh, I don't know exactly where it is. Can you lead to the way?"
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on November 27, 2015, 01:08:02 pm
Tinder scratches her back as she nods, she winces as she scratches a spot and looks at her hand to see blood on it. She just shrugs and looks at him, "Sure, I can take you there. Just let me get my bag, I left it by the bench." Tinder turns around and heads towards the bench she had slept on last night to get her bag. On the back of her shirt there is a rip about 2 inches long, around the rip there seems to be a nice bit of dried and fresh blood. Her night out wasn't all that pleasant either by the looks of that.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Agilene on November 30, 2015, 03:43:36 pm
"I'm still surprised how you ended up with a noose around your neck all the way out here." Agilene comments as she eyes the rope, "No matter, what's done is done."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 03, 2015, 10:19:30 pm
Foxtrot nods as he lets the noose hang loose around his neck, "Yea, I guess you're right." Glancing over his shoulder he notices the tears on Tinder's back. 'I guess I'm not the only one with a rough night.' He steps away the thought for later and focuses on the towel still in his possession. Walking over to her he taps her shoulder and offers the somewhat used towel, "Hey, did you need this? It looks like you have some abrasions on your back."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 03, 2015, 10:28:31 pm
Tinder grabs her bag and turns to face Foxtrot as he speaks, she looks at the towel in his hand and shrugs. "Nah, it's fine. Only a bit of a slice I think, I'll be fine. Plus, there is first aid stuff at the hotel, I can deal with it there." She reaches back to touch the wound again and looks at the blood on her hand, "I mean, it's not too bad, is it?" If anyone is to look at it, they will see that is is quite bad. Looks like a slash from a knife at a glance. She may have gotten into a nice bit more trouble then even she remembers.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 06, 2015, 07:17:04 pm
Foxtrot slightly cringed when she asks the question. "Let me tell you; coming from a guy who walked out of a forest with no pants, it looks bad." He still holds out the towel for her, "Trust me, you need it."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 06, 2015, 09:23:36 pm
Tinder listens to him and nods, realizing that it might be much worse then she thinks it is, "Maybe I will take that towel then." She takes the towel from him and presses it against her wound to try to slow the bleeding a bit, "Thanks man, guess I should take you to the motel." She tosses her bag over her shoulder and turns to look at all of them, waiting to see whose coming with her. Continuing to hold the towel to her back, figuring it might help contain the bleeding until she can get to the motel.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on December 07, 2015, 08:04:03 am
Metal massages his head, trying to elleviate some of the throbbing pain. While doing this, he keeps an eye on Foxtrot, not letting his charger get out of his line of sight.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 13, 2015, 10:27:18 pm
Tinder takes a second to tie the towel around her so she doesn't have to be holding it the whole walk there, She fixes her bag and turns back to face the road. Starting the 5 minute walk to the motel, figuring that whoever is going to follow her will so she doesn't need to ask. She just wants to get to the motel, get some bandages and clean clothes and let Foxtrot charge his phone.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 13, 2015, 11:29:40 pm
As the group approaches the motel, Foxtrot goes ahead and opens the door for the rest to enter. The motel seems pretty standard and casual in its environment, several customers and staff going about their business. A tv in the corner of the lobby sits in front of several sofas and chairs. The news is playing, a subtle ambience to their surrounding mixed with the chit chat of the inhabitants as well. "Well, here we are. Thanks for getting us here Tinder. Hopefully some answers can be found."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 17, 2015, 05:51:35 pm
As the enter the receptionist behind the desk looks up at them, smiling and waving as he notices Tinder in the group. He waves them over and chuckles a bit at the state of them all, "I see you brought friends today, Tinder."

She just smirks at him and nods, leaning on the counter a bit as they talk. "Yeah, seems like we all had a bit of a rough night. Fox here needs to charge his phone, is it alright if he does it here?"

He nods a couple times and comes out from behind the counter, "Sure, over by the TV there is a place you can charge your phone. Oh, Tinder, I washed all the clothes you left in the room you last used, and I saw a hoodie on sale the other day that looked your size so I bought it for you. I'll go grab it from the linen room, and I'll grab the first aid kit, since it looks like you need it." He quickly wanders off towards the linen room for a bit.

Tinder just giggles at him and makes her way over towards the sofas by the TV, expecting the group to follow behind her. She plops down on the sofa and points at the sofa closest to the outlet for Fox.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on December 17, 2015, 06:18:40 pm
Metal stumbled through the door clutching his head. As he gazed around the room, he sighed. "Been a while since I've been here." Metal said as he reminisced on the rooftop concert where Metal and Neon first met. Metal walked over to where Tinder was sitting, and threw himself onto the couch, practically sinking into the padding. "Ohh man, so good to be off my feet." Metal sighed as he watched Foxtrot.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 22, 2015, 09:20:20 pm
Foxtrot walks over to the sofa and takes a seat, plugging the charger and phone in as he stretches and relaxes a bit. He once again tries to remove the noose from his neck, but once again he fails to do so. "Dang it. Hopefully this thing charges fast."

After a set of commercials, the news resumes with a new story, the anchorwoman of course showing a perky smile. "And in today's news, a local college student makes quite an impression on campus." The camera footage switches over to a college party out on their yards, a makeshift stage and band playing in the background as Foxtrot is seen front and center. He still has his clothes on and there was no noose around his neck.

"We need some rock music, to save children's music!" the obviously intoxicated student says as he nods over to the band. Current Foxtrot looks at his past self and facepalms, burying his face in both hands as he hears himself on tv. "And it's not like bands like Metallica should be knocking; they don't have kids. Play some kids stuff, it'll be awesome."

Before it goes any further, the news achor's voice is heard over the audio, "He goes on to singing several common kid's songs with a metal themed voice. Although this was surely for kicks, he's received plenty of support from the colleges around the area. Several songs compiling these nursery rhymes with different genres of music have now started to sprout throughout the state."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 23, 2015, 03:07:02 pm
Tinder looks over at the TV as the news story comes on, starting to giggle loudly as soon as she sees Fox. "Looks like you had a pretty good night." She moves to get more comfy on the couch, wincing a bit as she does so.

A second later the man from the reception desk makes his way over to them, first aid kit and a folded up hoodie in hand. He glances at the TV as he gets there and then looks at Fox, "Nice." He lays down the first aid kit and pops it open, grabbing everything he needs to fix up Tinder's back, before sitting down next to her. "Oh, there is Advil in there for you guys if you need it, and I think there is a pocket knife in there that you can cut that noose with."

Tinder looks at the hoodie he brought out and takes it from him, opening it up and chuckling a little. Folding it back up as she speaks, "Thanks, Dom." She turns a bit so her back is facing him and lets him clean and patch the wound, "And yeah, there should be Advil in there, I restocked it a couple days ago after I used it all."

Dom smiles at her as he works at cleaning the cut, "Glad you like the hoodie Tinder, and thanks for restocking that thing, especially since you're the only one that uses it around here."

Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on December 24, 2015, 01:50:09 pm
Metal looks at Foxtrot in shock. "Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. That was YOU! Oh my god it's all anyone is talking about in the music forums. And I goddamn know the guy now. This is absolutely brilliant. SO gonna brag about it to Neon later." he said, before falling back into the semi-comatose state he was in before.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 24, 2015, 11:04:24 pm
"Ugh you got to be kidding me." Foxtrot replies as he looks back up. "This is so embarrassing, I don't even remember many kids songs either."

The scene on the news switches over to something more serious, the tone in the reporter much more stern. "In other news, local crime boss Tommy Verceti released a statement today. It's in regards to an unknown individual who foiled a large exchange of narcotics and weapons. Sources say the funds to secure the exchange have been stolen. No word from law enforcement yet as to how they will handle the situation."

Foxtrot sighs as he looks over to the tv, "Well at least I'm not that guy. Anyways, let's see if my phone is good to go." Looking over, he finds it halfway charged, "Ok, I can at least turn it on while it's charging." Turning it on, Foxtrot waits for his device to start up.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 25, 2015, 12:53:29 pm
Dom reaches over to the first aid kit as he finishes cleaning Tinder's wound, grabbing the advil and tossing it to Metal, and grabbing the pocket knife and tossing it to Fox, "You two look like you need those." He looks at the TV as he starts threading a sterilised needle, looking back at Tinder as he hears this, "That wasn't you, right?"

Tinder shakes her head a couple times, "Nope, wasn't me. I would remember doing that." She looks back at Dom to smile at him before seeing the needle in his hand and shaking her head as she goes to stand up, "No no, you know I don't like stitches."

Dom sighs a bit and puts his hand on her shoulder to keep her from standing and hurting herself, "Yes, I know you don't like stitches but you need them. It's your own fault for going out and getting stabbed. So just calm down hon, I know what I'm doing."

Tinder frowns and nods slowly, stopping her squirming. "Fine." She sits still and watches the TV, letting Dom stitch the wound. She seems fairly unfazed by the process, she's had to do this many times before it seems.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on December 26, 2015, 08:07:48 pm
Metal grabbed two of the Advil and swallowed them. "Ugh. I hope my head clears up soon." Metal growls. "So what does everyone have planned for later?"
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 26, 2015, 10:53:26 pm
"I still gotta find out what happened to my sister." Foxtrot answers as he looks over to his phone. Thankfully, it shows itself as fully charged and ready to go. He unplugs the charger and turns on the phone, passing the charger to Metal, "Thanks again by the way. Now let's see... uh huh... 25 missed calls, all from numbers I don't recognize... Photos of OH!" Foxtrot takes a deep breath and taps a few buttons, "Nothing at all. More pics that I will keep because they are awesome. Now text messages... Well then..." Foxtrot puts the phone down and looks at the others, "Uh... how can I say this? I am screwed in more ways than one."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 26, 2015, 11:09:49 pm
Tinder looks over at Fox and raises a brow, "Yeah? Why, what happened man? Something on that phone clearly isn't very good." As she finishes her sentence she winces and glares back at Dom.

Dom continues working at the stitches and just sighs, "Stop moving and this won't take as long."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 28, 2015, 10:35:26 pm
Foxtrot puts his phone down and looks over to Tinder, "Well other than some embarrassing photos I had to delete, I may have run into some trouble. Mostly involving a certain crime boss and his money. What's worse is that he knows it's me, and he tested me saying he's got something of mine. But I have no idea what it could be. I mean I have everyth- oh no." A sense of dread overwhelms him as he quickly returns to his phone and frantically scrolls through his messages.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on December 29, 2015, 07:25:47 am
Metal looks at Foxtrot in shock. "Oh dude, you must have had one hell of a rager last night." Metal said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Creating a new trend of music, arguments at bars, screwing up the plans of a mob boss, and a hell of a lot of photos. I kinda wish I had a night like that."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on December 29, 2015, 02:11:44 pm
Tinder picks up her own bag and grabs her phone from it, wondering if the contents of her phone will enlighten her to what happened last night. "You sure it was him and not just some prank or something? Because if that is him then you're in a whole lot of trouble, I've dealt with his people before, they are really not a nice group of people." She scrolls through her phone to see what's there, stopping at a video that she didn't remember and tapping the play button. Her phone bursts to life with the sound of what sounds like a fight, "Huh...oh, well then. Don't remember getting it that fight, but it looks like I won. I didn't get stabbed there, so goodness knows what happened for me to get this. How many fights did I get into last night?"

Dom peeks over her shoulder to watch the video before shaking his head, "You really need to stop drinking so much." He finishes the stitches and just starts bandaging it over to keep it clean.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on December 31, 2015, 03:58:42 pm
"Sh!t, this can't be happening." Foxtrot says with extreme concern. He types a number and waits as it rings; after a few rings it picks up, "Niv, Niv! Are you ok?"

"Hey there buddy." a foreign voice says over the speaker. "How was your night?"

"Is this-" Foxtrot begins to ask before being cut off.

"Good ol Tommy, yup." the voice says with a chuckle. "I believe you have something some of mine."

Foxtrot takes a deep breath, "Look Tommy I-"

"SHUT UP!" Tommy screams, being heard throughout the lobby. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU COST ME!? MONTHS OF HARD WORK WASTED BECAUSE OF YOUR BULLSH!T!" The room is silent as they hear this, all eyes focusing on the group. Tommy takes a deep breath and continues, "But I'm not worried, not one bit. Because you're going to fix it, and I have just the motivator for ya. Say hello sweetie..."

After a moment of silence, Nivalia's voice is heard through the phone, light sobbing and whimpering proceeding. "Fox? Is that you?"

Foxtrot gets up, bringing the phone closer, "Niv! Are you ok? Where are you?"

"I don't know. Fox, I'm scared." Nivalia answers, her voice trembling with fear.

Before she can continue, the crime boss chimes in again, "And that's all the time we have for now. Look kid, you bring me my money, and Niv here gets home safe, deal?"

"Alright, alright." Foxtrot answers, "W-where do I go?"

"I'll txt you the address." Tommy replies, "Get there by 1am sharp. I'll include the total amount in the message as well. See you then." As the phone hangs up Foxtrot falls back to his seat.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on January 04, 2016, 04:59:06 pm
Tinder looks over at the phone with wide eyes as the conversation goes on, realizing the seriousness of the situation. As the conversation finishes Tinder shakes her head a couple times, "Oh man, that's really really not good. He's not one to bluff about stuff like this." She makes sure Dom is done bandaging her and then puts her new hoodie on. (This is the image on it, ) She looks back at Fox, "I really hope you have that money you stole, because otherwise you are gonna be in a whole lot more trouble then you are now."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on January 06, 2016, 08:06:59 pm
Foxtrot plops the phone next to him and puts his face in his hands, "Ah sh!t... I'm done partying for a long while, like a week should do. Perhaps two weeks tops. Ok, ok I can handle this. I just have to find out how much I owe and see if it matches how much I have. If it's less... then do something about it and then pay Tommy the money." With a sigh he leans back on his seat and looks up at the ceiling. A moment later his phone chimes, Foxtrot plucking it up and looking at the screen, "Ok, I got the address... And I owe... a million euros? What the- why euros!?"
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Tinder on January 07, 2016, 07:00:01 pm
Tinder turns to face him as she hears that number, she's honestly a little impressed that she managed to steal that much while drunk. She leans back on the couch as she tries to think, "Alright, so you need a million euros. How much do you have now, is it anywhere close?" She scratches at the bandages on her back, getting annoyed with them already. "If you don't have enough I can try to help, I can steal some stuff and help you find where you managed to loose that much money."

Dom notices her scratching at the bandages, lightly grabbing her hand and moving it away from the bandages. He just worked that hard to stitch and bandage that wound, he doesn't want her busting the stitches.
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on January 08, 2016, 06:12:13 am
Metal leans in from where he was sitting with a frown. "A million euros, eh? That's a lotta cash. I reckon I can help you pay it off if your a bit short though. I have a bit of saved money that was for a pet project of mine, but I can handle a few delays. Should be the equivalent of about a thousand euros in there." Metal get up and pulls out his phone, converting the amount of money in his account to euros. With a grin he turned to Foxtrot. "Would you look at that. I have twice as much as I thought. In any case, I'm happy to help if need be."
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Foxtrot on January 08, 2016, 10:25:23 pm
Foxtrot shakes his head at their financial offers, "Guys, thanks but no thanks. I got myself into this mess, and I plan on getting myself out of it. If you want to tag along by all means, sure. But before we do anything else..." He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet, opening it to reveal the foreign currency still inside. "Let's see how much I have to begin with." He places the bills onto the table, counting up to the last piece of paper, "Ok so out of a million I have... $800,000. Ok so I only need $200,000 more euros to go. Ugh I can't believe this is happening." Foxtrot let's out a sigh and leans back, looking up at the ceiling for a moment before returning to the table to place the money back in his wallet. "Well, at least it's not the other way around. Alright, I just need a second to think..." Leaning forward, he places his hands over his face for some time in silence before looking over to his phone again. With an inquisitive look, he plucks it up and begins going through it again, "Hopefully there's a lead on my phone, a text or call I missed that can lead us to the dough. Let's see... Ah! Here we go... 'Hey Foxy, loved the game last night. Even though you lost some moolah, I'm sure it was worth-' uh..." Foxtrot lightly blushes as he stops reading out loud, his eyes widening a bit as he reads on. "Well... I think I know where some of the money went. Let's see if we can meet this uh... person again." He sets up a reply message and begins typing, "Hey there, it's Foxtrot. Want to meet you again to talk. Got some time?" A moment of silence passes before his phone chimes again with a response. "Cool! I got an address and a lead!"
Title: Re: About Last Night
Post by: Metal Burst on January 09, 2016, 06:28:39 am
"Sounds great. I might tag along wherever you go, cause I've got nothing better to do. And because this 'Niv' person sounds like she's in trouble." Metal says before standing up from the couch. "So, where're we headed?"
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Post by: Tinder on January 09, 2016, 01:47:40 pm
Tinder nods and stands up, grabbing her bag off the floor and putting, "I'll help as much as I can, you're gonna need all the help you can get really. Plus, it's not like I have anything to do today. I was gonna spend the day on this couch, but helping you out seems like a better plan." She makes sure her bag is closed, puts her phone in the back pocket of her shorts and smiles back at Dom, "Thanks for patching me up, hon."

Dom smiles back at her and chuckles, "It's no trouble, but if you bust those stitches today don't expect me to redo them."

Tinder rolls her eyes a little at him, "Of course not, I promise if I bust them I'll go to a doctor or something." She looks back at Fox and Metal, "Now, where are we heading?"
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Foxtrot gets up and looks over, finding his phone fully charged; disconnecting and unplugging the charger, he returns it back to Metal Burst. "Thanks for that. We're heading to Canterlot University, it just sucks because it's a 30 minute drive and we have no wheels. Walking will take too long." Looking out one of the windows, he finds something familiar, a green jeep parked in one of the empty spaces. "Thankfully the universe is giving me a break." Getting up, he secures the rest of his things. "Everyone ready to go?"
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Post by: Metal Burst on January 11, 2016, 07:17:15 am
Metal grabs his charger back and puts it in his pocket. "I'm all set. Let me just send my brothers a text saying that I won't be back untill late." Metal says as he pulls out his phone and sends the text to Ocean and Choc. "There. Let's hit the road, eh?"
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Tinder nods and quickly looks around to make sure she hasn't forgotten anything, "Alright, I got everything I need. I'm ready to go if you two are, never been to the university before so that'll be fun to see." She fixes her hoodie and bag, smiling slightly at them both, "We'll get her back, I promise."
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Post by: Foxtrot on January 11, 2016, 10:11:06 pm
"I know we will Tinder." Foxtrot says as he pushes open the door, letting in a light breeze into the lobby. Turning to his left to the parking lot he spots the jeep in question, "I just pray we get her in one piece." Walking over the pavement, his mind begins to race as he struggles to remember what happened last night. Images of what could've happened play out in his head, people with unclear details on their face bring no evidence as to who to look for. His eyes scan the vehicle as he approaches it, noting the green biohazard decal on the charcoal colored bumper, "This is it. Now hopefully the spare is where it's supposed to be. Foxtrot bends down to the bumper and places the tips of his fingers onto the edges of the hazard logo; a clockwise twist of his hand turns the decal, suddenly popping it off of the bumper itself. Turning the symbol over, a key is revealed to be taped onto the other side of the metal disk. "Yes! We're mobile!" Pressing the decal back into place, Foxtrot rushes over to the driver side door and opens it, unlocking the others for his friends to enter. Before sitting inside, he examines the interior of the jeep for any clues; unfortunately, only the usual items are present inside. "Nothing. Well, we have our ride at least. Everybody hop in, this day ain't over yet."
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"Shotgun!" Metal calls out as he hops into the car, admiring the interior. "Nice ride. I'm seriously jealous right now." Metal closes the door and buckles in with a smirk. "Where to first, Fox?"
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Tinder hops into the backseat, she takes off her backpack and tosses it into the seat beside her before putting on her seat belt. She leans back in her seat and grabs her phone from her pocket, scrolling through her missed texts and calls. "So, any idea why your car would be parked here, Fox?"
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Foxtrot buckles up and starts the jeep, the engine roaring to life before coming to a gentle purr. "Tinder when I find out the answer to that question I'll let you know. For now I'm just glad we don't have to walk all the way to Canterlot University." He looks over to Metal, "You'll like it, very classy place but they sure as hell know how to party." Putting the car in drive, the group exits the parking lot and heads east. "I'm not gonna lie I don't know who were meeting up with and what connection I may have to them. They seem nice so I'm not expecting trouble... If down the road we do run into such things I should probably inform you of the contents in this jeep." He glances over his shoulder, "Tinder, there's a button behind the headrest of the seat next to you. Push that button and you can pull down the seat to access the trunk; there's a crowbar, bat, and a machete in there provided they didn't get moved. Burst, I got a hunting knife in the glove compartment, you can use that as well."
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Tinder nods and takes off her seat belt, reaching over and pulling down the seat next to her so she can look in the trunk. She grabs each of the items and tries to decide which one she would rather use when it comes to a fight, lifting each one to test the weight, trying to think which would be the easiest to hide if she needed to. She's usually more of a hand-to-hand combat kind of person, but that machete is pretty tempting. She twists it around in her hand and looks it over, thinking that she could use it as a back up weapon if her fists weren't good enough. Settling on the machete she takes it and puts it under her seat, putting the bat and crowbar back in the trunk and lifting the seat back up.
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Metal nods and opens up the glove box. Grabbing out the knife, he unsheathes it and checks the blade's quality. "Impressive. I've always loved the feel of a knife in my hand. One of the most devastating weapons known to man, if you can get close enough, yet also one of the simplest. " Metal puts the knife underneath his jacket with a smile, before turning to Fox. "So, you got any tunes?"
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"Yea I do, I'll turn on the radio." Foxtrot replies, his fingers turning the dial on the dashboard. A burst of static is heard before clearing up to some techno beats. The song seems to be at its end as the DJ resumes with some words.

"And that was Toxic Trance here on radio 104.5! Now I've been getting a bevy of songs from all over and they all seem to go back to their roots. By popular demand here's a classic with a metal twist, enjoy." The strum of an electric guitar and drums begins the tune as the singer gets to their and begins. "You like to row, row, row your boat! Gently down the stream! Merrily, merrily, merrily! Life is but a dream!"

Foxtrot sighs, "God Damn it I swear..." Looking out he sees the sign to Canterlot University, the prestigious school seems empty, a normal occurrence on the weekends. Filling  route, the jeep finds its way on front of a sorority, the building is rustic and appears to be well maintained. "Well, here we are. Phi Kappa Omega. Apparently I stopped by here for who knows what." Parking out front, he knuckles his seat and opens the door. "Hopefully this ends well."
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Tinder stares out the window as they reach the university, she's only been here a few times before and she was far from sober then. When they park she grabs the machete from under the seat and carefully puts it in her bag, hoping she won't have to use it today. She unbuckles her belt and puts on her backpack, wincing a bit as it hits her stitched wound. She hops out of the car and walks over to where Fox is, planning on following him. She hopes that no one in here recognizes her from the previous parties she's gone to, because her memory of those few parties is pretty rough.
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The students make their way to the front door, the signs of the group etched onto the wood. "Well, here goes nothing." Foxtrot knocks on the door and waits, looking around for any signs of life. The sound of a bell goes off around the building, "What was that? Here guys, let's check it out." Following the sound, he leads the others to a gate leading to the backyard. "Hello? Anyone here?"

"Hello? You can come on in, just flip the latch on the other side." a woman's voice echoes throughout.
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As the trio walk through the university, Metal is reminded of the painful hangovers caused by parties at some of the frat houses. When they reach the gate, Metal steps forwards and flips open the latch, before holding the gate open for his colleagues.
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Tinder looks around the place as they walk, some of her memories of this place coming back, and they aren't all that pleasant. She shrugs the memories off as she enters the gate, scratching at the wound on her back as she waits for the other 2 to come in.
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"Thanks." Foxtrot says as he walks past the gate. Looking around, he finds a large yard complete with a pool, trampoline, and fire pit. On one of the lawn chairs placed throughout, a preppy student with auburn hair and navy blue eyes finishes her drink and places it on the table next to her. "Oh hey! I was wondering when you'll be back." She gets up and walks over, sporting her green bikini top and jean shorts. With a smile she gives Foxtrot  hug, who actually looks rather confused by the gesture. "And you brought friends! Wonderful!" The college student approaches Tinder and Metal, embracing them as well. "Anyone need drinks, snacks?"

"Uh, I'm good actually." Foxtrot says as he looks around, trying to recall why he was here before.
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Tinder winces a bit at the hug, the wound on her back causing her some pain. She smiles at this student and nods, "Yeah, a drink would be really nice actually, thanks." She scratches at the bandage on her back as she looks around, taking in every detail of it in case she needs to get out quickly.
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Metal awkwardly hugs the student, while silently mouthing to Foxtrot, "Who is this?" As they break apart, Metal put's on his cocky smirk, runs his hand through his hair and leans onto one of the chairs. "Actually, a drink would be great right now, thanks. What have you got?" Metal asks the student, trying to look as cool as possible.
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Foxtrot shrugs when Metal asks who this college student is. "I'll have a water, thank you miss...?"

"Tropicana." She answers. "We have water, juice, soda, beer, anything really. So what brings you back here Mr. Trot?"

"I uh, had a bit of a rager last night and can't recall what really happened." He scratches his head as he looks around, "Apparently I stopped by here but I don't know why."

"Oh I can explain that. You all take a seat by the fire pit and I'll tell you what's up."
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Tinder listens to the list of drinks and grins, "Could I have a beer please? My back is killing me and I need to take the edge off of it. Thanks" She walks over to the fire pit and sits down near it, wanting to hear this story about what Fox did last night.
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"Could I have a soda please? Bubbles seem to help me when I'm feeling a bit queasy." Metal says as he walks over to the fire pit, sitting next to Tinder, eager to listen.
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Foxtrot also sits down next to the two students and scratches his head, "Ugh, I hope this story ends well." He looks to the floor, signs of distress showing in his distant expression. "We'll get her back." the concerned student whispers to himself.

He's snapped out of his mind as Tropicana returns with their beverages. "Sorry it took so long, some of the other girls were asking who these were for and it turned into me letting everyone know you're back. They'll be joining us soon." After giving everyone their refreshments, Tropicana sits opposite of them on the fire pit, opening it up to get it going. "Let's see... I recall you showed up around 1am with a few people and some of the girls, I'm guessing they suggested moving the party over here. Anyways, we all have a blast, you perform some songs about nursery rhymes and then you leave with two guys to get some ice." After shifting the firewood, she lights the flame and feeds air into the fire. "You didn't come back for over an hour; ad when you did you came back with a briefcase full of money."

"That doesn't sound good." Foxtrot says, sipping his beverage. "Ok so I at least know it's here."
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Tinder quickly pops the top off of the beer and takes a few swigs. As she realises that Tropicana is starting up the fire she gets up and moves to whatever seat is far from the fire but still close enough to listen to the story, not wanting to miss any story but also being much too nervous to go near that fire.
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Metal opens the soda and takes a sip as he listens to Tropicana's story. Nodding his head, he asked Tropicana, "Is the briefcase still here? Or was it taken somewhere else?"
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"Oh it's here alright." another student says, her friends starting to emerge into the yard. Most are dressed for the occasion: shorts, bikini tops, and tshirts complemented with a few sunglasses as well. One of them appears with a black suitcase, placing it next to Tropicana as they all take seats arounds the guests, getting rather comfortable in moments.

Foxtrot sighs and lays back on his seat, relieved at the stroke of good luck. "Thank goodness. We'll just pick that up and be on our way out."

"Woah, what do you mean?" Tropicana asks, rather surprised by his statement. "You told us that if we won the bet we would keep the earnings."

A sigh exits the student as he facepalms, "Ok, can you explain what happened after I got back?"

"Well you brought back the ice, started throwing the money around and challenged the sorority to a game of beer pong." Tropicana explains. Several of the girls begin chuckling, as if there was more to this than implied. "So we set the table up, got everything ready, then you raised the stakes. It then turned to a game of strip pong; needless to say it was down to the last cup for both sides but we scored the win so uh... you kept your word."

A few whistles and cheers go out by some of the girls, leaving Foxtrot facepalming once again. "I dont know whats worse. The fact that I lost by one, or the fact that I got that far and cant remember the damn game."
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Tinder can't help but snicker a bit at this story, taking another drink from her beer. "Well then, sounds like you certainly had an eventful night." She smirks a bit and leans back on her chair, wincing and going back to sitting without her back touching the chair. She looks at the suitcase and thinks, wondering if she could be fast enough to grab it and run. But between the injury and the fact that she's outnumbered, it seems like too risky of a move.
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Metal takes a big drink from his soda before standing up. "Hey Tropicana? Have you seen the news recently?" Metal asks before stating to pace around the fire. "I hope so, because Tommy Verceti released a very... interesting statement this morning. You know what he said? He said that someone foiled a big deal of his, and took his money." Metal takes a drink before starting again. "Now, try to make an educated guess about where the money came from, would ya? And try to hurry up please, we're on a schedule." With that, Metal finishes his drink, crushes it under his foot, and sits back down.
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The girls are taken aback by Metal's statement, the girls remain silent; one of them leans forward, sounding cynical, "Prove it." Foxtrot reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone; after pressing a few buttons, Tommy's voice echoes out on the speaker, "Listen to me you little sh!t! I've had this thing planned for months and I'm gonna let some drunk punk ruin it! I'll find you, your family, everyone you care about and I'll make you all pay!" As the recording stops, a deathly silence grips the scene.

Foxtrot leans forward, his tone serious with a hint of fear, "Tropicana... he has my sister. Please, I'm scared that she's hurt or worse. The sooner I get this resolved, the better. And if it means that much to you all, I'll find a way to pay you back later just..." The student's nerves begin to falter, Foxtrot raises his hand to cover his face as he fights to stay calm. Tropicana looks over to the other girls and nods, one of them bringing the suitcase over to them. "Thank you, I..."

"Don't worry about it." Tropicana replies. "This is serious stuff, we won't get in the way of it." A smirk then appears on her face, "Besides, you can repay us when you get her back. We'll all throw a killer party to celebrate; now get going you three, you all have things to do." Foxtrot nods and puts the cash in his pockets into the suitcase, counting it to find the necessary amount.

Getting up, he nods and makes his way to the exit, "We'll take you up on that Tropicana. Thanks."
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Tinder stands up and nods to the girls, "Thanks." She downs the rest of her beer and stretches, "Though, I may not come to this party things, my parties here have all resulted in fuzzy unpleasant memories." She laughs a little, fixing her bag and following Fox to the exit.
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Metal gets up with a sigh. "I'm up for a party. Sometime next week, perhaps?" Metal says as he gets up from his seat to follow Foxtrot and Tinder. "See you later Tropicana." Metal says with a wink, before following his compatriats.
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The night had loomed overhead as the students drive down the highway; the streets empty of most vehicles at this late hour. The humming of the jeep's engine resonates in the background as the students drive east towards the harbor. Foxtrot remains silent as he looks ahead, lost in his own thoughts. "Hey you two,  thanks again for helping me out on this."
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Tinder is laying down across the backseat, her back wound had started to act up and this seemed more comfortable. She glances up at him and smiles a bit, "It's no trouble, I'm happy to help out all I can. If you want, I can go in and give him the money, I know the guy and I've dealt with him already. I'll get Niv out safe, and then you won't be at risk either."