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Characters / Clarity (WIP)
« on: April 11, 2016, 02:03:53 am »
Name: Clarity Mirror

Race: Earth Pony

Gender: Mare

Age: Young Adult

Physical Description:
-Coat: Bright Yellow
-Eyes: Bright Gold
-Mane: Bright Gold, thick, flowing and midlength
-Tail: Bright Gold, thick, mid-length, flowing and well-kept
-Cutie Mark: Black eighth note, gold ribbon tied on the stem
-Physique: Slightly taller than average mare, lightly muscled, very attractive

Special Talent: Singing

Likes: Pancakes, Daytime, Flirting, Music, Teasing
Dislikes: Nuts, Being shown up

Strengths: Far stronger than she looks

Weaknesses: Not the brightest, short attention span

Clarity tends toward being roughly as outgoing as her twin brother is reclusive.  She tries to be a friend to just about anypony she sees and usually succeeds.  A bright cheery tone and a warm smile tend to do wonders for your social life, as she has no trouble proving herself.  She's also not above a playful flirt or two (translation: she flirts with any stallion within earshot), though it pretty much stays innocent and playful, nothing more.
She's incredibly caring for her twin brother, but she can't stay home with him all the time because she needs to earn a living for them, and he doesn't exactly have any marketable skills.  She takes him out and about whenever she can in the hopes that he can make some friends who can keep him company while she's away even though she knows he's perfectly content on his own, but his eccentricities make it difficult for him to keep a friend for any real period of time.  It kinda bums her out, mostly because she worries that if something happens to her he might be left in a bad situation.
Aside from that, she's fiercely competitive.  If she sees somepony doing something she considers herself good at, she simply *has* to attempt to do better than them, and if she doesn't, she gets upset.  Things get broken unless Clair is on hoof to console her, which he can always do.

Extra Details:

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