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Canterlot / Revelation
« on: October 08, 2015, 05:52:12 pm »
The late afternoon sky hovers above Canterlot, the blue sky now starting to turn purple and orange as the sun begins its descent into the horizon. As the trek continues, less of the hustle and bustle is noticed, eventually they are the only ones wandering the paths to the desolate monuments that lay ahead of them. Nivalia, leading from the front, remains silent for most of the trip. After some time, the group finally reaches The Greystone Memorial Cemetery. Opening the large steel gates, she looks around to find the graves cleaned and well maintained. Several trees dot the property, adding atmosphere to the area. Freshly covered graves can also be found throughout the grounds; headed by blank or worn down tombstones. Entering, she walks the others to the center monument. "Here's the place. We made it in time too. Fox wouldn't risk coming out in broad daylight for something like this."

Characters / Nivalia
« on: August 07, 2015, 04:59:30 pm »
Name - Nivalia
Gender - Mare
Race - Changeling
Disguise - Earth Pony
Physical Description - Dark grey coat with basic rose cutie mark. Eyes are emerald green and her mane consists of two colors (teal? and violet/navy blue?).
Hometown - Unknown
Age - 28
Build/Tone - Taller than average, slender (Similar to Fleur De Lis)
"Cutie Mark" - Simple Rose
Birthmark - Grey Rose
Current Profession - Botanist, Vocalist

Skills: Medicinal Herbs, Impressions, Singing, Changeling Stuff

Pets: Caprica, a black and white ball python. Two years old and two feet long, she was hatched by Nivalia and has stayed with her all her life. Very intelligent and can attack on command, she is calm overall and doesn’t mind being handled.

Traits - Charisma. A natural born leader, Nivalia is able to easily reassure and inspire those around her to do just about anything (good or bad). Although she doesn't come from a royal family, she has a certain regal aura around her as she speaks with utmost confidence and carries herself with a foreign feeling of authority. In debates, conversation, and bartering, she seems to convey a certain persuasion in her tone without even trying to (or at times wanting to). When she speaks, her words and arguments seem to make sense, even if she's just babbling around. Nivalia has very strong knowledge and skill in seduction, able to make anypony without enough willpower to do anything she desires (although she prefers not to utilize this). Nivalia also is great at doing impressions, able to match just about any voice she hears, to matter the age, gender, or accent; branching off of this, she works on impressions which she matches completely in a surprisingly short time.

Personality - Very kind and respectful, she will care for those around her, even if she doesn't know them. However, when needed, she'll bring up raw strength and passion when fighting for what she believes in, at times a bit too much as she can become easily aggravated. Despite her outgoing nature, Nivalia quickly changes her tone when asked about her past or history, only being open to talk about family, work, or other light subjects; even there she reveals little information about those too. Very protective of her close friends and those that rely on her, she finds joy in creating safety and security for them, as well as brutally mutilating those who wish harm on them (she can be REALLY nasty when provoked).


Likes - Dancing, singing, taking care of those close to her, her pet snake, family, gardening, dark chocolate (Which she should NEVER have.)
Dislikes - Those who think they're all that and a bag of chips, strong preying on the weak/defenseless, abuse of power of any kind(more on the way)

Major: Disguises/Impersonations, Charisma, Psychology
Minor: Diplomacy, Seduction, Making Lunches, Singing, Dancing, Gardening, Debate
Weaknesses: Chocolate (Dark Chocolate especially), Close Quarters Combat, Abandonment issues, Temper, Overly Dramatic
Fears: Having her family, friends, or Caprica hurt. Fireworks, Loneliness, Why her first family left her

Appearance -
True Form -

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