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Ponyville / Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 14, 2015, 11:55:04 am »
The unicorn raised a brow and glanced at the mare change her tune so suddenly and to the polar opposite to how she was behaving before. Right now she really wasn't sure what to make of her and she was wandering maybe if she was putting on an act or not while making what sounded like a list of excuses. Having said that, Vinyl Scratch wasn't one for dwelling on drama and more for having a good time; focusing on the positives that make ponies happy. So she shrugged and said in a simple and uncharacteristically indifferent tone, "Sure, thanks Octi. I just hope your day improves."

After hearing the stallion she changed her tune to a more cheerful one - if not relieved, "Ah, awesome dude and I totally get it, no worries. Why don't you come with me and I can show you some places that you might want to chill out at - oh, I forgot. Heh." she began before remembering that he might still not catch everything she said and quickly scribbled that onto the remaining scrolls. She then showed it to him, waved a hoof and started to walk towards the nearest, modest hotel.

Ponyville / Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:34:43 pm »
Vinyl's smile faltered noticeably from hearing Octavia's words, she even lowered her glasses back to her eyes as the mare cast a look to the earth pony for a while.
'And here I thought she was cooler than this.' were the thoughts running through her head. Since the snooty pony was obviously okay the DJ's attention quickly turned to the yelling stallion.

In an instant a wave of worry washed over her when the DJ realised that her Wubber Board had caused some damage, "Oh no, no! This isn't cool at all dude, I'm so sorry! I really didn't think it would be that loud... Do you need to see a doctor? Tell ya what. I'll make it up to you by making sure you get checked out and then take you on a tour around Ponyville so that you can find the best place to stay at; I'll even show you the best places to eat or even places that are pretty inspirational to just sit in. What do ya say?" she quickly apologized, then started to second-guess if he even heard any of that. So just in case, her horn lit up and some scrolls with some notes written on them and a quill were pulled out of her sack. On the back of them she quickly scribbled down what she had just said and showed it to Airy.

Ponyville / Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 12, 2015, 12:42:38 pm »
"Cold Octi, that's cold." Vinyl replied with a forced chuckle, "Whatever happened to those friendship practices the princesses have been preaching about? Seriously though, next time you're in town hit me up. It'll be rad to jam some time."

The mare's grin only broadened at the other's interest in her music but even more so what was in the sack, "To one of the tracks of this wicked stallion who goes by the name Skrillex. I'm getting some pretty sick ideas for my own tunes! As for what's in this baby, I'm glad you asked!"
The unicorn carefully set the bag onto the ground in the middle of the trio before rolling what was inside. The sack was then thrown up in a dramatic fashion to reveal what was underneath and on the ground was an... interesting mess arrangement of DJ Equipment strapped onto what appeared to be a wheel-less skateboard. At the top, on either end, were Decks; then a small Mixer and Controller at its centre. Underneath were large yet surprisingly flat speakers.

In her excitement Vinyl Scratch even shifted her pink sunglasses to rest above her horn, revealing her eyes, "Introducing the Wubber Board! I invented it! It's a totally awesome mix of combining music with a skateboard that will let any pony using it hover a few feet above the ground! Pretty neat right?! Here, lemme get it started..."

Her horn lit up and much to Octavia's 'delight' Ponyville was suddenly 'welcomed' with booms and rattling beats of electronic music. It was so loud that the manes and tails of the trio surrounding it even lifted up into the air from the blasts of music mixing. Windows of nearby buildings rattled within their sills and the ground vibrated slightly to the heavy base that was included in the composition. However, the only thing that the Wubber Board accomplished was just that, no hovering was involved what-so-ever. The most it managed to do on its own was to rattled on the ground a bit.

Though it wasn't heard over the music, Vinyl let out a nervous chuckle before turning it off. The momentary silence that had followed was almost deafening.
"Heh, yeah... forgot to mention that it's still a work in progress. I've been meaning to get some pony good with tinkering to help me out on how to get these wubs to make the board hover. Maybe it needs to be louder?" she added that last part as a thought she had spoken aloud. The unicorn seemed to be unaffected by sudden, atrociously loud music that was played.

The DJ's smile seemed to be endless as she looked to Airy, "Oh I know of a few motels you could stay at - one's just down that street, down the road second to your right-" Her eyes then drifted down to his Cutie Mark, "... Oooor, a fellow musician is always welcome at my place! What do you play?"

The Ponyville Times / Nova's Art Corner
« on: August 12, 2015, 06:06:00 am »
... Also known as Vinyl Scratch and Photofinish!  :D
Here is a collection of some of my pony fan-art. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to visit my DA for more!
As you can tell, I just adore the princesses! Celestia in particular... but I really need to draw her more! Dx


Currently my best work to date. ^_^

Introducing Bolt and Nova! You guys already know Bolt... but Nova is my oc. :D I'll be bringing her to the forum at a later date...

An old (and first) version of Nova. Now she just has a streak of yellow in her mane instead of it being half her mane.

Ponyville / Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 12, 2015, 05:49:00 am »
Amongst the bustle of ponies exiting the station, another mare was trotting by on the other side of the street. Ever still bopping her head to the music playing through her over-sized headphones and she even deliberately made extra steps just time herself perfectly with the beats. She still had that large sack in a firm grasp of her magic behind her as well.

It took her a while - probably longer than it should have - but she finally noticed just who was standing across the street. The white mare grinned as she waved feverishly to Octavia; she didn't recognise the other two she was with but still waved to them anyway. Vinyl Scratch then trotted across enthusiastically to meet up with them and when she did she lowered her headphones to her neck; it's music still blaring out of them, something that the particular track was fitting for a rave.
"Hey guys what's crackin'?" she greeted over the electronic music, "Octi, you didn't tell me you were visiting Ponyville! You wound me." she added in jest.

((I assume that Octavia and Vinyl are good friends already?? If not I can edit it, just let me know. :) ))

Ponyville / Painting the Town with Wubs
« on: August 11, 2015, 12:46:22 am »
A certain white unicorn with a spiky blue mane was trotting down the streets of Ponyville; her hooves hit the pavement in sync with her head that was bopping up and down to the beat of the music blasting though her oversized headphones. While of course the magnitude of the music proved to the unicorn that she was utterly oblivious to her surroundings by auditory means.

Though that didn't deter the determined unicorn one bit as she was on a mission to create what she perceived to be just plain awesome ! Behind her a relatively large sack was hovering behind her in the clutches of her mahical aura - which, mind you, is also bopping about to the beats of the music as well. She soon turned around a corner, who knows what or who she will bump into today.

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