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Canterlot / Re: Today Is MINE!
« on: August 16, 2015, 09:02:26 pm »
Comet flew in through the doors.
"Spitfire I got past the guards in the castle. They seemed to have gotten mind controlled." She watched as the captain charged Vesper. Her mane and tail ignited into even larger flames as she sped towards Vesper. Flames covered her entire body as she turned into a comet speeding past Spitfire towards the vampire.

Characters / Aero Comet
« on: August 11, 2015, 01:55:32 am »
Ashley (Ash) Parker
Some fans refer to her as Captain Equestria or Captain Cloudsdale (explained in the bio).
her. Some of the elderly even go as far as to call her Angel. Some also call her Ash. She has no preference
Her nickname: Aero Comet
Coat: white (However she is almost always in her flight suite)

Mane and tail: It a real fire that stretches down her neck like a mane would. Its a very calm fire though and barely illuminates anything or stands out in the dark. It also cannot be put out, or catch anything else on fire. Touching it, wouldn't feel hot. Its unkown what her original mane and tail looked like.
Eye: Ice Blue
Cutie Mark: Comet surrounded by fire

Signature ability: She got her nickname through a move she was able to perform where she reached and extreme speed to where her mane and tail ignite in even thicker and larger flames and it significantly increases how fast she can fly. The effect lasts for a while after it’s performed and her speed stays increased as long as it’s ignited. Spectators  have said that she looked like a flaming ‘comet’ when she’s flying. The flame doesn’t harm her or catch anything on fire.

A little about her: Athletes strive to be like her. A small foal’s real life superhero. A role model for the nation. She’s the mare the appears on your box of cereals with an inspirational quote or because she is the mare/athlete of the year. You might find a pictures of her in the newspapers advocating for the campaign to get drugs off the streets of Equestria. Or maybe a story about how she donated millions of bits to disease research or other charities. A class act. Her teammates like her, her opponents like her. Politicians like her. It was so hard to hate her. Born with a wing disorder, it would be a while until she was able to fly. Motivated by the sight of a rainbow, she made it her goal to one day reach one. It was just so beautiful, so majestic. The mare worked through the hardships to become a very strong flier, not only accomplishing her dreams, but also becoming a wonderbolt and very soon after, became an high ranking officer in that organization. To this day she constantly puts on spectacular shows for their audiences. She competes in races along with her team and almost always wins gold. The mare hosts training camps for foals to learn to be strong flyers. Its a fun but enriching event she hosts. Anything to help them pass their flight tests. Some of the public refers to her as Captain Equestria (Captain America) (Cloudsdale pegasi occasionally call her Captain Cloudsdale because they claim that she belongs to Cloudsdale more. But it’s all in good fun.) because she is such an icon and role model of Equestria. Though many like her, she still has some people trying to exploit her.  However, no matter how hard they try, journalists fail to find something and paparazzi simply cannot get pictures of her doing anything that can be considered scandalous, not even an ugly picture of her.

Ashley is a Cloudsdale patriot. One of her favorite events isn’t any event she competes in. It’s the Rainbow festival. Where the weather teams put together the most beautiful rainbows in the sky combined with the fireworks and a show by the Wonderbolts. She funds it every year and would cancel her trips to competitions just to see it. The Wonderbolt claims it brings joy to her life and motivates her to continue doing what she’s doing.

But is she a complete angel like the public sees her as? Or is this all to mask up something. Maybe she is really great at hiding a dark secret. A secret she surrounded with thick walls. Is there a reason she never talks about her family? Her teammates like her, but notice she never has any really good friends. When anypony gets close with her, she pushes them away. She has not had a special somepony in her life and for the time being doesn’t intend on finding one. Does her story add up when explains that the random scars she gets are from failed tricks and training? Or that when she is caught flying really late at night, that she is simply going for a middle of the night fly? Any journalist trying to ask her are immediately shunned and shamed by the public. They would criticize the writers asking ‘how can they be suspicious and accuse of such an angelic mare like Comet of such dark things?’ Perhaps this just helps her keep the public away from her personal affairs. Because if they exposed what secrets she holds inside, her life would crumble. But if she stopped what she was doing, it would ruin her too. Everything she had worked for. It wasn’t the Wonderbolts or the be one of the best fliers. It was much bigger than that. She had to make her dreams come and stay true, even if that means that she makes the horrors of others come true as well.

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