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Canterlot / Re: Picture Perfect
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:54:11 am »
"Ah! Yes! Vee begin now!" Photofinish proclaimed, getting straight to business with barely a wave of hello to them. She bounded off of the platform and quickly galloping to the trio. Seemingly out of nowhere a small herd of ponies with exotic manestyles and striking fashion sense gathered from behind and surrounded the trio. These ponies were slinging on, strapping on, slapping on and pulling on three completely different kinds of uniforms for each model - judging from how they were going about their profession of dressing them, the question of a possibility of invading one's personal space seemed to have been thrown out the window.

By now Lyra was wearing a short yet elegant light grey c'ocktail dress. It had a silver trim and the snow-white collar to the dress had a splash of modern design in it's angular cut and embroidery. The length of Nivalia's outfit - and from how tight it was - it felt like it would have suited a much taller mare of ridiculous slim build. The dress itself however, with it's white corset, long flowing trail that flowed about the ground behind her and a veil attached tot he back of her mane also flowed smoothly behind as well; like a stream of water. Bolt on the other hand, was a trickier one seeing as the outfit he was wearing was more design to fit a pony instead of a dragon. The designers had to mad a lot of on-the-spot alterations - removing quite a lot of the design with Photofinish's approval - until there were only metal shoulder pads, some armor around the hips and a bow tie around his neck.

Photofinish exhaled after this process was done before taking a deep breath, "I, Photofinisch, sank you all for coming today. I haff been lacking inshpirational models to best fit my photoschoot today; and I have been very fortunate to happen to find all three of you at around the same time. Vhile vee create 'The Magics', if zer is anysing you vant, let me knov, you knov that I can give it. If zer is a dream you dream I can let you live it. Take a chance and let me do vhat I do the best, let me take you and clean you up so that you can schine above all the rest! It doesn't really matter vhat they thought of you before, as by the time I am done vith you no pony will ignore!" she continued, raising her hoof up into the air in a dramatic fashion, "Now Nifalia, if you could be as so kind as so use your talents to change your appearances to suit each change of outfit you can wear? Excellent!"

Canterlot / Picture Perfect
« on: August 21, 2015, 05:15:21 am »
((Lyra, Nivalia and Bolt reserved as models. Anyone else is welcome to join if you so wish; spectator roles only. Thank you~))

A certain celebrity was standing upon a small platform carried by two very well groomed stallions through the streets of Canterlot. Photofinish was tapping her hoof impatiently on the wood as she looked about her surroundings. She was lacking inspiration -  whilst on a deadline, despite having her entourage following her with costumes, manestylists, make up artists and so on.
"Schurely somepony can schow Photofinisch somesing!" she exclaimed out of frustration, "I just need one more..."

Canterlot / Re: Sweet and Savoury Bakery
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:54:50 am »
"Nifalia! Mhmm, certainly has a nice ring to it, don't you sink?" Photofinish asked her associates but didn't quite wait for an answer. Vidala relucantly accepted the business card as Photofinish hoofed over her own to the Changeling, "Nonsense darlin', nonsense! If anysing your physique has attitude and pizzazz - or even ozerwise, given your skill-"
"Photofinish," Powder Rouge spoke up, "friendly reminder that your three o'clock has been moved to one o'clock."
The blue mare let out a gasp and started shoving her associates out the door, "WE GO!" she yelled before disappearing from the shop.

Canterlot / Re: Sweet and Savoury Bakery
« on: August 14, 2015, 05:03:25 am »
Since Photofinish was being surprisingly quiet for the meantime, Vidala Swoon guessed that she was currently enjoying her croissant and coffee for the meantime... still she was prepared to suddenly rush out the split second Photofinish wanted to leave.

The pink mare sighed from relief, "Oh good, thank you. Oh, Botany? Must be quite a rewarding career, is there a particular focus on the type of plant that yo-" she began but stopped abruptly upon seeing her true form for a brief moment; causing for her lower jaw to drop quite generously. She shook her head in disbelief before her knees started to wobble and her heart race as fear took over her.

The mare cleared her throat, "Er- well, I was going to ask how you did that magic trick with the papers but now I realize that it isn't my business. Hee. Hee. Bye, bye now!" she squeaked with a nervous laugh before rushing back to the two other ponies she was with. Vidala was clearly nervous, perhaps the sudden surge of fear and panic started to show on her face as she whispered to Photofinish.
"Yes, yes vat is it?"
More whispering from the Manstylist.
"Uhuh... vat? Can you be schure?" she prodded, casting a glance at Nivalia from the corner of her eye.
"Yes, positive. Can we go now, please? We are... running out of time finding more models right?" Swoon pleaded with a forced smile.

The blue mare narrowed her eyes behind her thick lenses as she watched Nivalia closely, a stream of thoughts running through her mind. Her eyes and head turned about the room and it was only just now that she noticed the princesses and she nearly fell off of her chair. She exclaimed a phrase in a foreign language to express her surprise, "Ah! Since ven ver Princess Schelestia and Princess Cadance here?" she muttered to her co-workers through gritted teeth.
"They have been here the whole time, Photofinish." Powder Rouge replied simply, looking over to the royal ponies and giving a courteous bow; followed by the other two Earth Ponies with her soon after.

The trio walked away from the princesses a bit towards the direction of where the Changeling was - Vidala being at the back of the three.
"Changeling you say?" Photofinish whispered.
"Y-yes." Vidala whispered back.
"Zen zis is quite zee opportunity! Just sink about it! Hafing any aeshzetic of any pony visin the one Contractor could profe for her to be a faluable asset!"
Powder and Vidala exhanged looks.
"But, Photofinish, don't you remember what they did in Canterlot?!"
"I nefer look back, Povder Rouge, it dishtracts from zee now." Photofinish finalized before finally stopping in front of Nivala and spoke to her, keeping the same, surprisingly hushed tone as before.

"Excuse me, I'm curious as to why somepony, such as yourself, is shtill vandering about Canterlot efen after zee recent invasion..." she glanced back at the princesses again and then her watch, "Ah let's cut to the chase schall vee? My co-worker has told me zat your schneezes betray you, Ms Changeling, I haf a proposition for you so that you can benefit more from your talents. I aschume zat you knov vho I, Photofinisch, am, yes? Yes. I am looking for more models to schine across all of Equestria and you seem to fit zee bill. You efen get to live it up vith many benefits and expenses paid off within the district vhere the Canterlot Elites reside, hmm~? Not only that, it also provides you vith a vay out from the scharp eyes of zee Royals... vhom don't look fery calm at zee moment. Vhat do you say, Miss-?"


((Since there were so many cues, I'm guessing that you wanted Nivalia's true form to be known... Later on I'm going to start up a thread with some dramatic photoshoot sessions with a couple of other RPers. So it's up to you if you want Nivalia to join or not, I don't mind. :D ))

Canterlot / Re: Sweet and Savoury Bakery
« on: August 13, 2015, 12:35:25 am »
The earth pony grinned and clapped her front hooves together, "Ahhh, brilliant! I knew you vould see sings my vay! Right after vee finish up 'ere, you and I schould be on our way to create 'Zee Magics'!" she replied in a rather dramatic fashion, even stooping into a theatrical pose at her last two words.

Photofinish then huffed a bit as she looked to her watch, the career-focused pony was feeling even more pressed for time. Who knows, maybe this mare can be very kind and considerate when she has a day off, but during the time of work she is like a freight train. So focused to stay on track of things  and bulldoze through everything according to schedule, meeting deadlines, cramming in as many photo shoots as possible at once, meetings, more meetings, more photoshoots and more often than not she comes across as brash and rude. Seemingly not taking consideration for others when she is so tunnel-visioned in the middle of the excitement of her work.

The Fashion Photographer tapped a hoof while she waited for her order to be ready and once she was, the mare left a small bag filled with bits on the counter before taking her order. If couted there was a fair bit of a tip in it as well. Whether Photofinish was being generous or maybe she really didn't have the time to count her Bits, no one knows.
"I, Photofinisch, thank you." she told the employee before taking a seat at a table with her back to the princesses - surprisingly she still hadn't noticed them yet.

Seconds later an all too familiar irritated noise came out from Photofinish's mouth; quickly drawing the attention of the Make Up Artist accompanying her.
"Ugh, I said to make schure zat zer vere not too many almonds!" she complained with a frown.
The Make Up Artist pony, Powder Rouge, then quickly moved to her side to remove some of the almond toppings.
"Not enough!" Photofinish cried out.
So, Powder Rouge put some back on.
"Too much!"
Some were taken off again.
"Not enough!"
Some more were put back on.
"Too much!"
Once again more were taken off.
"I said not enough!"
More almonds were put back on again, this time, it was quite possible that these were the exact amount as there were on originally.
The Make Up Artist sighed a little, using every bit of her will power to not roll her eyes. She found her self feeling a sense of De Ja Vu, back when she did Fluttershy's make up some time ago.

Meanwhile the pale pink Manedresser had approached Nivilia with an apologetic look. She brushed her short, sharp mane out of the way from her eyes. She blinked with surprise when the papers scattered and motioned to help until the Changeling-in-disguise had gathered them all back up in her green magic. It was then she finally spoke up to her, "Excuse me. My name is Vidala Swoon, I just wanted to apologise on her behalf for earlier. Photofinish has just been really stressed as of late and has a tendency to be rather short to other ponies at times... well a lot of the time. Are you okay? You seem to have some allergies - it's not because of the perfume I am wearing, is it?"

((I only found out today that these two accompanying Photofinish actually have names! That's pretty cool! :D ))

Canterlot / Re: Sweet and Savoury Bakery
« on: August 12, 2015, 03:50:59 am »
"Ahhh yes! Even her accent vill be perfect..." Photofinish murmured to herself before stopping in front of the mare, "But of course you knov me! I, Photofinisch, am one of the most recognized ponies across all of Equestria! Yes, I haf been to Ponyfille before.Ah but madam - vhat vas your name? I must insist! Zis is an opportunity of a life time! Ze stars, ze glamour - just sink of the fans you could haf! Vhy, being one of my models could mean for you to haf food, clothes, accommodation and trafel expenses all paid for durink the week of your employment. Efen for today, I'll haf my accountant organize somethink for you to compensate you so as to make room in your schedule! You may efen brink a friend to vatch if you so vish!"

Canterlot / Re: Sweet and Savoury Bakery
« on: August 12, 2015, 03:20:28 am »
Photofinish frowned a little at the employee's reply, reluctantly accepting his answer and waited her turn. She looked about the bakery briefly and then down to her watch before shaking her head and making a tutting noise, "Zis is ridiculous, vhat is such a busy establishment in the middle of Canterlot of all cities do-ink vith just one employee? Such a sing needs to be amended... Zer are just far too many, busy ponies in zis grand city to cater to- I still need to start my search for zose models..." she complained quietly to her co-workers.

It was when the mint-green unicorn whom entered the bakery that had caught her attention, she let out a gasp and a sudden broad grin stretched across her face. "YOU!" she yelled at the mare, suddenly rushing up to her and placed a foreleg around the back of Lyra's neck and pulled her into a side-hug. With her other foreleg she pointed it up high into the air in a sharp and dramatic fashion and proclaimed, "I, Photofinisch, haf finally found my first, next model!"

The earth pony excitedly walked around Lyra, drinking in her aesthetics through her hot pink glasses, "Ahh, wundabar! Yes! You are perfect! Just perfect! You must be a part of my next photoschoot - today actually! I, Photofinisch, vill be able to make you shine all across of Equestria and be the fery enfy of efery mare and filly! Vhat do you say? Yes, no?"

Canterlot / Re: Sweet and Savoury Bakery
« on: August 12, 2015, 12:54:55 am »
Suddenly the doors to the bakery sudden burst open with a bang and three ponies strutted into the establishment. Leading the three at the centre was a light blue earth pony whose face was framed with her white bob cut-style of a mane and her long white tail poked out from her black, white and pink dress. Despite coming indoors she didn't remove her hot pink sunglasses and each stride she took was filled with attitude and sharp movements. On her left was her Make Up Stylist and on the right was her Manedresser; it seemed that the trio were either on a break from a shoot or had just finished one for today.

The trio made their way right up to behind Nivalia and proclaimed, "I, Photofinisch, haf arrifed!" Her voice was thick with an Austrian accent and was clear that she was not the most patient of ponies, especially with a reputation of telling and expecting other ponies to 'go' away instantly. So much so that she had even called over Nivalia's shoulder before she had the chance to even leave the counter yet, "You zer! Zree Almond Croissants - make schure zat zer aren't  too many almonds on it. Also two black coffees, one varm, one hot and one vhite coffee vith soy milk - extra hot! Quickly zer isn't much time!"

Though the celebrity couldn't see it, her Manestylist standing behind her cast an apologetic smile at the employee of the store but it was quickly washed off her face when Photofinish turned to the two accompanying her. The mare was muttering - it sounding vastly more hushed than just before - to them as if finishing the conversation she was having with them earlier, she even rubbed her temples from both stress and exhaustion, "... Zis is disastrous! Simply disastrous! Ever since Flutterschy quit zer hasn't been a pony vith half as much elegance and poise as her... zese new models vee haf are amateurs! Amateurs I tell you! Ve must start lookink for a new-new model for the schoot next week - NO! Two more of them... aiii weltschmerz..."
She then placed a tied hoof over her forehead.


((I am not German/Austrian and am not going to pretend that I will be getting all the little details correct, lol. But I have been following guides on the Internet to make it sound believable and have a smooth flow to it as much as possible. Still! Photofinish is so much fun to RP! Such a compelling challenge~ :D ))

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