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Canterlot / Today Is MINE!
« on: August 15, 2015, 02:14:19 am »
The pure white streets of the castle town of Canterlot looked crisp and clean while the sun shimmered off the stain glass windows and marble walls. Stallions stopped and stared as a jaw droppingly beautiful Black unicorn mare trotted down the middle of the roads. Her body was curvaceous in all the right places and her regal figure was tall and elegant comparable to that of an alicorn. Her lush lips and long red mane complemented one another, while her long lacy gown flowed behind her elegantly. This marvelous mare was the very definition of grace and beauty and she knew it as she walked her head held high. She sways her backside from side to side swinging her high hips. She smiles looking upon Canterlot castle.

"I do believe it's time for a remodel. White is the new black after all." With that she stomped her dainty hoof and the ground split open creating a great shaft while the streets ****. "Reanimate and Rise." The black unicorn said licking her lips as the males who were staring were now fleeing in fear. Soon the corpses of long dead ponies rose from the cracks clawing their way to the surface. The horde of the undead roamed the streets consuming the flesh of the living. Suddenly high many high class ponies were dragged down and eaten alive. The screams were sensual songs to the black unicorn known as Vesper. She let loose a sinful moan and remarked. "Ohhhh how wonderful. How I love high society screams. Mmm I've heard tales the nobles of Canterlot bleed blue."

She went on walking towards the castle as the guards at the door cross their spears refusing entry. Vesper's horn alights and her eyes glow a fierce red. Within mere moments the guards drop their weapons and kneel letting her pass. "Forgive us Mistress." Canterlot's finest speak in unison. Vesper pushed them aside as the undead close in and make a feast of the zoned out castle guards. Finding the throne room empty she ascends the steps and places her behind upon Celestia's seat. Her horn alights and a red aura of magic slams the doors shut. "This seat of power has been misused by a foal too close to kindness." She drapes herself over the seat delicately like silk sheets. She closes her eyes and opens her ears listening to a city in chaos while the undead run rampant. This screams caused her to sigh in relief 'while her numbers grew with each new that fell soon rose in service to her. "Now the real fun begins. I'll have to wait for a dance partner."     

Characters / Vesper
« on: August 15, 2015, 01:51:19 am »
Vesper is the very incarnation of seduction and manipulation. She has long flowing magical crimson red hair that is created from the magical energy of the souls she has devoured. She has perfect pillowy lips,curvacious curves,fine feminine figure,red eyes like blood,fearsome fangs,pale black skin,long lashes,wicked bat-like wings. She wears a long black and slender dress to show off her feminine features along with this also wears shoulder high sleek and sexy dress gloves. As for accessories dons a skull necklace to increase her powers over the dark arts of necromancy and a long lace choker.

Vesper is vain,violent,vile and all matter of villainous words. She excels in mind control as she refers to herself as the mistress of the mind. If she can find but a single insecurity she can use that to worm her way into her victims mind. She so enjoys the capture of a mind as she smothers the brain in her dark presence. Once in her snare she often treats them as toys little more than her playthings. She has a very seductive personality as she frequently oozes lust and love enjoying teasing others. She excels as speech craft and often speaks as one would expect from a proper lady. Deceit and deadly deception are her allies as she acts her way into advantages.She often makes deals with people granting them what they desire only to have them become her servants when the deal is done.Vesper loves to play innocent and will weave a web of lies and deceit to achieve her goals. She often enjoys  indulgence and luxury as a high class lady who his h,orny as hell. Her lush lips hide her horrible fangs she uses to drain her victims dry. Vesper takes what she wants and get what she wants. She can be seen as the ultimate puppet master the world her stage and people her puppets. Unlike most filthily halfbreeds Vesper is of pure blood and linage and has accepted vamprism as the little part of her she was missing. She can call the undead to her aid and her words carry an elegant air. She is both a lovely lady and blood thirsty beast.

Vesper's Oath

Long Version
She lurks in the darkest corners of my mind every fear every desire they are her ire. She tugs at strings she whispers in my ear instilling me with fear. Boundless beauty masterful mind truly one of a kind. Let those without prime or purposes willingly bend the knee and serve me. The world will be one under her rule ode to thee our mistress is cruel. Devine dominance seductive submission let those against her who would act. Flee in terror of Vesperís wrath.

Short Version.
Her darkest will falls from the skies,
The obedience grows as she lies.
She will have your heart and head,
For her our lives till we are dead.

Vesper can be described as a sexual piano as she screams a symphony of death and desire. She has a plan to her madness and pulls the strings of her pullets like fingers on keys.

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