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Characters / Rain Runner
« on: October 24, 2015, 12:17:39 pm »
Name: Rain Runner

Race: Pegasus

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: A blue coat with light and dark blue hair. He was born with a much larger pair of wings. This gives him great flight abilities, but can be troublesome while on the ground. In addition, his muscles is reasonably defined. Part for being in the army and part for compensating for the much larger wingspan.
His body isn't very scarred. He has a few from fighting up close. But it mostly serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the division he served with. Being able to remove opposition with minimal losses.

Cutie Mark: A cargo crate with a deployed parachute attached.

Weapon of choice: Rain Runner uses a combination of armaments. Being a larger pony he excels at large weapons like great swords and spears.
In aerial combat Rain lack the agility of his fellow soldiers, but he makes up for it in strength and durability. He mostly engages in airborne melee combat.

Preferred tactics: If needed attack quickly, strike hard and force them down. Offer a chance for surrender 1 or 3 times. IF they refuse all three chances, they will perish. Though tactics varies depending on the situation.

Personality: Rain Runner is a nice pony. He values friendship and loyalty. He is comforting and reliable. He does tend to doubt his own performance when comparing them with his own standards. This however, means that he can be expected to do his best to complete his given objective.
Rain Runner mostly keeps to himself, preferring to let others do the talking, in addition, he keep a small circle of friend. Those in the circle are his childhood or really good friend, for whom he is willing to die for.
In combat Rain Runner was the moral anchor of the unit he served with and still retains that his role in combat. He will watch over his brothers and sister in arms, do his part for the course and, most importantly, doing the right thing.
Rain Runner has been prone to defy order to help civilians regardless of the allegiance.
Be they friend or foe, they didn’t choose this and thus should be spared. Rain Runner is also notorious for showing mercy to his enemy. This has earned him some small recognition from friends and foes, but this has also gotten him into problems with his commanding officer. Knowing their leader Commander Hurricane’s look on showing the enemy mercy has made Rain Runner dread the commander and caused him to try and avoid Hurricane as much as possible.
This has also caused Rain Runner to be horrified by his mere presence and have nervous breakdown if he is required to face the commander. While he can steel his nerves while facing him, he can only maintain the façade for a certain period of time. Once past that time or questioned hard enough he’ll snap and suffer a nervous breakdown.

Backstory: Rain Runner was born in the city of Baltimare. He was the younger brother of a pacifistic earth pony father and a pegasus warrior mother. Sadly, at the age of 5, the pair divorced and Rain traveled with his mother back to Cloudsdale. Leaving his father and sister, Trench Runner behind.
The thing that usually drew attention to was the oversized wings he had, often causing him to stumble and fall. This did make him a target for bulling by some, but a talk with the parents sorted it out. Flying was another thing that was different for him. With his large wingspan he had better lift and acceleration, but he would sacrifice agility for it. He had also inherited his mother’s size, making him fairly bulky.
Due to his mother's proud warrior tradition and heritage Rain eventually joined up with the army of Cloudsdale after his mandatory conscription. 
While Rainrunner served in the army he found some of his best friends there. They would stay together through thick and thin. One incident involving them being pinned and several of the pegasi was wounded. Rain Runner couldn’t stand leaving them behind and charged forward, saving 12 of them. Despite this, he never bragged or told his tale to others, only the ones he trusts.
Another incident that changed his life was on a mission and he was hit by an explosive incapacitation spell during an attempt at clearing out a cult of rogue unicorns and had been separated from the main force.
The spell hit his hind leg, leaving him incapacitated in the forest. The main force was forced to call off the assault shortly after and he was marked M.I.A.
He would have starved there, had it not been for the most unlikely rescuer. A griffin, a soldier no less that was willing to put the hostilities between the two races aside and carry Rain back to the base camp.
Later Rain Runner found his niche as a delivery pony, whether heavy cargo or important information he would transport to its destination. For this and he dutiful service, he was eventually transferred to the 7th pegasi division, nicknamed the “windigo division”, these ponies were among the most effective soldiers the pegasi could call upon for fast offensive move.
While Rain mainly served as heavy aerial support and back-up messenger, he ended up becoming one of the moral anchors for the group, trying to compromise efficiency with morals and ethics.
Eventually he was honourably discharged from the division per say. On paper he is still registered as a member of the 7th division. However, he is now mostly serving guard duty in Canterlot.

Personal quote: War brings out the worst in anyone. Most of us don’t want it, but it is unavoidable.
In many ways, it’s not the death and destruction that is the horrible part of war, though it most certainly is, it’s also the damage to our mental state… the “them and us” mentality and the lack of moral and ethics.

Residence: Canterlot Guard barracks.

Occupation: Military guard.

Special traits

Strengths: Rain Runner was born with an oversized wingspan. This gives him superior aerial stability as well as gliding, climbing and acceleration.
Because of his practice with a large wingspan he is next to impossible to destabilized while airborne, and the large surface-area of the wing give makes him an excellent glider. Also attributed to the large wingspan and part to his muscle strength he can accelerate and climb better than others, of course fliers like the Wonderbolts will outperform him in every category. He has applied his strengths to help him serve in the army better.

Weaknesses: The oversized wings causes Rain Runner problems and makes him clumsy on the ground, but he has learned how counteract it most of the time. If he should end up being caught in them it would normally cause him to fall forward, but now he only stumbles forward.
The large wingspan and his bulky frame makes him less agile then others.
Due to excessive bullying, Rain has next to no confidence and is willing to berate himself if it makes other feel better. Not only that, he also tends to ignore and all compliments he receives. He desires social acceptance, but he just can't see it happening and as such he can't see that he was accepted from the beginning.
Rain Runner is a pony that will do almost anything to help civilians sadly, he doesn’t always take the time to verify that they indeed are civilians, rather than soldier trying to fool the enemy.

Visual reference:

Rain Runner's theme:

Theme of the 7th Pegasi division:

Rain Runner's voice (Joakim Broden, Sabaton Vocalist):

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