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Areas that are not CHS or CPA / Re: About Last Night
« Last post by Tinder on April 28, 2016, 08:00:22 pm »
Tinder is laying down across the backseat, her back wound had started to act up and this seemed more comfortable. She glances up at him and smiles a bit, "It's no trouble, I'm happy to help out all I can. If you want, I can go in and give him the money, I know the guy and I've dealt with him already. I'll get Niv out safe, and then you won't be at risk either."
Areas that are not CHS or CPA / Re: About Last Night
« Last post by Foxtrot on April 28, 2016, 07:36:18 pm »
The night had loomed overhead as the students drive down the highway; the streets empty of most vehicles at this late hour. The humming of the jeep's engine resonates in the background as the students drive east towards the harbor. Foxtrot remains silent as he looks ahead, lost in his own thoughts. "Hey you two,  thanks again for helping me out on this."
Characters / My OC Charms
« Last post by Charms on April 27, 2016, 07:02:33 am »
Charms lived in Filly-Dephia when she was born. She was always moving about. But always stayed in Filly-Delphia. She was always leaving her friends behind so she developed her ability to make friends easily. She had to learn to make friends so she wouldn't be lonely. She was always been very in your face but to other quite ponies she came off very aggressive. She was always very optimistic cause she felt that if she was pessimistic then she wouldn't be happy. And she hates not being happy. When she angry she gets VERY angry. She is this way because can't quite handle the fact that what ever happened to her happened. She really gets her drawing juices flowing. (i would say why but that is what happens to me and i have no idea why... sorry that i can't give a good explanation.)
The thing that makes her special is her cat like tail. Her tail comes from her father being a Hippogriff. He was a mix of a cat and a (im still thinking about this). Her mother is a Pegasus.
She loves to eat cereal just because cereal is good tbh. X3
Her attachment to her family is very strong- Her family is very small and does not have a good relationship with her father. She only has her mothers side which is not very large. This has bothered her a lot but she over comes it. Because she was such a well behaved child (sometimes) if she meets a behaved child she becomes very disgusted. This is why she wants to become a teacher so she can change their behavior. But she absolutely despises crying foals. She becomes stubborn when she gets in a actual argument. Even when she know's she's wrong she still tries to find a way she was right too.  But she tries to avoid getting in these arguments with her friends.

Name: Charms
Age: 18 (acts 10)
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: Average
Weight: Underweight
Special- Cat like tail
Crush: ......... no pony.... maybe ::) ;)

Likes: Attention, Well behaved kids, being a leader, bad puns, good puns, jokes, video games, YouTube, creating fanfics, finding new OTP's, drawing, listening to music eating snacks and... EATING CERAL :D

Dislikes: Misbehaved children, mushrooms, bad jokes, crying babies, clingy ponies, boring ponies, when someone erases the board but leaves a one mark and never erases it, orange and grape soda, and torn paper >:(

Personality: Excitable, a little annoying, very up beat, smart (doesn't show it), stubborn, lack of attention, irritated easily, bossy, can't say no though, optimistic :)
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Last post by Tinder on April 25, 2016, 07:13:54 am »
Tinder nods and fixes the remains of her bag to cover the bandages, "Yeah, I'm heading out. Be careful out here tonight, I'm sure I'll see you again sometime." She gives a quick wave and walks out, headed straight for the train station. She just wants to get home, curl up on her bed, get some pills from her stash, and sleep.
Content but still a bit disappointed at Tinder's response, Broadshield nods his head. "I see, that's a shame, I thought you would've been a great Equinox soldier." He says. "But I respect your decision, and if that's what you want, then so be it." He adds. As the sun goes down, fog lights light up the area of the collapse, recovery efforts still going on. "Well, it's going to be a long night for me as well, helping out with recovery efforts." He says in response to Foxtrot. "I'll be seeing you soon Fox, until then, stay safe." He says giving a salute to him as he heads off, the wall of soldiers opening up and closing as Foxtrot leaves. "Well Tinder, I guess you'll be heading back home now. The train stations should now be opened up since everything's calmed down, but I don't know when the next train to Ponyville will be coming. If it doesn't come soon, maybe you could wait here, maybe help out if you want." He says, taking a pause. "You did a lot today Tinder, you should be proud of that. Whatever you're gonna do now, I'm quite sure we'll see each other soon. Good luck Tinder, stay safe." He says giving a salute to her, then proceeds to make his way over to the rubble, starting more work, helping out ponies already there. It was going to be a long quiet night, but after everything that has happened, Broadshield wouldn't have it any other way.
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Last post by Foxtrot on April 24, 2016, 05:19:51 pm »
Content with the reply, Foxtrot nods as he listens to Tinder; the image of her in guard armor does seem interesting though. By nowell the sun has gone down and the sky is painted a collage of orange, pink, and purple. Stars scatter across the expanse as the city lights themselves add to the Manhatten skyline. The unicorn looks towards the north before addressing his companions. "Alright guys, it's gonna be a long, boring night for me so I better get going. Broadshield, I'll see you in the next couple of days. Tinder, thanks for sticking around through all this; I still gotta show you the rest of Canterlot when I can..." He pauses, his tone becoming more sincere as he resumes. "Thank you, both of you for all this. The 26 won't be a threat anymore, and I'll make sure of it." With a casual salute Foxtrot begins to head out, his thoughts wandering off as he strolls down the dimly lit streets of Manehattan; things are gona be different as a whole new world of possibilities open.
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Last post by Tinder on April 23, 2016, 01:31:57 pm »
Tinder listens to him and thinks about it for a while, scratching at the ground nervously, "Thanks for the offer, but I don't think I should. It would be really hypocrital of me,  I'd be doing more illegal stuff than the ponies I'd be arresting. Plus, you saw how I was around gaurds, it's better if I stick to myself I think. If you need any help though, you know where to find me. I'm gonna have to say no to becoming a guard, but I offer my help for any big missions you need me for."
Broadshield listens to both Foxtrot and Tinder's own questions and comments, before answering them both one at a time. "Tinder, you live in Ponyville don't you? All of the Equinox soldiers in Ponyville live in their own homes anyway. Some of them also have a second job there as well to help with finances, so you are perfectly capable of living on your own and doing your job, whatever it may be. Occasionally, you and the Equinox garrison at Ponyville will have missions you will need to do, whether it be guard duty in or around Ponyville, doing recon in the Everfree Forest, and if it ever happens, assist the Elements of Harmony and Princess Twilight in defending Ponyville whenever a crisis occurs there, mainly because it's the crisis center of Equestria." He says before giving a light chuckle at the last part. "Either way, your proficiency in ice magic in combat could prove to be helpful." He says before he turns to Foxtrot. "I understand that this is a big decision Fox. Take whatever time you need until you are ready to make a decision. I'll be in Manehatten for the next few days overlooking initial relief efforts for what has happened here." He says
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Last post by Foxtrot on April 22, 2016, 10:54:34 am »
Foxtrot remains silent as he listens to the report, the fact that there are casualties regardless pulls at the unicorn's thoughts. It's when Broadshield makes his offer that he's taken off guard, even  more so that it's extended to Nivalia as well. "Although I can't speak for Niv, I can certainly relay the offer. As for myself..." Foxtrot pauses, his tone becoming more somber, "I haven't been a guard in years, and it didn't end well either." Whether he liked to admit or not, it was a damn good offer, and even he knew he would need work in the future. "I need to think about it. With everything that's happened today it's just a lot to take in. I still have to sort out what's left of The 26, after that though I'll come back with my answer. Should take two days tops." The tug of war in his mind goes on after he speaks, however the chance to serve in the guard again has much more traction in his decision.
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Last post by Tinder on April 21, 2016, 03:53:47 pm »
Tinder looks at Fox and smiles a bit, "Thanks, but you know as well as I do that I'm not going to get a checkup for this." Tinder stays seated as she listens to Broad talk, frowning as he says the first part, she was hoping no one would get killed here today. As he says his offer she stares at him, thinking it out as he says it all, usually she would never even consider this, but with the perks. She thinks for a bit before asking her own questions, "So,  I'd still be allowed to live on my own? I wouldn't have to live in some crowded base with a bunch of guards? And can I have a job outside of that as well? Because I'm not sure if that kind of salary will be enough to help me get the things I need."
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