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Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: Highrise Showdown
« Last post by Foxtrot on March 25, 2016, 10:38:26 pm »
Foxtrot tackles Yankee with the empty carbine, interrupting the Director's focus and releasing Conner instantly. The agent draws the firearm back and tilts it to bash his former employer in the face; after a couple of strikes a loud pop is heard as Yankee's nose breaks, blood flowing down his nuzzle. The Director kicks towards Foxtrot's center, knocking him off as well as relinquishing the carbine. Now within grasp he plucks the weapon up and twirls it towards the rogue agent. Landing on his back, he leans up before he comes face to face with the barrel. A feint click is sounded amongst the howling wind, followed by the sound of an impact of magic, Yankee finding himself flying back several meters by his opponents counter. The Director stumbles a landing, discovering his saber nearby, making haste he runs over as Foxtrot gets up, finding Yankee armed once again.
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: Highrise Showdown
« Last post by The 26 on March 25, 2016, 03:13:54 pm »
Connor certainly gets Yankee' s attention, the Director dropping his shield as he clenched his teeth. "Damn you guys are like bucking roaches!" He points his glowing hoof at the stallion, the soldier finding a green aura surrounding him. Suddenly, Connor flies straight up into the air, the Director's magic being the only thing keeping afloat. The green unicorn then notices Walter, lifting his other front hoof and charging it for a lethal blast right towards the immobile SEAL.
Areas that are not CHS or CPA / Re: About Last Night
« Last post by Metal Burst on March 24, 2016, 01:04:33 am »
Metal opens the soda and takes a sip as he listens to Tropicana's story. Nodding his head, he asked Tropicana, "Is the briefcase still here? Or was it taken somewhere else?"
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S. Offices (Lauren/Connor)
« Last post by The 26 on March 23, 2016, 08:30:18 pm »
Romeo remains motionless, the sheer exhaustion and injuries made its toll. There is no surprise, simply a battered griffon who's seen better days.
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: H.S. Archive (Tinder/Morgan)
« Last post by Tinder on March 22, 2016, 08:49:07 pm »
Tinder does stay down, she's knocked out cold from that hit. She's not gonna be getting up for a while by the looks of things, she wouldn't even want to wake up if she could really. Thankfully, the chances of her even remembering the hit is slim to none,  she'll be quick to forgive.
Soaring up, Broadshield eventually makes his way to Recon Team Taurus, together the group make their way to the floor that Romeo is on. "Alright, fan out and establish a temporary perimeter, I'll secure Romeo. As Recon Team Taurus fan out, Broadshield makes his way over to the griffon. "Injured, but I think he's breathing. Alright then." he mutters to himself before taking up his headset and turning on his microphone. Time to make another extraction. "This is Commander Broadshield to Home Base, preparing to extract Romeo, stand by for retrieval, he's injured, sedate him. Over"
"Roger that Commander, preparing for extraction. Over."
With that, he gets out his handcuffs, and prepares to put them on Romeo, holding his breath in case something happens.

((OOC: I had permission from Fox to post))
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: Highrise Showdown
« Last post by Connor Cook on March 22, 2016, 05:31:36 pm »
Connor flies sand hits the ground hard before looking up and seeing Foxtrot fight. He had to help one of them for now. The rifle was running low on bullets she he pulled the crossbow out. The SEAL didn't expect to hit Yankee but he wanted to at least distract him.
The SEAL felt horrible for what she did even shedding a tear and letting out a sigh. "I'm sorry Tinder. Maybe one day when we meet again you will find away to forgive me. I didn't want to ever have to do this to you. Part of me wish I never came on this mission, but I did get to see you. Please just stay down."

Morgan slung her rifle around and cringed again at the arrows in her back before walking to Bravo with her own set of cuffs. "I got Bravo. I'll throw one of the markers down on the floor I am on for pickup."

Bear walked to the windows and smashed it open enough for her to give Bravo to one of the carriers.
Areas that are not CHS or CPA / Re: About Last Night
« Last post by Tinder on March 22, 2016, 07:15:37 am »
Tinder quickly pops the top off of the beer and takes a few swigs. As she realises that Tropicana is starting up the fire she gets up and moves to whatever seat is far from the fire but still close enough to listen to the story, not wanting to miss any story but also being much too nervous to go near that fire.
Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / H.S Front Entrance (Equinox)
« Last post by Broadshield on March 22, 2016, 07:13:24 am »
On the ground, at the foot of the structure, sits the entire Equinox Manehatten Division. All of the Support Unit and most Combat Teams form an 100 meter perimeter, each of them holding riot shields to hold back the crowd of civilians trying to see what is going on. Further towards the building, there is a large Equinox tent set up, much like a makeshift Forward Operating Base. Inside holds several small rooms, separated by sheets. One room holds several foldout tables, with several ponies from the Intel Unit gathered around the tables. Each table has several files, papers and maps, fresh intelligence on the situation. There is also several radio stations used for intercepting radio transmissions from Equinox personnel, as well as attempting to intercept radio transmissions from all enemy combatants. Another room is a medical room. There are 5 raised up stretchers in the room, a few ponies from the Medical Unit are present. The majority of them looking after Broadshield and Monochrome/Pastel. The other 3 fallen soldiers are lying on the 3 stretchers, sheets covering their dead bodies. In a third room is a situation room of sorts. In the room there is one large foldout table with a large map of the area, along with various files of new intelligence. There is also a radio station used for intercepting radio transmissions from Equinox personnel. On occasion, ponies from the Recon team enter the room with new intelligence. Even with all the ponies present, one would have no problem allowing the rest of the team inside to talk.

On the radio, there is a flurry of voices heard, all reporting in on their situation. One pony sits on the radio listening to the activity.
"This is Combat Team Beta, we are in position with Gamma Team and Sigma Team in the southern sector, supporting the Support Unit soldiers present. We have too many civilians trying to get through and see what is happening, Can I have Lambda Team-" one voice is heard before the pony switches the channel to another channel.
"This is Recon Team Gemini, we have eyes on the roof, we have 4 targets on the building. We have eyes on Foxtrot and Yankee, and two other individuals and- OH S*** GET DOWN!" a voice is heard before gushes of wind and something zipping by are heard.
"This is Recon Team Leo, we have eyes on Tinder and Bravo, Bravo is down- crap! Tinder is down. Cannot confirm on her status, but she's down. How do we proceed?" yet another voice is heard
"This is Recon Team Taurus, we have eyes on two griffons. I think that would be Romeo and Juliet, they are both down. I can't see anyone with Romeo, but I see someone with Juliet. We may lose Juliet and Bravo, we need to move in and intercept, how copy?" another voice is heard before the radio is switched off. Writing down the important points from all transmissions, he makes his way to the medical wing. Handing the paper to Broadshield, he salutes him and walks off.

Taking the paper, he looks over it, reading everything. Watching as the medics finish patching him up, using a combination of common medicines, herbal remedies, and magic, the Equinox commander is ready to fight, but still sore. Taking his headset, he turns it on and starts speaking into the microphone.
"This is Command to Support Unit. I need you to divert all available Support and Combat soldiers to any necessary areas to help hold back the civilians, we can't have any casualties."
"Roger that Commander. I need-" the voice cuts out as another channel is opened up.
"This is Command to Gemini, get away from the roof, let them fight this out. I'm not letting any more soldiers get injured, over."
"This is Command to Leo, I'm making my way up there right now, hold position. Over."
"This is Command to Taurus, do not engage the one with Juliet, secure Romeo, I'll try and make my way and extract him. Over."
After that, he turns off his microphone and makes his way outside. Making sure all his new gear is in place, he spreads his wings, and takes off into the air. He continues to soar through the air, using the strong winds around the building. Eventually he makes his way to the 60th floor. Hovering in the air, he looks up to the 85th and 86th floor where Recon Team Taurus are, to the 40th floor where Recon Team Leo are. He hovers there for a few moments before making his decision on where to go first, flying towards his intended floor.

((OOC: Wow, long post. The longest I've done yet. Feel free to read the whole post if you wish. But I guess the only part that really matters to the arc is the last part. The other two are kinda for establishing the scene. This thread will be for all members of the Equinox squad at the end of the arc. That would be myself, Monochrome/Pastel, Foxtrot, and Tinder. If anyone wishes to use this thread as a fight scene, I'm fine with it, but please PM me in advance.))
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