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Re: In a small flower shop at the edge of Ponyville...
« on: August 05, 2015, 02:21:40 pm »
Lunar giggled at the mare, who clearly was having a hard time. She had never seen a pony get so worked up over her usual greeting, and she figured this mare in particular probably just didn't get out a lot.

"Orchestral flowers? I think so, yes. What color would you like? I've got white, blue, violet, and green." She responded, getting back into a more professional demeanor. She had seen a number of different kinds of ponies in her day, so she knew that while this mare was, judging from her cutie mark, a musician, she didn't want the flowers for herself, nor did she want to be getting flowers at all. Which left a number of conclusions, of which Lunar picked the most obvious.

"I assume your client wanted a particular color, for some sort of event I presume. Judging by their choice in flower, I'm guessing... Wedding?" Lunar asked, her curiosity peaking a bit. Suddenly, it occurred to her that she was prying, and her ears drooped.

"Right, sorry, it's none of my business." She said.