Author Topic: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)  (Read 304 times)

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Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 11, 2015, 07:34:25 pm »
If there was one sense Octavia could say she was proud of, it was her hearing. As a musician, she had learned to pick up even the tiniest imperfections in the musical balance of something. So, when out of all the sounds of hoof-falls that were falling on her ears, she suddenly started to pick up on the sound of something rolling at a decreasing pace in her direction, she couldn't help but be interested. She turned her head towards the sound, and saw a green pegasus in a wheelchair nearly stopped, looking straight at her with an odd mixture of sadness and determination on his face. She smiled warmly, waving to the stallion.

"Hello! I'm afraid if you're looking for directions, I shan't be of much help; I'm not a local, you see. My friend-" She paused, leaning over to whisper in Lunar's ear.

"Hey, are we friends now?" To which lunar nodded.

"Great. Anyway, my friend here does live in Ponyville, she can probably help." Octavia finished as though she had never stopped talking.
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