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Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 12, 2015, 05:49:00 am »
Amongst the bustle of ponies exiting the station, another mare was trotting by on the other side of the street. Ever still bopping her head to the music playing through her over-sized headphones and she even deliberately made extra steps just time herself perfectly with the beats. She still had that large sack in a firm grasp of her magic behind her as well.

It took her a while - probably longer than it should have - but she finally noticed just who was standing across the street. The white mare grinned as she waved feverishly to Octavia; she didn't recognise the other two she was with but still waved to them anyway. Vinyl Scratch then trotted across enthusiastically to meet up with them and when she did she lowered her headphones to her neck; it's music still blaring out of them, something that the particular track was fitting for a rave.
"Hey guys what's crackin'?" she greeted over the electronic music, "Octi, you didn't tell me you were visiting Ponyville! You wound me." she added in jest.

((I assume that Octavia and Vinyl are good friends already?? If not I can edit it, just let me know. :) ))
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