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Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
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(I dunno, I thought it was funny.)

Lunar watched at the well known DJ of Ponyville, Vinyl Scratch, made her way up to the three of them. Lunar didn't mind her music, and didn't really care much about her as a pony; she simply never did social things, and so the only contact she had with the mare was cases like this one. She could tell, however, that Octavia was not quite as fond of her, although she was doing a stellar job hiding it, and Lunar certainly wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for her being a shopkeeper. She saw how much the stallion looked like he wanted to talk to Octavia, so she figured she would try to draw Vinyl's attention.

"Hey, Vinyl! What's up? Whatcha listening to today? And what're you carrying? Looks heavy." She said, grinning.