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Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
« on: August 12, 2015, 12:42:38 pm »
"Cold Octi, that's cold." Vinyl replied with a forced chuckle, "Whatever happened to those friendship practices the princesses have been preaching about? Seriously though, next time you're in town hit me up. It'll be rad to jam some time."

The mare's grin only broadened at the other's interest in her music but even more so what was in the sack, "To one of the tracks of this wicked stallion who goes by the name Skrillex. I'm getting some pretty sick ideas for my own tunes! As for what's in this baby, I'm glad you asked!"
The unicorn carefully set the bag onto the ground in the middle of the trio before rolling what was inside. The sack was then thrown up in a dramatic fashion to reveal what was underneath and on the ground was an... interesting mess arrangement of DJ Equipment strapped onto what appeared to be a wheel-less skateboard. At the top, on either end, were Decks; then a small Mixer and Controller at its centre. Underneath were large yet surprisingly flat speakers.

In her excitement Vinyl Scratch even shifted her pink sunglasses to rest above her horn, revealing her eyes, "Introducing the Wubber Board! I invented it! It's a totally awesome mix of combining music with a skateboard that will let any pony using it hover a few feet above the ground! Pretty neat right?! Here, lemme get it started..."

Her horn lit up and much to Octavia's 'delight' Ponyville was suddenly 'welcomed' with booms and rattling beats of electronic music. It was so loud that the manes and tails of the trio surrounding it even lifted up into the air from the blasts of music mixing. Windows of nearby buildings rattled within their sills and the ground vibrated slightly to the heavy base that was included in the composition. However, the only thing that the Wubber Board accomplished was just that, no hovering was involved what-so-ever. The most it managed to do on its own was to rattled on the ground a bit.

Though it wasn't heard over the music, Vinyl let out a nervous chuckle before turning it off. The momentary silence that had followed was almost deafening.
"Heh, yeah... forgot to mention that it's still a work in progress. I've been meaning to get some pony good with tinkering to help me out on how to get these wubs to make the board hover. Maybe it needs to be louder?" she added that last part as a thought she had spoken aloud. The unicorn seemed to be unaffected by sudden, atrociously loud music that was played.

The DJ's smile seemed to be endless as she looked to Airy, "Oh I know of a few motels you could stay at - one's just down that street, down the road second to your right-" Her eyes then drifted down to his Cutie Mark, "... Oooor, a fellow musician is always welcome at my place! What do you play?"
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