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Re: Next stop: Ponyville! (Station)
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The white unicorn mare did seem to like talking; if he recalled correctly, she alone had said more than any of them - Octavia, her friend and him - together. But well, he definitely was the last one to complain about that since he really liked to talk a lot too - at least sometimes.
He listened to Vinyl's explainations, even though some of the words she used were totally new for Airy. When Vinyl told them that she wanted to show what all of that meant, Airy was curious - maybe a little too curious. When the music started, his ears were way too close to the speakers, and when it stopped, all he could hear was a deafening whistle in his ears that covered up any other sound around him, including the things Vinyl said afterwards.
"Well, this does sound interesting as a concept, but maybe next time you could warn me before you start the music?", Airy shouted to get over the (non-existing) noise around him.