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Lunar Bloom was a quiet pony. She lived a quiet life, in a quiet house, with mostly quiet plants. So when she saw Octavia reach up and cover her ears out of the corner of her eye, she knew that the next few seconds of hearing were the last ones she might ever have. It seemed like slow motion as her hooves flew up to cover her ears as Vinyl reached for the switch. Beating Vinyl involved punching herself in the head, but she was certain it was better then the searing pain she managed to avoid. When the 'wubs' finally disappeared, she took her hooves away from her ears, rubbing the sore spots on her head. With a start, she remembered the 200 bits worth of sound sensitive flowers sitting next to her, and looked over in fear. They were having a hard time, although probably not as hard as the now-deaf stallion she had been talking to. They kept opening and closing, like they couldn't figure out if there was music, or not. Lunar couldn't help but chuckle once she decided there was probably no harm done.

"I've never seen orchestral flowers confused before, so I guess congratulations on that." She said, still chuckling at the poor little flowers as she looked over at Vinyl.