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Airy Movement:
Next stop: Ponyville! Please exit on the right!

Airy slowly woke up from his slumber he had fallen into when his train had left Appleoosa, which had had to be hours earlier based on the schedule he had read there. The first building of Ponyville that caught his eye, a huge clock tower, confirmed his guess.
He yawned and stretched his fore legs before releasing the brakes holding his wheelchair in place and rolling towards the closest door. Being able to sleep during a train ride was very relaxing, especially since the last nights hadn't been all that long for him. Somehow the desert's climate hadn't been one of his favourites at all.
Just moments later the train stopped right in front of the colourful building that was Ponyville's central station.

Ponyville was a lot different from most of the other cities he had visited on his journey. It was neither gray nor glamourous, neither silent nor overly loud. Rows of colourful buildings formed a perfectly harmonic image with the trees and flowers between and around them, even though there was one tall building that indeed was a little too shiny for this little town. Still, it was a town that Airy immediately got to like. All that was missing so far was a place for him to stay.

Octavia Melody:
The clock-tower at Ponyville station had just begun ringing out to signify the noon hour when Octavia and her new-found friend walked into the courtyard in front of the platform, chatting happily.

"You can really grow flowers from the crystal empire? Wow, they must be so pretty. I've always wanted to go there, but I never have the time or money, it seems." Octavia said, looking over at Lunar.

Lunar Bloom:
Lunar nodded, smiling happily.

"I'll have to show you them sometime; the Lunar Shard is one of the most beautiful flowers that's ever been discovered." She said, resettling the case of flowers she had balanced on her back with her magic. She looked up at the scheduling board to see when the next train was.

"Mmm, looks like we'll be here for a little while, next train to Canterlot is at 12:30 and it's just becoming 12:00 now. Here, let's grab a seat." She said, motioning over at some of the empty benches near the train platform.

Octavia Melody:
Octavia looked up at the board, confirming the diagnosis before glancing at the clock-tower to verify the time. There was no reason for Lunar to lie to her, but she had simply learned to double check everything ponies said, just in case. She looked over at the benches Lunar was pointing at, and with a nod, began to walk in their direction.

Airy Movement:
Airy watched the ponies walking around near the station for quite a while. The friendly look of Ponyville was perfectly accompanied by the ponies' happy faces. Looked like he'd like staying here for a while.
Two ponies suddenly caught Airy's eyes, a gray earth pony and a light blue unicorn mare. Okay, actually the gray one was the one Airy recognised - how couldn't he being a musician as well?
He was just about to run over and ask for an autograph when his timid side abruptly stopped him. It wasn't an unusual problem for him, he often got nervous when talking to ponies he admired. The fact that the very pony he saw now also was a mare didn't help at all though. Only his eyes followed Octavia until she sat down next to her friend.
Oh, come on, this is my chance! She's one of the best and most popular cellists of all time! Come on, I won't have that chance again anytime soon!
He took a deep breat and started walking towards the two ponies, but the closer he came, the slower he got. Now he wasn't even sure what situation to prefer - was it better if Octavia noticed him and thus kept Airy from having to start the chat or was it better if she did not notice him and how awkward he looked?


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