Author Topic: The Bounty (Open to All By the Way)  (Read 429 times)

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Re: The Bounty (Open to All By the Way)
« on: August 25, 2015, 09:44:47 pm »
Foxtrot swipes his hoof over the piece of hood covering his eyes, "Yea, hopefully the situation doesn't escalate. Let's keep moving." As they continue forward, the pursuers some distance away get an anonymous tip of the unicorn's location. Saying little words, the group disperses to throw their target off guard; time was not on their side though, only a small window of opportunity is available to strike. Remaining in the back alleyways, rooftops, and lanes, the five ponies tail Foxtrot and Tinder as they make their way to the station. The weather itself seems to alter as the situation unfolds, clouds begin to gather in the sky as the distant rumbling of thunder is heard off in the distance. The townsfolk begin to gather their things and finishing their errands, most heading indoors to get away from the incoming rain. Foxtrot looks around at the changing scenery, "I may need to return your hood. My jacket has one if it starts to rain."
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