Author Topic: The Bounty (Open to All By the Way)  (Read 548 times)

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Re: The Bounty (Open to All By the Way)
« Reply #30 on: September 01, 2015, 08:39:43 am »
"Alright, make that two coffees and two waters please." the unicorn asks the stewardess. As she nods and heads off to get their order, Foxtrot closes the divider and sits back down. "Ok, before we get to the good stuff I should explain why I was there to begin with. At the time I worked for the Royal Guard, but I was also an agent for a freelance group called The 26. Those guys were in Saddle Arabia to assist their government at quelling a ten year insurrection. We did reconnaissance, hit and run, body guarding and transport. I was there for at least a year, and by that time the insurrection was already pushed back to its last fortifications; it was just a matter or finishing them off. All that was left was their last General, who holed up in the town of Calais."

There was a knock on the divider right after. Foxtrot gets back up and opens the divider. The stewardess passes over the beverages, Foxtrot gives Tinder her drinks and gets his own. With a polite nod the attendant leaves, closing the divider behind her as she left.
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