Author Topic: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)  (Read 224 times)

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Re: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)
« on: August 10, 2015, 08:59:17 am »
Swerving through alleys, ducking through corners and bounding across the occasional roof, Foxtrot finds himself crossing the town in little time. About halfway though, he rounds a corner to find the group of ponies looking for him. Immediately he back pedals, unknowingly knocking over a trash can and gaining their attention. Not even waiting to see if they heard or not, the unicorn sprints away down the street. More concerned with who is behind him, Foxtrot fails to notice the mare in front of him until the last moment. Before colliding with her he spins away, losing his balance and landing against a cart. By now hoof steps in the distance become louder as the group chasing him start to get closer.
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