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How We Roll
« on: July 16, 2015, 08:02:52 pm »
The way the site runs can be confusing at first but with some practice, you'll be off your hooves, or feet, or whatever you have in no time!

So every topic is a separate scene. Think about it like a movie. When your character leaves the scene to go to another, you have to leave the thread you are currently in and make or join a new one. Your character may only be in one thread at a time!

No godmodding. There are rules on how you fight or interact. You can only write actions for your own OC unless you have permission from the other user. That means if Cadance wanted to punch another OC, she would have to write:

Cadance raised her hoof and swung at Billy.
(I understand Cadance would never do this in the show but I'm just trying to show an example :D)

(Then in a separate post Billy would decide whether it hit his OC or not write:)

Billy wasn't paying attention as the hoof hit him across the face.

Be as creative as you want with HOW you write it. Just keep things fair and reasonable.
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