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Rules of the Site!
« on: July 16, 2015, 07:50:28 pm »
Hello everypony! Welcome to our roleplay site and thank you for stopping by.

This site is meant to be a fun and creative environment!
Please, just be respectful and polite to other users! Some people may not be into the show as much as you are.

Not everything on this forum has to be canon to the show! Since new episodes are always coming out, if something isn't lore all of the sudden, no need to change anything. We are making our own timeline here using the template of the show. If Canterlot was set on fire in the show, it doesn't mean it is on fire on the forum. If something is bothering you, notify an admin.

Do not claim canon characters without admin permission. This is so we don't have duplicates being made.

Your character may only be in one thread at a time. He/she/it cannot be in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire at the same time. He/she/it also cannot be in two threads within the city or two at the same time.

Just have fun and keep it a friendly and creative environment. After all, this show is about the magic of friendship is it not?  ;)
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