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Time and Technology
« on: October 24, 2015, 12:05:11 pm »
A common question is what kind of technology and time does the forum use. Well we are in a bit of a mix. I'll try to clarify to the best of my ability.

The most common question would be military technology. We are going to say it ranges from 1990s to early 2000s for basic forms of military, but as you go up, he more close to modern times it gets. So SEALs and Equinox have access to modern day military weapons.

Vehicle wise - All forms of cars exist, but they are still uncommon. You will see places like Manehatten use them often but it's a big learning curve to learn how to drive one and ponies think it's more efficient to trot and gallop.

Air travel is restricted however Equestrians have invented most of the modern day planes and helicopters that you and I see today

Naval travel is limited to only within and around the continent. Battleships, carriers, frigates, fishing boats, all are a thing.

Do not go overboard with these. let's keep things a bit real and realize that deploying 100 aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and AC-130's will cost a TON of bits. They are not disposable.

Now onto everyday stuff:

Cellphones and computers are only slightly common in Manehatten, as it is less advanced elsewhere. Refrigerators, Air conditioning, and Medical technology are all set in modern times. Computers and TV's are more advanced in urban areas but are a little behind elsewhere.

So when new characters are introduced in the show, they are also introduced here. Though the setting is obviously a tad different. Because of technology,unicorns have been less dedicated to studying intense magic so the amount of strong magic users has decreased (doesn't mean you can't make an OC that is strong though!)

We started this forum out with a different time and progressed. So in a few threads you will see the military using swords, crossbows, and henry rifles, well times have changed since then. Remember to, powerful magic can easily cause trouble for modern day technology. That's why alicorns are superior still.

Look I know this is all very confusing but the admins shouldn't have a problem unless someone complains to us or if we see something that is a pretty big deal. So have fun!
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