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Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
"Take whatever you need we need to be str-....what?!" Morgan stiffens up. Her body releases Tinder and stands up as one hoof reached back to her backside. She wobbles a bit when suddenly she jolts forward. Her eyes shut as she falls forward with two arrows sticking out of her back. Her repeated slides off her body towards Tinder. "cough* take it and shoot!"

Tinder stares at  Morgan in confusion for half a second, not wanting to believe what just happened. She finally gets her best friend back and then she gets shot, she is not letting this person hurt Morgan anymore. She grabs onto the repeater and quickly slings it around her, then grabs Morgan and as quick as she can pulls her into cover behind a shelf. "I did not spend the last few years crying and hallucinating in a playground once a year to have you die on me as soon as I actually see you. I don't even know how to use this thing Bear, I can't even use my magic now."

Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
"You dont need magic to operate this thing!" Morgan grimaced in pain. "Just aim and pull the trigger!" Her balance was off otherwise she'd do it herself.

Tinder nods a couple times as she peeks out from behind their cover, aiming at where the arrows came from and pulling the trigger. She does have pretty spot on aim from years of practice with other ranged weapons, but Bravo could be anywhere by now. She's just firing at where he was last time he shot.

The 26:
Hearing the shot a pet distance away gives Bravo an idea on where the two might've moved to. "Heh, this is all too easy. Can't wait to get my hooves on whatever four eyes brought to the game. But first things first." Taking flight, he flaps his wings and glides down to the other side of the archive, being illuminated as he crosses the row of lights in the center of the chamber. Landing on top of one of the shelves, the Director pulls out another arrow and looks around for his target. It's become a game of cat and mouse, and one's already injured.


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