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Tinder thinks for a moment, rubbing at her head where she was hit, "I'll stay and fight. I already lost one of the directors, I can't let the rest go free. Plus, I haven't even done anything to earn that pardon yet, so maybe I can do something to help now." She smiles at him a little as her usual weapons start forming around her, "Let's finish this."

"Alright then, lets get going." he says. Suddenly, his headset comes alive with more radio activity. "This is Recon Team Taurus to Commander Broadshield, we have eyes on the carrier, they are at the top floor. Yankee is still up but not for long. Hurry!" the voice says before going quiet. "We better get going to the top floor, lets go!" he says before running up the stairs

Tinder nods and quickly fixes her bag before running up the stairs after him. "Let's finish these guys off! And if we can get Bravo back that would be nice too."


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