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Re: H.S. Archive (Tinder/Morgan)
« on: January 30, 2016, 08:39:26 pm »
One of the three shots grazes Bravo in the shoulder, nearly hitting the base of his wing. "Damn it those projectiles fly faster than I expected." The pegasus looks up, noting the tall bookcase he's hovering behind and has an idea. Placing his bow next to him, he flies to the top, remaining in cover to keep from getting shot again. Putting all of his strength behind him, he pushes the tall bookshelf over, creating a domino effect of falling rows of books and shelves, each crashing into each other with a loud thump as a flurry of papers fly into the air. The shelves keep falling, several more rows and his two targets will be buried in books.
"You'll always need agents like us. To do things that most cannot."